Atlantic takes over 12 new pharmacies and specialised otc stores

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Atlantic takes over 12 new pharmacies and specialised OTC stores

Atlantic Grupa signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Health Institution Dvoržak by acquiring a share in the company Livia d.o.o. that owns this health institution, which was previously held by the company Pharma Investment from Iceland.

Livia d.o.o, established by the Dvoržak family, owns ten pharmacies and five specialised stores for the sale of over-the-counter drugs and medicinal products throughout the territory of Croatia. Pursuant to the strategic partnership agreement, the final goal of this transaction is to separate 12 pharmacy units – seven pharmacies and five specialised stores – from the company system of Livia and their 100% takeover by Atlantic Grupa by the end of 2009.
After separating these 12 pharmacies and specialised shops and their integration in the Atlantic Grupa’s system, the pharmacies remaining under the management of the Dvoržak family will continue their business operations in a strategic partnership with the Atlantic’s pharmacy chain Farmacia. The partnership will be realised through the joint coordination and management of purchasing, marketing, education and other professional activities.
“By taking over new pharmacies in the territory of entire Croatia and their integration into the pharmacy system of Atlantic Grupa, the company additionally strengthens its position as the leading private pharmacy chain which will, with these new pharmacies, have the total of 50 units – 40 pharmacies and 10 specialised OTC stores. In addition to acquisitions, Atlantic Grupa also continues to expand its pharmacy chain Farmacia by opening its own new pharmacies and specialised stores, which is planned for the end of August and beginning of September” explained Marko Smetiško, Atlantic Grupa’s Vice President in charge of Pharma Division.
During the last year and a half, as it was announced during the initial public offer of shares in the end of 2007, Atlantic developed a successful pharmacy chain Farmacia and established itself as the leading subject in this health and market niche. Pharmacies in the system of Atlantic Grupa operate in accordance with the highest standards of the pharmacy profession and are recognized as the leading pharmacies when it comes to offering quality and extensive pharmacist services.
The pharmacy chain Farmacia is the forerunner in advancing business operations in the pharmacy system and in trying to strengthen the role of pharmacists in the overall health system. Special attention is given to recruitment, education and competence development of employees in pharmacies as a stronghold of the development strategy for pharmacies in Atlantic Grupa. To this end, the Education Centre Atlantic Farmacia was established to take care of the methodical competence development of employees in pharmacies in collaboration with its own experts, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Faculty, professional associations in Croatia and the pharmacists association at the World Health Organisation as well as the Global Pharmacy Education Development Network with headquarters in London.

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