Athena Dizelos Personality Types Tech Lesson Plan

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Athena Dizelos

Personality Types Tech Lesson Plan

Color Key:

Purple- Intelligences

Red- Personality Types


SWBAT edit and publish a written piece describing “Air and Space” using Microsoft Word features of cut, copy, paste. (This entire lesson is geared towards the Linguistic Intelligence. They enjoy working with words.)


Students will edit their “Air and Space” writing piece. They will use the cut, copy and paste functions on Microsoft Word. The students must also insert a picture that can be found from clip art. Lastly the students will print and publish their writing piece. (Persisters will enjoy being able to print and publish their work. They need recognition for their work.)



Sample Jack and the Beanstalk story

Air and Space writing


Students will enter the computer lab and sit on the carpet in front of the promethean board. I will pair up the students by asking them to get in a straight line in order from when they were born. The rule is that they cannot speak but may use gestures to figure out where they need to stand. I will help them by telling them where they should stand if they have a January birthday and where they should stand if they have a December birthday. The students will need to create the rest of the line on their own. I think giving them help of where the line should begin and end helps them to get started. (Giving the students a beginning point and an ending point helps give the activity a little more organization for the Workaholics.) I will use and turn the music on, when the music stops; they must be in the correct order. I will then ask the first person in line to wrap the line around and stand in front of the last person in line, everyone should follow. The person standing in front of them will be their partner. I will then send the students to their computers to get started. (This pairing activity is for our Rebels and Promoters. They need learning to be playful, contact and fun. I am giving them time to let out enthusiasm in the beginning with the warm-up so that they are able to focus during the lesson.) (Working in pairs is also for our Interpersonal Intelligences. These are social learners.)

Student #1 will read the story aloud while student #2 reads silently. The students will then take turns fixing the story using the features introduced. (I will give the directions in this manner for our Persisters. They prefer a matter of fact tone.)

Guided Practice

Students will be grouped in pairs. The students will correct the errors using the Cut, Copy, and Paste functions of the program. Once the errors are corrected the students will be asked to create or locate and image and insert it into the story.

I will show the students how to pull up Microsoft Word onto the computer. I will then open up the document ‘Jake and the Beanstalk’. I will be able to control all of the computers from the main computer in the front. It is called LanSchool. The front computer can control the others. There is also a way for the teacher to use a microphone and talk to specific students via their headphones. (While the students are working I will be able to see what they are doing from the main computer. For the Reactors, I will be able to give them praise and recognition for the work that they are doing while they are in the editing process from the microphone. I know the reactor responds to a nurturing voice.) When I pull up the story, it will appear on all the computer screens that I logged into from advance. Before the students go to their computers, I will have one of the students read the first 2 sentences to the class. I will then show the students how to use the, cut, copy, paste and insert features. I will also have these features posted in the front of the lab so that the students can refer to it: (Posting the features is for the Spacial Intelligence. They enjoy having visuals.)

a. Deleting sentences--position the cursor at the end of the sentence, and 
then push the Backspace key on the keyboard to erase it.

b. Moving sentences--highlight the sentence by dragging the mouse 
across it with the left button held down. From the Edit menu choose 
Cut. Position the cursor in the new spot, and from the Edit menu 
choose Paste.

c. Correcting Spelling--Highlight the misspelled word using the same 

method as above and retype it correctly. Students can also click the 
Spell Check button; this will check the entire story for spelling errors.

I will explain to the students that they already know how to type and use the backspace button. I will explain that cut, copy and paste are features that writers use during the editing process. After I show the students a few examples, I will pair them up to begin working

Sample Story:

Jake and the Beanstalk

Not far from london there once livved a widow and her son Jackk. With tears in her eyes the poor woman tolded Jack to take the cow to the market and get the best price he could for it. Then a day came when they had to sold their cow. “Oh, grandmother, what big ears you have!” cried little Red Riding Hood. They were so poor and they often didn’t have enough to eat and as Jack was a lazy boy who neffer liked to work, matters grew worse and worse for his poor mother. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down you golden hair.” “Yes,” answered Jack, wandering how the stranger knew his name. “I will buy the cow from you in in exchange for these magic beans.” said the man. He had not gone far when he met a man who asked him, “Are you taking your cow to the markey, Jack?” “But I warn you,” said the fairy godmother, “that you must leave the ball before midnight.” So Jack, leading the cow, set off.

When the editing is finished, students can go to the File menu and click Insert and Clipart that they want to inserted into their story. When the story is corrected and illustrated student #2 will read the story aloud while student #1 reads silently one last time to be sure all errors 
have been corrected. (This is for the Intrapersonal Intelligence. They are reflective learners. Being able to read the story one last time silently to be sure all errors are corrected gives them a chance to go through the reflective process.) Students will then print out their story and show it to me. If it is correct, I will give them a Terrapin Ticket (school wide reward system) and they can begin to edit their own writing. (This is for our Workaholics and Persisters. They enjoy recognition for their work.)

Independent Practice

When students have finished working in groups to edit the Jack and the Beanstalk story, they will pull up the stories that they typed up last time we were in the computer lab, “Air and Space”. Students will now edit their writing independently using the functions they have learned, cut, copy, paste and insert clip art. (This is for our Dreamers who prefer to work independently.)


I will ask all the students to shut down their computers and come back to the carpet. I will choose a few students to read their edited versions of ‘Air and Space’. The student can also show the illustration that they added to their writing found on Clipart. (Workaholics would like this because they would have a final product to show.)

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