A501+ Style ram expansion for the Amiga500+/500 Owner’s Manual

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A501+ Style RAM Expansion for the Amiga500+/500
Owner’s Manual


Thank you for purchasing this A501+ style RAM expansion board for your Amiga Computer. This expansion board will provide an additional 1MB of RAM for an Amiga 500+, or an additional 512KB on an Amiga 500. This expansion also features a battery-backed Real-Time Clock (RTC).


Battery Installation/Replacement
If your board does not come with a coin cell (may not due to shipping restrictions) or your battery has failed, you will need to purchase and place a CR1225 lithium battery into the battery socket shown on the lower right in the diagram above. Place the battery with the negative side down (positive side with text faces up).

Enabling/Disabling Clock

If you have an Amiga 500+ with on-board clock, you can disable the clock on this expansion by carefully cutting the jumper marked “RTC DISABLE” on the board. Use a sharp knife and sever the thin trace between the two square pads to disable the clock.

This will allow you to use your A500+ clock on the motherboard.

If you wish to use clock of this expansion with an Amiga 500+, you will need to disable the motherboard clock by soldering a blob between the pads of JP9 on the Amiga’s mainboard.

For a standard Amiga 500, you do not need to worry about any of these above steps as your Amiga does not have any onboard clock, and will use the clock on this expansion.


Please make sure you Amiga’s power supply is disconnected and turned off. Take the trap door cover off of the bottom of your Amiga 500/500+. Carefully insert this expansion board with the chips facing towards the inside of the Amiga (you should be looking at the green bottom of the board while doing this) into the slot sliding the black connector in to gold pins on the Amiga to the left. Take care not to bend any pins. Replace the cover on your expansion and power up your Amiga.


If everything is working normally, your Amiga will boot up correctly (you will see the standard grey screen and then the boot sequence starts). If you have any other colors of boot screen (such as green), make sure the expansion is correctly inserted. If everything is working properly, the workbench title bar should display the extra memory.

On an A500+ you should see that you have approximately 2MB of “Chip” or Graphics memory.

On an Amiga 500, you may see that you have 1MB of “Chip” memory, or that you may have 512K of chip, and 512K of additional memory. If you want to see it all addressed as chip memory, you will need to perform modifications to your motherboard and have the appropriate 1MB “Fat Agnus” installed.

Setting Time/Date for the RTC

Opening a new Shell or CLI window on an Amiga, you can set the time on the RTC. You will need to use the DATE and SETCLOCK commands.

SETCLOCK SAVE sets the date and time of the battery backed-up hardware clock from the current system time (saved with the Time editor or with the DATE command). SETCLOCK SAVE is typically used after a DATE command.

SETCLOCK LOAD sets the current system time from the battery backed-up clock. In systems using Kickstart 2.0 or later, this is done automatically during the boot process.
The RESET option resets the clock completely. This may be necessary if a poorly written program that does not follow the rules turns the clock off or sets the test bit of the clock.

  1. DATE 26-Feb-17 06:00:00


This sets the date to February 26, 2017 at 6:00 AM and then saves it to the RTC.
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