Daily Bulletin 20th January, 2011 Public help Sought

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Daily Bulletin 20th January, 2011
Public help Sought:

Old Delhi Railway police have sought public in identifying the following bodies:-

  1. A body of a male aged about 70-75 years, height 5’6”, fair complexion, long face, wearing grey colour pants, found on 17.1.2011.

  1. A body of a male aged 40/45 years, height 5’7”, sallow complexion, oval face, medium built, wearing black pants& cream jarsee, found on 17.1.2011.



Dated: 20/01/2011

  • A gang of robbers active in North-West and West Delhi busted.

  • 3 members of gang arrested.

  • 5 robbed mobile phones, watch, surgical blade and maruti zen recovered.

A team of officers of the Crime Branch led by Insp Bhagwati Prasad and consisting of SI Praveen Kumar, SI Anuj Nautial, ASI Ashok, HC Hari Krishan, HC Jai Bhagwan, HC Vinod and Ct. Ashok, Ct. Anuj and Ct. Vinod under the supervision of ACP M.C. Katoch have busted a gang of robbers active in North-West and West Delhi. 3 persons have been apprehended. Zen car used by them for committing robberies has been seized. 5 mobile phones, 1 surgical blade, and 1 watch have been recovered.

Information was received by SI Praveen Kumar that a gang of robbers is active in North-West and West Delhi. This information was further developed and on 19/01/2011, specific information was received that the gang members would assemble on Outer Ring Road near Kali Mandir Sector-3 Rohini, Delhi. On this information a trap was laid and 3 persons in a Zen car were apprehended. They were identified as (i) Harsh Sharma (aged 22 years) s/o Late C.P. Sharma r/o Anand Vihar, Uttam Nagar, Delhi, (ii) Nitin @ Nikku (aged 20 years) s/o Vinod Kumar r/o Om Vihar, Uttam Nagar, Delhi and (iii) Rajesh (aged 24 years) s/o Khoju Ram r/o Vikas Puri, Delhi. One Zen car, 5 mobile phones, watch and a surgical blade used by them to threaten the victims have been recovered.
All the apprehended persons were subjected to intensive interrogation. On their interrogation the following cases were worked out:-
(i) on 10/01/2011, these 3 persons in the Zen car accosted an employee of railway and told him that they are going towards Bahadur Garh and they will drop him at Bahadur Garh on payment of a nominal fare. He was lured to sit inside the car. They beat him up on and at the point of knife dispossessed him of his watch, mobile phone, cash and his briefcase. The complainant got registered a case under the appropriate sections of law at PS Mianwali Nagar, West District, Delhi.
(ii) Similarly on 15/01/2011, an employee working in private sector was waiting for a bus for going to Sonipat. They accosted him in the Zen car. They lured him inside the car and then demanded his purse and mobile phone and when he protested they stabbed him on his hand and took away Rs.4000/- and his mobile phone. The complainant also got registered a case under the appropriate sections of the law at PS Mahendra Park, North-West District, Delhi.
The Zen car used in the robbery, the mobile phones and watch snatched by them in both the cases have been recovered alongwith 3 other mobile phones and surgical blade used to threaten/stabbed the victim.
During the course of interrogation, the accused further disclosed that after robbing their victim they used to cover his face with a polythene bag or any cloth of the victim like his shirt, cap, muffler etc. and tie his hands before dumping him at a secluded place to ensure that the victim could not note down the number of the zen car.
All the accused persons have been arrested and concerned police stations have been informed.




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