Conferences Information Date of this posting: 25 September 2016

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Conferences Information

Date of this posting: 25 September 2016

Date of previous posting: 27 August 2016
New listings – conferences added (or modified) since the previous posting have been highlighted in yellow (or shaded gray on b&w printouts).

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If you have updates, changes, or conferences to add, please notify me (email / brochure in mailbox / etc.) – André Everett

The purpose of the “Date Added” column is to allow sorting of the table to facilitate checking for conferences added or updated since the last time you viewed this file.

Coverage: Management (focusing on strategy, international, operations); some Marketing; some Knowledge management, systems thinking, and management-related aspects of e-commerce; Economics where it is relevant to Management (e.g., economic geography ≈ clusters, international development, etc.).

Exclusions: Purely commercial (non-academic) conferences and those that appear to focus on local issues or attendees will usually not be included.

There are inevitably changes to or inaccuracies in this list; always verify information via the organisation’s website or by email. No liability or responsibility for errors can be accepted – this is merely a public service effort with good intentions, not limitless resources.

(*) “Deadline” indicates posted deadline for submissions; however, some conferences have “rolling” dates where a later date is posted every month or so, while many conferences announce a later submission date when the original date approaches. Always check deadlines with the organisers, even if they appear to have recently passed. Some conferences provide flexibility; others do not.

Online, this list is being provided as a DOCX file due to formatting and display difficulties associated with long URLs in HTML format. The page formatting is intended to allow printing on A4 or Letter paper without complications.


Conference / Organisation

Theme / Host


Deadline (*)



Date Added

2016 Sep 26-27

Australian Business and Social Science Research Conference, Annual

Australian Social Sciences and Business Research Institute (ASSBRI)

Gold Coast, Australia

2016 Aug 19


2016 Sep 26-27

Annual Strategy & International Business Symposium

Department of Strategy and International Business at The Birmingham Business School in conjunction with Academy of International Business Research Methodologies Special Interest Group (RM-SIG)

Birmingham, England

Register 2016 Sep 16

No website; free; open to all PhD students and early career researchers; registration required

Agnieszka Chidlow


2016 Sep 26-30

International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference Thailand

includes: “Management, Economics & Business Sciences”

Pattaya, Thailand

Abstract 2016 Sep 10 (last)


2016 Sep 28-29

11th International Symposium of Management and Marketing and 11th Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) Management Conference

Internationalization and Economic Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

São Paulo, Brazil

2016 Aug 15 or


2016 Sep 28-29

Law, Business, Management and Corporate Social Responsibiliti\es (LBMCSR), International Conference on

Phuket, Thailand

2016 Aug 12 (rolling)


2016 Sep 28-29

Management & Accounting Conference, 8th International (IMAC)

Leveraging Governance Towards Sustainability

Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Abstract 2016 May 15


2016 Sep 28-30

Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES), 20th Conference

Vienna, Austria

Abstract 2016 Jun 30 or


2016 Sep 28-30

International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB), 22nd Conference

London, England

Abstract 2016 Jul 17


2016 Sep 29 - Oct 1

Academy of International Business Central and Eastern Europe Chapter (AIB-CEE), 3rd Conference

Boosting the Competitiveness of Central and Eastern Europe: Towards Digitalization and a Knowledge-Based Economy

Prague, Czech Republic

2016 Jul 15

Centre for European Studies, University of Economics, Prague


2016 Oct 1-2

Global Conference on Business & Economics (GCBE), 14th

Association for Business & Economics Research; Oxford Journal: International Journal of Business & Economics; Saïd Business School (SBS), University of Oxford

Oxford, England

2016 Aug 9 or

Atul Gupta Gupta@Lynchburg.Edu


2016 Oct 2-5

Business, International Academic Conference on (IACB)

Clute Institute

Las Vegas, Nevada

2016 Sep 5


2016 Oct 3-4

EIASM Workshop on Talent Management, 5th Annual

Copenhagen, Denmark

Abstract 2016 Jul 1

Graziella Michelante


2016 Oct 4-5

Economics, Business, Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (EBMCSR), International Conference on

