6,7, and 8th grade Atlanta Dream Center/Clarkston

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6,7, and 8th grade


Dream Center/Clarkston

Spring Break Mission Trip

April 3 – April 8, 2017

HOW MUCH DOES THE TRIP COST? The cost for the Atlanta mission trip is $400. This includes: your deposit, lodging/food/transportation while on the field, ministry supplies, training materials, trip insurance, free-day activities in ATL. It does not include: support letters, extra food/drink in ATL or at gas stops, or souvenirs.
WHERE WILL THE TEAM STAY & SERVE? We’ll be staying at The Dream Center lodging, which is built into the education building of a local church. We will be partnering with the Dream Center’s weekly ministries, under the leadership of their staff, to inner city kids, the homeless, refugees, and more. In the evenings, we’ll be spending some time bonding with the refugee youth group from Clarkston International Baptist Church. We’ll also be working with some FBCW partners in Clarkston, on the east side of ATL, working amongst refugees. On Saturday, we’ll be putting on a community outreach event with the CIBC youth group in Clarkston.
HOW DO I JOIN THE TEAM? There are FIVE steps to the process:
1. PRAY. Don’t skip this step! Ask if this is the trip the Lord wants you to be on. How might He want to use you? And how might He want to work in your life through this trip?

  • Applications can be picked up from the Warehouse, or downloaded at woodstockmissions.com. Don’t forget the signed parent affidavit.

  • Include a copy of your medical insurance card with your application.

  • A non-refundable $50 deposit is due with every application.

  • Applications, paperwork, and deposits are due no later than the commitment meeting on December 4. You can bring them to the Student Ministry office during the week, or to the Warehouse.

  • The application & deposit DOES NOT guarantee your spot on the trip. You must also adhere to the training schedule, support raising process, team guidelines, and other requirements outlined here.

3. COMMIT TO THE TRAINING PROCESS. Every team that FBCW sends to the field is required to go through a training process. All meetings are mandatory in order to go on the trip. The trip leader must be notified in advance to determine if an absence is excused. Any unexcused absences may result in being dismissed from the team. If a meeting date/time needs to be changed by the student ministry office or team leader, every effort will be made to give you two weeks’ notice.

Dec 4 12:30 – 2:30pm B220

Dec 11 Deadline to mail support letters

Jan 8 12:30 – 2:30pm B220

Feb 12 12:30 – 2:30pm B220

Mar 5 12:30 – 2:30pm B220

Mar 19* 12:30 – 1:30pm B220 *Parent(s) Required
4. RAISE SUPPORT FOR THE COST OF YOUR TRIP. During the commitment meeting, you will be guided through the raising support process as well as the church’s policies. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Every year, God uses this process to strengthen team members’ trust in Him…and amaze us with His provision!
Here is the timeline for trip finances:

Dec. 4 $50 Deposit due

Jan. 8 $100 due ($150 total)

Feb. 12 $100 due ($250 total)

Mar. 5 $150 due ($400 total)

In order to participate on the mission trip, students must attend 80% of a combination of weekly events (Sunday School & Pulse) and may get credit for other church activities or special events.

QUESTIONS? Contact Team Leader Chris Page at 678-313-4858 or chris.page@fbcw.net.

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