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Lost Worlds

But yet I know, where'er I go,

That there hath past away a glory from the earth.

(William Wordsworth)

Were it not for Plato's lucid account of the legendary Atlantis, which he emphasized explicitly was true, we would have no recollection of this lost island which Poseidon the brother of Zeus, and son of Cronos and Rhea, turned into a tropical, terrestrial paradise for his mortal wife Cleito, by bringing forth fertilizing streams from under the earth and creating hot and cold springs. Holy waters, wells, and crystal-clear fountains are still venerated today for their miraculous healing powers, and are places of pilgrimage.

A paradisaical garden on the Island of Scilly exists on the site of an underground well. A Benedictine monastery was built there on a barren hillside in 1114 (the year which the foundation for the Order of the Temple was established) and was transformed by a wealthy reformer, Augustus Smith, in 1834. He used the conducive conditions, aided by the warmth of the Gulf Stream, as a repository for the sub-tropic plants discovered in the Southern Hemisphere, with which he landscaped seventeen acres with luxuriant species, that grow nowhere else on the British Isles.

Otto Muck said the Gulf Stream altered it's course after the Atlantean island platform sank into the ocean floor, and radically changed the icy climate of northwestern Europe. At the Abbey garden there is also an interesting display of figureheads recovered from wrecked vessels, in a museum called Valhalla (the Halls where fearless Viking warriors can indulge their pleasures eternally.)

Poseidon, Lord of the Waves, who came from a golden submarine palace, provided an abundance of exotic flora and fauna on the land apportioned to him. He drove a chariot pulled by horses with bronze hoofs and golden manes and he built impressive cities and cyclopean temples for his ten sons which he adorned with the much prized orichalcum. The outside walls of Poseidon's Citadel were covered in silver and the pinnacle, with gold. Inside, the roof was made of ivory and decorated with other precious metals. Dwellings were built for the thriving community, and the ports and docks of the canals were bustling with traders from all over the World.
Poseidon made his sons' Kings and distributed the territory amongst them; where they observed the just laws of their father. Atlas, the first-born son, was allotted the central part of the island, the mountain dwelling of his mother Cleito, which was designed like a replica of the universal Mount Meru, with it’s central temple surrounded by alternating circles of land and sea. Atlas had seven offspring to Pleione, an Oceanid. They were seven sisters, born in Arcadia, called the Pleiades.

Although we may have been aware of a lost heritage, because archaeological evidence indicates that the birth of civilization came from a 'third party' in prehistory, Plato gave us the name, exact location and fate of this ancient empire destroyed 9,000 years before Solon's time. Plato's uncle Critias heard the story when he was nine years old, from his ninety year old grandfather, who was told in turn by his father Dropides, who spoke of 'Basileia,' an Atlantic island which became a World power.

The sage Solon, who related the tale to his friend Dropides, learned it from old Egyptian priests of Neith, at Sais in 600BC, who were privy to the Greater Mysteries. Still scholars presume to supersede their wisdom and relocate Atlantis to regions where islands are known to be submersed, like Thera, or to Antarctica with it's compelling beauty, shrouded in mystique.
But Thera lies in the Aegean sea not beyond the Columns of Heracles and it's destruction around 1,500BC does not fit the time-frame. Thera’s eruption may have contributed to other biblical calamities mentioned in Exodus but the events of which Solon was informed were of great antiquity…even to the ancient Egyptians. Antarctica's barren wasteland (discovered by Cook in 1773, although it had been mapped before 1513) could have been the cradle of an archaic

culture when it enjoyed a temperate climate, before the poles shifted, (purely speculation) but it did not sink beneath the sea and vanish without trace.

It still exists... albeit covered in ice.

Neither is Antarctica in an ideal geographical location to have extended it's territory to Central America and into the Mediterranean (Crete) as far as Greece, as the dominant Atlanteans did. It is more likely that Antarctica was a colony of Atlantis, whose last archaeological relics from Mexico to Egypt, support the theory that it's origin was a landmass in the mid-Atlantic from which it spread out, before submerging (as Plato said) and making the Sargasso Sea motionless and impassible, until the time of Columbus, who went in search of the 'Indies.'

The Azores, (and West Indies) in the opinion of American congressman, Ignatius Donnelly, the Father of Atlantology, who thoroughly researched the lost continent in 1882, are the mountain peaks of the Kingdom of Atlantis which are still visible and prone to devastating volcanic activity today. Poseidon's hot sulphur and cold springs abound in the mountains of the submerged Azores plateau and in the Caribbean, the tropical island of Montserrat, named after a Benedictine monastery by Columbus, had a terrific volcanic eruption as recently as 1997. Oceanographers dispute this but time and time again, science is proved wrong... it is not infallible.

