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Moscow, July 29 (Xinhua) -- Moscow marked a record 37.7 degrees Celsius on Thursday, making the day the hottest in the city in the past 130 years.

"The temperature is 0.2 degrees (Celsius) higher than that of July 26, 2010, when the all-time temperature record was made," the Moscow meteorological bureau reported.

The bureau said that in some districts of Moscow, the temperature reached as high as 39 degrees Celsius.

Central Russia has been scorched by an ongoing heat wave since mid-June with media reporting temperature records being set almost daily.

July has already been tagged as the hottest month in the history of weather observations in Russia.

The heat is on as high school football players begin practice


The Post and Courier

Friday, July 30, 2010


Photo by Brad Nettles

The Post and Courier

Ashley Ridge Football player Wesley Allan sprays water on his face during Friday's practice.

High school football teams across the state began practice today under weather conditions that made it feel like anything but football season.

The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning until 9 p.m. and the temperature in Charleston at 1 p.m. was 94 degrees. The heat index was 118 degrees.

Football trainers were just as important as the coaches as they kept a watchful eye on players for any signs of heat-related problems.

According to the South Carolina High School League’s manual on heat stress and athletic participation, there have been 15 heat-related deaths nationally in football since 1996.

The football season kicks off for many Lowcountry teams with the Sertoma Classic at Johnson Hagood Stadium on Aug. 19-20.

Cool summer: L.A. sets more low-temperature records

July 29, 2010 |  7:05 am

The unusually cool summer continued in Southern California, where several new record-low temperatures were recorded on Wednesday.

The 68-degree low at Los Angeles International Airport broke the old record low for the day, which was 70 degrees in 1991. Santa Barbara (68) and San Luis Obispo (69) broke records as well.

The temperature at USC, 75, tied the record low set in 1999. UCLA also set a record, 56 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

While the region saw a heat wave a few weeks ago, temperatures have been gradually going down again as July comes to an end.

June was also marked by gloomy conditions and lower-than-normal temperatures.

-- Shelby Grad

Mars Rover Spirit May Not Survive Martian Winter 
By Denise Chow Staff Writer
posted: 30 July 2010
03:40 pm ET

NASA's beleaguered Mars rover Spirit, which has been hibernating on the surface of Mars since March, is facing its toughest challenge yet – the harsh conditions of the Martian winter. And the rover may lose.

Spirit has been stuck in Martian sand for more than a year, and in January, NASA abandoned all attempts of extricating the long-lived rover, rechristening it instead as a stationary probe.

But Spirit entered a hibernation-like state on March 22, and while mission controllers are cautiously optimistic about its chances of survival, they still have yet to hear any communication from the rover.

"It will be the miracle from Mars if our beloved rover phones home," said Doug McCuistion, director of NASA's Mars Exploration Program at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. "It's never faced this type of severe condition before – this is unknown territory."

Spirit and its robotic twin Opportunity have been exploring different parts of Mars since January 2004. Both rovers have far outlasted their initial 90-day missions and are now in the middle of their seventh year exploring Mars.

"Our estimation is that Spirit has experienced what is called a low-power fault, where there is not enough energy being produced by the solar arrays to make up for the energy being used by the rover," John Callas, project manager for Spirit and Opportunity at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., told

Houston will be under the broiler for the weekend; rain may follow


July 30, 2010, 6:38AM



Southeast Texas radar map

Extended 5-day forecast

Texas Gulf coast marine forecast

Current ozone levels in the Houston area weather page

Don't forget your sun screen when you go outside this weekend as sunny, broiling heat is on tap for the Houston region for the next few days.

A ridge of high pressure is parked above the region, drying out the area after recent rains and sending temperatures near 100 degrees.

The ridge will weaken early next week when a slight chance of showers is forecast and the area cools slightly.

This weekend, the hottest areas will be northeast of Houston near Beaumont and Lake Charles, where an Excessive Heat Watch has been issued, according to the National Weather Service.

Today, the high temperature in the Houston area will top out at about 95 degrees under mostly sunny skies. The low will be in the mid 70s.

Forecasters said the heat index — how the air feels when temperature and humidity combine - will climb to 105 degrees. No rain is forecast.

The scorching heat continues Saturday, when the high temperature will be about 97 degrees under sunny skies and the heat index will be near 102.

The low will be in be about 76.

The high will climb to about 99 degrees Sunday. The low will be in the mid 70s.

The heat remains early next week when the highs will be in the upper 90s under sunny skies.

But by Wednesday a slight cool down is possible when the high-pressure ridge weakens and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico flows inland, sparking thunderstorms.

The rain will break the heat slightly as high temperatures will be in the mid 90s through at least Thursday.

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