International Centre of Economics, Humanities and Management (ICEHM)

Bali, Indonesia

2016 Sep 1


2016 Oct 5-7

Global Entrepreneurship Development Centre (GEDC), first conference

New Frontiers in International Entrepreneurship: Research and Practice

London, England

Abstract 2016 Jul 1 or

Christian Felzensztein


2016 Oct 7-9

International Symposium on Business and Management - Fall Session (ISBM-Fall)

Taipei, Taiwan

2016 Aug 12


2016 Oct 8

Accounting, Management and Economics, International Conference on (ICAME)

Towards Sustainable Economic Development through Multidisciplinary Research

Tanjong Malim, Perak, Malaysia

Abstract 2016 Jul 3


2016 Oct 9-11

International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), Annual Conference

Research / Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics

Las Vegas, Nevada

Abstract 2016 Aug 15


2016 Oct 9-12

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Conference & Expo

Beyond the Campus

Baltimore, Maryland


2016 Oct 11-12

Business, Human Resources and Education, International Conference on (ICBHRE)

sponsored by Dignified Researchers Publication (DiRPUB)

Dubai, UAE

Abstract 2016 Aug 23


2016 Oct 12-13

Food Studies, 6th International Conference on

interdisciplinary: agricultural, environmental, nutritional, social, economic, and cultural perspectives on food

Berkeley, California

rounds; 2016 Sep 12

via website:


2016 Oct 13-14

Humanistic Management Conference, 4th

Freedom & Responsibility: Leading for Well-Being; at the Global Ethic Institute

Tübingen, Germany

((PDW on 12 Oct.))

Michael Pirson


2016 Oct 13-15

Asian Business & Management Conference (ABMC), 7th

International Academic Forum (IAFOR)

Kobe, Japan

Abstract 2016 Aug 20


2016 Oct 14-15

Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning, 13th International Conference on (ICICKM)

Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited (UK) (ACPIL)

Ithaca, New York

Abstract 2015 Apr 8

Sue Nugus or


2016 Oct 14-16

Middle East Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Banking, 5th

Breaking Barriers! Building and Sustaining Economic Growth through Innovative Approach!!; Global Business Research Journals

Dubai, UAE

Abstract 2016 Jun 30 or


2016 Oct 15-16

Business Management and Human Resource (BMHR), International Conference on

Knowledge Mgmt, Bus Ethics, Multi-culturism, Marketing Mgmt, E-Bus, SCM, HRM, Staffing and Remunsueration Managing, Workplace Relations Employment and Industrial Law

Suzhou, China

2016 Sep 27

Ms Chang


2016 Oct 16-18

International Academy for Advancement of Business Research™ (IAABR™), International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference

Promoting Academic Research Advancements and Worldwide Progress; Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies® (Academic OASIS®)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Full 2016 Oct 1; Abstract only 2016 Oct 3


2016 Oct 16-20

Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA), 18th Annual International Conference

Dubai, UAE

2016 Jun 15


2016 Oct 19-22

American Society for Competitiveness, 27th Annual Conference of the

“the world’s leading event on national and firm level competitiveness”

Washington, DC

2016 Jul 10


2016 Oct 19-22

International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD) Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana

Abstract 2016 Oct 5 (rolling) or or


2016 Oct 20-21

Economic and Social Development, 17th International Scientific Conference on

Managerial Issues in Modern Business

Warsaw, Poland

Abstract 2016 Aug 25


2016 Oct 20-22

American Society for Competitiveness, 27thAnnual Conference of the

Competitiveness and Sustainability: Changing the Global Landscape

Washington, DC (area)

2016 Jun 15


2016 Oct 20-23

International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences, 27th International Academic Conference

Prague, Czech Republic

Abstract 2016 Oct 6


2016 Oct 21-23

Corporate Finance, Governance & Sustainability, International Conference

Delhi School of Business VIPS Technical Campus; many themes including CSR, Business Ethics, etc.

Delhi, India

Abstract 2016 Aug 1 (not working); (requires setting up an account)


2016 Oct 24-25

Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference, 11th

World Business Institute, Australia


2016 Sep 19


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