The cyclopean walls and marble pillars of a sunken Atlantean temple rose up from the sea-bed in 1968 off the Bimini coast, as predicted by the 'sleeping prophet' Edgar Cayce in the 1930's. He said this temple once supported a special dome of fire-crystals, (like Prester John's 'carbuncles') which captured the sun's (blue) energy. Undersea megalithic ruins have also been located 2,200 feet down off the western tip of Cuba, resembling roads, buildings and pyramids.

But the fact that the island existed, is more important than where it actually was, because then we must ask who they were, why is it that their omniscience does not seem obvious to us, could some people have survived in a subterranean realm and continue to flourish, how was Atlantis destroyed and of what significance has this for humanity at this time?

However a scientific hypothesis which may be right, suggests that the Earth underwent critical climatic changes around 11,000BC, when the deep-sea oceanic currents, which regulate the global temperature, halted. This underwater 'conveyor belt' of streams begins in the Arctic Circle where cold water, heavy with increased salinity, sinks to the ocean floor and flows for 2,000 years until it reaches the North Pacific and warms up, rising to the surface to continue the cycle back to Greenland.

A sudden melting of the Canadian glaciers released a surge of water from a huge inland lake, flooding the Atlantic with fresh water which made the sea less saline and stopped the 'conveyor belt'. The effect on the climate was a sharp drop in temperatures, making life impossible for man and beast between 11,000 and 10,000BC. Since then this delicate balance has been stable, but once again, increased temperatures are thawing the ice-caps and the salinity, so crucial to the deep-water oceanic cycle, is lowering... and history may well repeat itself!

In Norse legends concerning the World's end, Loki, (the equivalent of Lucifer) who had been chained to a cavern by the gods as a punishment for killing Balder the Good, escapes over Bifrost (the rainbow bridge) to the land of the frost giants. After this omen, three terrible winters follow, like the Polar night, cold and dark with no summer, for there is no light from the sun or stars.

Then comes the final battle of Ragnarok, an orgy of blood-letting in which all men perish! Fire from Muspellheim sweeps across the land, extinguishing life and purifying the Earth in preparation for the renewal of a Golden Age.
Historians are very selective of which legends they are prepared to recognise as truth. The ancient City of Troy was a myth until it's discovery and excavation by Heinrich Schliemann in 1871. So, since Troy was an actual place, then surely Helen and Paris must also have been real and the Trojan war, with it's warriors, Achilles, Ajax and Odysseus, led by Agamemnon, a historical fact! Schliemann's son believed that the Trojans were allies of Atlantis, which would place the chronology of this conflict with the Greeks even further back in time.

But if we accept the existence of Troy and Atlantis, and the evidence is overwhelming, then we must also consider the lost continent of Mu, (or Pan) another colonial outpost of the sun-worshipping Atlanteans, (spoken of by Cayce in a trance) which is also supposed to have been obliterated in the antediluvian flood, it's remnants being the scattered Polynesian islands in the Pacific Ocean which are surrounded by a chain of volcanoes called the 'Ring of Fire.'

The evidence for this theory was pieced together by a mystic and archaeologist, Colonel James Churchward. He was shown a chest, by the chief-priest of a Tibetan Temple in the 1920's, which contained ancient records, deemed too sacred to be looked at. Upon opening the chest he found small stone slabs engraved with symbols and writing. When he had deciphered them he said, here was the irrefutable proof of mythical Mu.
Churchward travelled to Central America to decipher stone carvings and petroglyphs which would lend further support to the story. He claimed that Mu was the ‘motherland’ of civilization and had a population of sixty-four million, ruled by the Emperor, Ra Mu, an Ascended Master (Master in this context, does not mean an Overlord, but one who has attained self-mastery.)

Throughout the Pacific Islands ancient (unexplored) ruins and colossal stone statues testify to some lost culture. Roads disappearing from islands into the sea, emerge again in a straight trajectory on distant islands, many miles apart. The moai of Easter Island may be the silent witnesses of this long forgotten civilization.

No-one can remember the meaning of their script Rongo-Rongo, carved on wood, but the Islanders say the moai walked to their places during the reign of the 'Long-Ears.' These monolithic statues with long ears and an aqualine nose, stand in rows around the island’s perimeter, staring into oblivion. Billy Meier's Pleiadian friend, Semjase, was a beautiful, fair, blue-eyed woman, totally human-like, except for her elongated earlobes!
One of Dr. Ivan Sanderson’s twelve vortices lies between the Peru-Chile trench and Easter Island (Nathaniel's last known bearings) and it is said there is a huge man-made opening in the sea-bed here, through which water is being sucked, into the crust beneath the ocean floor. Another vortex is situated in the Northern Pacific, although there is sparse sea or air traffic in this area, so it is unknown as an anomalous zone. There is one in the Saharah Desert and also at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa where The Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship, is said to appear.

The Maori, descendants of Mu, told tales of fairies who lived in an adjoining world, they were white skinned and named Patupaiarehe. Mataora, a warrior chief, met very tall, elegant, blonde people one day who called themselves Turehu and came from Rarohenga, the underworld. He fell in love with one, a pretty maiden called Niwareka, daughter of Ue-Tonga of the underworld and he married her. But Mataora had a temper and struck his wife. Niwareka had never experienced violence before and was so distressed, she fled from her husband and returned to her own world.

