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  1. The Joint AU-UNECA-AfDB Secretariat should be reinvigorated to make it more effective in accelerating the integration process. This should include the publication of a joint annual report to the Assembly on progress towards continental integration. Such a report should focus on cross border trade and investment, the degree of free movement of persons across national and regional borders, the implementation of regional and continental projects, the level of effective supranational authority entrusted by Member States to RECs, resource mobilisation efforts at continental, regional and national levels and lastly, including progress in operationalising the continental financial Institutions;

  2. AfDB should play a more prominent role in resource mobilisation in implementing integration programmes and projects at national, regional and continental levels particularly in the acceleration of integration and transformation process. To that effect, efforts should be made to ensure that the present level of funding regional programmes be ,

  3. Member States at the United Nations should support UNECA in reconstituting and further strengthening its capacity so as to be able to fully play its role as main implementing agency of the UN economic development programmes in the continent.


  1. AfDB

  1. Member States

Financial Resources of the AU

  1. The practice of buying open tickets should be further audited to ensure that the Commission is receiving value for money and that expenditure is not being unnecessarily incurred;

  2. The Travel Unit should be separated from the Procurement Unit, it being understood that, international procurement procedures and standards are followed;

  3. The Ernst and Young recommendation to the effect that all other “procurement issues be managed centrally and any exceptions such as decentralising some procurement operations be duly documented and approved in Council should be implemented”;

  4. In recognition of the large volume of tickets bought, the limited number of staff in the Travel Unit, and in the interests of best governance practice, a travel agency be appointed following a transparent tendering process;

  5. All Member States should pay their dues in time. In that respect attention should be given for a deadline to be set for payment of assessed contributions. A decision needs to taken by the Assembly for Member States to pay their contributions not later than two months after the adoption of the AU budgets;

  6. The urgent adoption of the procurement manual and the implementation of related recommendations made in the Ernst and Young 2006 report without delay;

  7. The Commission should indicate invariably the Programme Budget Implications while presenting programmes for approval;

  8. Further investigation into the handling of the production of African Union passports and the construction of a hotel on African Union land should be carried out;

  9. Posts of financial and administrative assistants should be established in all departments;

  10. Directors must be held accountable for reporting promptly and accurately on the level of budget variances;

  11. The PRC and the Commission should adhere to the stated practice in the Statutes of the Commission of developing a two-year programme budget rather than the current practice of annual budgeting;

  12. The PRC and the Commission should hold annual mid-term reviews;

  1. The Commission should take necessary measures to comply, without delay, with the recommendations of internal and external auditors; and,

  2. An African firm of international repute should be appointed for a period of four years on the basis of an open tender by the Council to audit the accounts of all AU Organs and report to the Council.

  3. A tax on air tickets within Africa should be levied without further delay.

  1. AUC

  1. AUC

  2. AUC, Council

  1. AUC

  1. Member States

  1. AUC

  1. AUC

  1. AUC

  1. AUC

  2. AUC

  1. AUC, PRC

  1. AUC, PRC

  1. AUC

  1. AUC

  1. Member States

Recommendations Requiring Immediate Decision

  1. The Assembly:

    1. The Assembly should revert to one annual ordinary session at the Headquarters of the Union.

    1. The first substantive item of each Summit should be dedicated to the consideration and review of the implementation of previous decisions.

    1. The Chairperson of the Assembly should serve for a two-year period in order to allow for pro-active leadership, policy continuity and full implementation of decisions.

  1. The Executive Council:

The Executive Council should be re-designated as a Council of Ministers and its composition aligned to Article 10 (1) and Article 14 of the Constitutive Act.

  1. The Pan-African Parliament:

a) The Code of Conduct for PAP members identified as a deliverable for 2005 should be finalised without further delay.

      1. The PAP should comply with Dec.98 of the Council, which was confirmed by the Assembly as Decision 39(iii) in the light of the report of the External Auditors.

  1. The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights:

Consideration should be given to the adoption of a non-renewable mandate for the Commissioners for one term of office for six years only.

  1. Financial institutions:

a) The Assembly should set up an ad hoc committee that would include the representatives of the three countries selected to host the institutions which should be presided over by an independent personality who is committed to pan-Africanism. The ad hoc committee should also include representatives of the Association of African Central Banks (AACB), the AUC, the RECs, UNECA and the AfDB. It should submit a roadmap on the establishment of these institutions within the timeframe of three months to the ad hoc mechanism proposed in Chapter 12.
b) The three committees envisaged for fast tracking the process of establishing the three financial institutions should be established without delay in the countries already selected, namely Cameroon for the AMF, Libya for the AIB and Nigeria for the ACB.

  1. The AU Commission:

          1. The portfolios of the Departments should be rationalised and based on the agreed priorities of the Union set by the Assembly.

          1. The tenure of office for the elected posts should remain four years.

          1. For the purpose of the impending elections, and in order to avoid the problems of simultaneous elections of all members of the Commission, the elections of the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson should take place six months prior to the election of the Commissioners. Thereafter, the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson, who should not be of the same gender, should be elected one year before the election of the Commissioners. It is imperative that the Assembly adopt these modalities before the next round of elections into the Commission.

          1. The election of the Commissioners should focus on their core competencies.

          1. The election of the Deputy Chairperson and the Commissioners should be de-linked from the portfolios that they will occupy. In addition, responsibility should be given to the Chairperson, as the Chief Executive Officer to assign portfolios.

          1. Serving Embassy staff accredited to the AU, and their relatives, should no longer be appointed by the Commission while they are still in the service of their countries in order to avoid conflict of interest.

          1. There should be an African Union Service Commission to be responsible for recruitment, appointment, promotion and discipline.

          1. The Secretary to the Commission should be the head of the African Union Commission Staff and be responsible for inter-departmental and directorate coordination;

  1. The Economic, Social and Cultural Council:

The Assembly should agree to the ECOSOCC presenting its annual report to it.

  1. The Peace and Security Council:

The percentage of regular budget allocated to the Peace Fund should be increased and the AU Commission Chairperson should also intensify his efforts at mobilising funds and resources for AU peacekeeping operations from within the Continent and the Diaspora.

  1. Roadmaps and Plans of Action at the National, Regional and Continental Levels:

The Assembly should direct that all Organs and Institutions of the AU undertake immediately, the preparation of roadmaps and plans of action for the implementation of all the recommendations in Table 19 (other than those that have been identified in Paragraphs 480-487 as requiring immediate Decision by the Assembly). An ad hoc mechanism should be set up for the analysis and authentication of such roadmaps and plans of action including the cost implications – indicating whether such costs are to be met from existing resources or additional resources would be required.
The Organs and Institutions should submit their roadmaps and plans of action to the ad hoc mechanism within four to six weeks of the Assembly decision, and implementation should commence immediately they have been cleared by the ad hoc mechanism as being in fulfilment of the recommendations.
An annual report on progress of implementation should be submitted to the Assembly through the Council.

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