App depot 1 Emergency upgrade required for app depot / vast iPhone/ios users only

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Issue Version 1.0

March 2017

Emergency upgrade required for APP DEPOT / VAST
iPhone/iOS users only
Complete prior to March 4, 2017


Target audience are Wireless Installation Vendors and Supply Chain Logistics with iPhone/IOS Smartphones

Acronyms and Definitions

APP DEPOT App Depot (formerly TONGO) is an iPhone and iPad application that serves as a portal for employees to access business-critical AT&T enterprise applications and job tasks in a mobile format.

VAST Vendor Asset Scanning Tool

VHE Vendor Held Equipment Project


The Vendor Held Equipment (VHE) Project is charged to ensure assets released to Wireless Installation Vendors, are tracked for the entirety of the vendor held lifecycle. The lifecycle commences upon the release of the asset to the installation vendor, continues while the asset is assigned to the Vendor Warehouse FA Location Number, and completes once there is positive confirmation the asset has either been installed at site or returned to AT&T.

The objective is to ensure data accuracy providing location of physical asset held by the Vendor.

The current scope for the Vendor Held Equipment project is defined as any Wireless Installation Vendor who performs work by direction of AT&T; and is in possession of AT&T Asset Tagged equipment. (VHE excludes non-tagged equipment)

VAST (Vendor Asset Scanning Tool)

VAST is an AT&T APP DEPOT delivered smartphone app for the iOS (iPhone) or Android platform.

VAST allows the Vendor to immediately update the asset management system once they have installed equipment to or removed equipment from AT&T locations (i.e. a Cell, Cell DAS, COW, etc.) or transferred equipment from one Vendor Warehouse to another Vendor Warehouse.


On February 28, 2017 ATT IT notified the VHE PMO the App Depot iOS signing certificate expires on March 4th.  Meaning on March 4, 2017, if your end users try to use the 1.7 version of the container they will get an error message – “App Depot is no longer valid” or the application will just close on its own.

ATT IT immediately resigned the existing App Depot container with the new signing certificate and labeled it 1.7.1.  ATT IT tested using the Kitchen Sink 2.0 app to ensure that all functionality is working and everything passed.  Since the code is the exact same – just a new certificate – ATT IT feels 100% confident that all existing functionality will continue to work as is.

This impact is only to iOS users (iPhones and iPads) and does not impact Android users or Web based users – using a browser from their desktop/laptops.

APP DEPOT Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Delete current version of APP Depot on your Smartphone. This ensures a ‘clean’ installation.

  2. Restart your Smartphone

  3. Open this email from your Smartphone native email client, and click on the embedded URL link


  1. Open and log into App Depot

If you receive an "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" error, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management or Device Management -> AT&T, and trust the app.
Or use this QR Code:


How to determine if your version APP DEPOT

If you have version 1.7 of App Depot, an upgrade is mandatory.

Within App Depot > Support > System Version the current version can be identified.

To validate the version after updating:

  1. Open App Depot

  2. From the Logon Screen – click the Need help? Button under the Log In button

  3. From the Support Options Screen – click the System Information button

  4. From the System Information – click the System Version button

  5. Validate that the line reads – Name = App Depot – Version = 1.7.1 – Build = May 5, 2016 08:58:34

AT&T PROPRIETARY - INTERNAL USE ONLY- or other Authorized personnel

Download 15.35 Kb.

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