Mataora, full of remorse set out to find her. He passed by the guardian where the dead spirits enter and descended through a dark tunnel. He arrived in a new world, with brilliant light everywhere. There he met Ue-Tonga who was applying the art of moko (facial tattooing) to a young man. Laughing at Mataora's face paint, Ue-Tonga wiped it off and applied moko to him with a chisel, the pain was excruciating and Niwareka heard his cries and came to him. Mataora begged her forgiveness and promised her father he would be gentle.

So together, the happy couple remained for a while in the underworld before returning to the overworld bringing bats, owls and fantails, who thus came to Earth. They taught the art of moko to the Maori people, who decorate their bodies with spirals and coils incised into the skin to create raised scars, and Mataora and Niwareka showed them how to weave beautiful patterns into their cloth.

The evidence for the lost continents of Atlantis and Mu lies in Pangaea, the super-continent that Alfred Wegener, a German meteorologist, believed existed in the Early Tertiary epoch prior to continental drift and was surrounded by the primeval Oceanus, which divided the world of life, by nine rivers, from the shadowy shores of death, (Thalassa nekron) which he named Panthalassa. If we assume that this landmass was roughly a complete elliptical shape, then there is a huge chunk missing north of what became Australia and a portion of land which is unaccounted for between the Old and New Worlds, which would have been a sizable island.

Alfred Wegener, reached his conclusions in 1915 by comparing geological features on different continents which displayed marked similarities. During the Jurassic period the continental platforms shifted to their present positions but continue to move, creating friction between the plates and causing earthquakes. This theory (tectonics) is now proven, but like so many other great innovators, Wegener was slandered, ridiculed and branded a fool by his professional colleagues. However, Professor Charles Hapgood went even further than Wegener and proposed that the Earth's crust is loose and can shift in it's entirety causing global upheaval. Albert Einstein supported this simple yet ingenious theory.

It may have been a transposition of the terrestrial poles which triggered the 'Apocalypse' which destroyed these civilisations. That would explain why, for ancient Egyptians, the source of the Nile arising from the underworld at the Equatorial lakes, flowed into Upper Egypt, while the Delta was the Lower Kingdom. Since 'up' is normally associated with the north and 'down' is south, this is an odd discrepancy for people who demonstrated an advanced level of mathematics, geophysics, astronomy and 'orgonnomy.'

In 'Worlds in collision,' Immanuel Velikovsky (also derided by 'experts') explains that in the tomb of Senenmut, a vizier who designed the temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri, a zodiac on the ceiling has a reversed orientation. And inscriptions say that 'Harakhte, (the sun,) he riseth in the West'. Plato wrote of the heavenly bodies that 'in those times they used to set in the quarter where they now rise.'

Egyptians believed this change of occident had occurred four times and in order for the constellation of Orion (linked to Osiris) to correspond to the pyramids around 10,500BC, the map must be reversed. Also a map of Atlantis published in a strange book called, Mundus Subterraneous by a Dutchman, Father Athanasius Kircher, who had a museum of authentic Egyptian antiquities in the 17th.Century, portrays the Earth upside down!
Pliny described a terrible comet called Typhon, twisted like a coil, grim to behold which passes the Earth on an eliptical orbit and it’s gravitational pull causes conflagration and deluge. It returns approximately every 3,600 years and Aristotle called this the ‘supreme year.’ When Typhon passes away from the Earth, in a matter of days, the magnetic north and south poles reverse positions. The last time this occurred was around 1,500BC. which coincides with the Exodus and the Tribes of Israel survived this event, by seeking the ‘Promised Land’ across a ‘Sea of Reeds.’ The ancients watched the moon and Venus for signs of Typhon’s cyclical return, which is imminent, (now called ‘Planet X’) to restore balance to the Earth and herald a New Age.

So we have come full circle, it is the 'End of Days' and like the Atlanteans we are causing storms on the planet by environmental destruction and do not understand that we are helping to create our own demise by upsetting our natural evolutionary development.

We are interfering with genetics and responsible for the ecocide of many life forms, for whom we have no respect.
We have poisoned our land, air and seas, the very things which sustain us. Viral warfare has been unleashed on members of the human race with horrendous consequences and scientific discoveries which could transform the lives of everyone, for the better, are being adapted solely for profit, militaristic purposes (geophysical warfare) and global domination.

Our present civilization is technologically advanced but spiritually debased, our primeval instincts are predominant yet again and we are in denial of our divine nature. It is the archetypal doomsday scenario, a triumph for the serpent of the cycles, Kali. But if mankind is wiped out once more and all knowledge is lost, the ‘gods’ will still be there, in that Holiest of places, where they have always been, waiting to restore the land to the Garden of Eden... as it was in the beginning.

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