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Canadian Parents for French organizes summer camps for students every year. Below are the camps that are being held in our province. If you're interested, please make sure to register early as these camps always fill-up quickly.
CPF British Columbia and Yukon

Petit Tournesol French Summer Camp

The goal of this summer camp is to provide experience outside of the school environment that support and enrich the learning of the French language by promoting the use of language, strengthening language skills, and having fun

in French. Visit the CPF BC/YK website for more informa- tion on registration and activities by date.
Where: Golden, BC; outdoor public parks and Arena Lounge (bad weather)

When: July 8-12, 15-19, 22-26

Ages: Kindergarten-Grade 5 (July 8-12 for

those who are not in French Immersion

and have no French background),

Kindergarten-Grade 5 (July 15-19 and

22-26 for those who are in French

Immersion or have a French


Contact: Claudine St-Cyr Premont

at 250-272-0062
BC Family French Camp

Campers and their families have an outstanding chance

to have fun, be involved in challenging events and sharpen

their French skills. Parents who come along must be CPF

members. Parents are not expected to speak French.

Visit the CPF BC/YK website for more information

on registration.

When/Where: July 6-13 and 13-20 is Shuswap Lake, July 27 to August 3 is Gwillim Lake, August 10-17 and 17-24 is Vancouver Island

When: July 6-13, 13-20, July 27 August 3, August 10-17, 17-24

Ages: Kindergarten-Grade 8

Contact: slcoord@bcffc.com or slreg@bcffc.com

Kamloops (organized with Thompson Rivers

University Athletics Department)

These are sports camps that are run in French, for kids

who speak French (from French Immersion, Francophone

schools, or primarily French-speaking homes). The week is

filled with mixed sports, games and activities, all in French.

Each week the children will go to the climbing gym, Canada

Games pool, Kamloops Gymnastics and Trampoline centre

and more. Canadian Parents for French receives a grant to

help pay for this camp which allows everyone to have some

really super experiences at an amazing price.

Where: Thompson Rivers University

Athetics Department, Kamloops

When: July 22-26, August 12-16

Ages: Grades 1-8

Contact: Susan Hammond, Camp Co-ordinator,

CPF – Kamloops, 6270 Meadowland

Crescent North, Kamloops, BC V2C 5J1,

250-573-3127 or sehammond@shaw.ca

For more information on CPF camps in BC and Yukon,

please contact the Branch Office at 778-329-9115 or

visit the website at www.cpf.bc.ca.

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