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Wallerstein. See Oettingen. Wallerstein, Anton

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See Oettingen.

Wallerstein, Anton

(b Dresden, 28 Sept 1813; d Geneva, 26 March 1892). German violinist and composer. He began his career at the age of nine, playing in taverns and in private houses, but also making a sensational appearance in Berlin in 1827. In 1829 he joined the court orchestra in Dresden, then moved to Hanover as Konzertmeister in 1832. He undertook several concert tours, finally giving up regular employment in 1841 to devote himself to performing and composition. He began to compose in 1830, becoming famous for his large number of light salon pieces, mostly for violin and piano, and especially for his dance music – polkas, quadrilles and galops. The best-known included La coquette, Rédova parisienne (1846), Studentengalopp and Erste und letzte Liebe. He also wrote some songs. His last published work was also one of his more ambitious, a Souvenir du pensionnat op.275 (Leipzig, ?1877), a suite of five contrasted dance pieces.


Walleshauser, Johann Evangelist.

See Valesi, Giovanni.

Wallfisch [née Hunt], Elizabeth (Tamara)

(b Melbourne, 28 Jan 1952). Australian violinist. She took lessons from Jack Glickman and made her début in 1969 playing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with the Melbourne SO. In 1971 she came to the RAM in London, where she studied with Frederick Grinke; two years later she won the Bach prize in the Flesch competition. She took up the Baroque violin in 1979 and since 1982 has led the Raglan Baroque Players, with whom she has recorded an award-winning disc of Locatelli's op.3 violin concertos. In 1989 she became leader of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (with whom she has recorded the Bach and Haydn violin concertos) and in 1993 was appointed leader of the Carmel Bach Festival Orchestra in the USA. Wallfisch's repertory extends well into the 19th century: she has performed Brahms's Violin Concerto and Double Concerto (with her husband Raphael), as well as works by Joachim. Between 1985 and 1991 she played with the Purcell Quartet and from 1985 has performed with the Locatelli Trio, with whom she has recorded sonatas by, among others, Biber, Locatelli, Tartini and Schubert. Her richly colourful playing can also be heard on a disc of Bach's unaccompanied sonatas and partitas. Wallfisch has taught both the Baroque and modern violin at the RAM, and since 1996 has taught the Baroque violin at the conservatory in The Hague.


Wallfisch, Raphael (Steven)

(b London, 15 June 1953). English cellist. He studied with Amaryllis Fleming in London, 1967–9, Amadeo Baldovino in Rome, 1969, Derek Simpson at the RAM, 1970–73, and with Piatigorsky at the University of Southern California. He made his début in 1974 with the English Chamber Orchestra at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and in 1977 won the first prize in the Gaspar Cassadó International Competition in Florence. He has appeared with many leading orchestras, and first appeared at the Proms in 1989. From 1980 to 1992 he played in a duo with his father, the pianist Peter Wallfisch, with whom he made notable recordings of Brahms's cello sonatas. Several works have been dedicated to him including Kenneth Leighton's Alleluia Pascha Nostrum (1982) and concertos by Christopher Steele (1990) and Robert Simpson (1992). Wallfisch has specialized in music by British composers of the late Romantic period, and has recorded the concertos of Bliss, Moeran, Finzi, Bax, Delius and Leighton; he has also recorded the original version of Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme. In 1980 he was appointed professor at the GSM in London.


A. Keener: Interview, The Strad, xcii (1981–2), 802–4


Wallin, Rolf

(b Oslo, 7 Sept 1957). Norwegian composer. He studied composition with Finn Mortensen and Olav Anton Thommessen at the Norwegian State Academy of Music (1980–82) and with Roger Reynolds, Vinko Globokar and Joji Juasa at the University of California, San Diego (1985–6). He is an exceptionally versatile musician, having distinguished himself not only as one of the leading Scandinavian composers of his generation, but also as a performance artist and as a trumpeter within ensembles whose repertory extends from early music to avant-garde rock. Wallin has received a number of awards for his compositions: the Norwegian Society of Composers' ‘Composition of the Year’ award for … though what made it has gone (1988) and the Clarinet Concerto (1996), the Bang & Olufsen Music Award in 1989 and, for Stonewave, the Best Work award at the 1992 World Music Days in Warsaw. Wallin freely combines computer-generated systems and mathematical formulae (e.g. fractals) with intuitive approaches to composition, and the complex yet very plastic textures of his music are reminiscent of composers such as Xenakis and Ligeti. Many of Wallin's works play on contrasts between the liquid and solid states or, applied to the medium of time, between movement and stasis.


(selective list)

Stage: The Road between Water and Thirst, tape, 1987; Mannen som fant en hestesko [The Man who Found a Horseshoe], live elecs, 1989; I høstløv løper grønne damer [Green Ladies Run through the Autumn Leaves], tape, 1989; Da-Ba-Da, tape, 1990; Vårnatt [Spring Night], tape, 1992; Konsekvens, tape, 1993; Det Tålmodige [The Patient], tape, 1996; as the rice fall, tape, 1996

Orch: Timp Conc., 1988; Onda di ghiaccio, chbr orch, 1989; Chi, 1991; Boyl, chbr orch, 1995; Cl Conc., 1996

Vocal and chbr: Topologie d'une cité fantôme, chbr ens, 1982; Kaleidophony, brass ens, 1984; Mandala, 2 pf, 2 perc, 1985; …though what made it has gone, Mez, pf, 1987; Purge, perc, tape, 1989; Stonewave, 6/3/1 perc, 1990; ning, chbr ens, 1991; Solve et Coagula, chbr ens, 1992; Too Much of a Good Thing, 6 elec gui, 3 perc, 1993; Twine, xyl, mar, 1995

Mixed media: So Far Unchanged, acting mixed chorus, tape, 1985; Depart, acting flautist, tape, 1986; Scratch, balloon, live elec, 1991; Lyddusj [Shower of Sound], sound installation for the Grieg anniversary exhibition, 1993; Drømspel [Dream Play], film music, 1994; Yo, computer, controller suit, 1994

Principal publishers: Norsk Musikforlag, Norwegian Music Information Centre


R. Wallin: ‘Naturen og vi – eller: hvorfor jeg kjøpte meg en datamaskin’, Ballade (1989), no.2, pp.38–45

S. Seterbakken: ‘I Guide the Salmon’, Ballade (1992), no.3, pp.31–4

R. Wallin: ‘Avant-Garde, Ghosts, and Innocence’, Ballade (1992), no.3, pp.35–6

G. Johnson: ‘Rolf Wallin: Intuition and Computers’, Listen to Norway, ii/2 (1994), 28–9


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