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Date: 27.04.2011


On 24.04.2011, Shri Vikram Singh r/o Maharani Bagh, Delhi reported regarding the kidnapping of his son Ishan Singh (aged 18 months old) by his maid Seema whom they had employed recently. The maid Seema was reported to have taken the child to a nearby park at around 5.30 PM and since then she and the child had not returned. The maid had disclosed at the time of employment that she is a resident of Jharkhand. A Case of kidnapping was registered at PS New friends Colony, Delhi.


The investigations were taken up by the South-East District Police and the Crime Branch was also directed by the Commissioner of Police to assist in the investigations. Investigations revealed that the family was in need of a maid and they had spread the word around so as to get some good response. On 10.04.2011, the maid Seema had walked in and informed that she had learnt that a maid was required, and she requested to be employed. Since the family was badly in need of a maid, she was asked to join from the next day i.e. 11.04.2011. The family told her to provide references but she cleverly avoided providing any information regarding her antecedents.


There was no clue, to start with, for the investigators. One important piece of information was learnt was that the earlier maid Pratima employed by them in March, had left for her Home in Orissa on 20.04.2011.

  • The South-East District got the portrait of the maid prepared and circulated the same along-with the photograph of the child in Delhi and nearby areas.

  • Since the photograph of the maid was not available, CCTV footage at all shops the family had visited was analysed. One footage from a South Delhi Bakery was found to have her photograph which also was used in investigations.

  • Teams were sent to railway stations and ISBT to keep surveillance.

  • Placement agencies were contacted and over more than 2000 photographs of the maids were shown to the family.


- : 2 : -

  • A house to house search was also conducted in Taimur Nagar and surrounding areas as the maid Seema had informed that her relatives were residing somewhere in the nearby area.

  • A team was immediately despatched to Orissa for questioning Pratima.

  • Meanwhile, the Crime Branch team led by ACP Ravi Shanker and consisting of Inspector Virender Dalal, Inspector Suresh Kumar, Inspector Sandeep Malhotra, Inspector Rajeev Kumar and staff was formed under the overall supervision of DCP/Crime Ashok Chand.


A joint team of the South-East District and the Crime Branch started systematic investigation.

  • Systematic and meticulous investigations revealed that the other maid in the house had been engaged only a month ago, and her decision to leave on 20th April just before 3/4 days before this incident aroused suspicion.

  • The joint team then started indentifying her acquaintances and zeroed in on Ashok Kiro (19), the fiancé of Pratima, the maid who had since taken a break on some pretext and gone to Orissa.

  • The Crime Branch with the help of local police traced Ashok Kiro and apprehended him on 26.04.2011 at about 12 Noon.

  • Ashok Kiro r/o Sundergarh, Orissa was subjected to intensive interrogation.


  • He revealed that he along-with Krishan Dev Kumar, employed in a house in Maharani Bagh, Anu Ara Begam @ Shanty(35) r/o Jalpaiguri, West bengal , running a placement agency from Khizrabad, New friends Colony and Pratima, his fiancé, had entered into a conspiracy for kidnapping a child of some rich businessman for ransom.

  • The family where Pratima was working was in need of a maid to look after a child of 18 months old. They roped in Sabita Kerketta @ Seema(19) r/o Sundergarh, Orissa, an unemployed maid.

  • They told her that she should go to the concerned house seek employment as a maid under an assumed name and refrain from giving any particulars about her antecedents.


- : 3 : -

  • She was specifically asked to ensure that the fact that she had a mobile phone with her should not be known to the family, and she should win the affection of the child.

  • Pratima, the maid already employed, in order to avoid suspicion gave the excuse that her parents are ill and left for Orissa.


  • The child Ishan Singh used to go in various parks in the evening with the family members accompanied by the maid on 24.04.2011. Since the family members were pre-occupied, they directed the maid Sabita Kerketta @ Seema to take Ishan to neaby park in the pram.

  • As per the plan Sabita Kerketta @ Seema contacted Krishan Dev Kumar. He came in a car along-with Anu Ara begam @ Shanty and Sabita Kerketta @ Seema. Seema along-with Ishan sat in the car and went to their rented hide-out at Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi.


  • At the instance of Ashok Kiro, the said hide-out was raided and it was found that the kidnappers had abandoned the hide-out in the night of 25.04.2011.

  • Ashok Kiro was further interrogated. He disclosed about another hide-out of Krishan Dev Kumar.

  • The hide-out was located and kept under surveillance and he was apprehended at about 08.45 PM on 26.04.2011 and subjected to intensive interrogation.

  • He disclosed that the kidnapped child, Anu, Sabita Kerketta @ Seema are kept at Harkesh Nagr, Tilpat, Faridabad.

  • The team of Crime Branch raided this hide-out and recovered the kidnapped child from him.

  • Anu and Seema were apprehended at about 10.45 PM on 26.04.2011 from this hide-out.


  • On further interrogation it was revealed that they had planned to make a demand of Rs.2 Crores as ransom for release of the child.


- : 4 : -

  • Police has the following recoveries from their hideout in Faridabad which reveals their detailed planning to keep the child captive for about a month or so:

  • Diapers of the child.

  • Baby oil and powder.

  • Powdered milk and Marie Gold biscuits(since the child was fond of it)

  • Mobile belonging to Kishan Dev Kumar.

(Another mobile also recovered from Ashok)

  • They were planning to wait for the police pressure to settle down and then convey the ransom demand in some way.

  • Interestingly, the kidnappers had changed the appearance of the victim boy to that of a girl (with bangles & frock) to escape police attention.

Further investigation is in progress.

    • 0 – 0 – 0 –

    • Name of Accused Persons Arrested

  1. Ashok Kiro S/o Dama Kiro

R/o Village-Bauri Dihi,


Distt-Sundergarh, Orissa.

Age-23 Yrs.

  1. Savita Kerketta @ Seema D/o Raimond Kerketta

R/o Village-Kiling sera Bhaja Toli,


Distt-Sundergarh, Orissa.

Age-19 Yrs.

  1. Annu Ara Begam @ Shanti D/o Raidul Alam

R/o Village-Barodighi Bazar,


Distt-Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.

Age-35 Yrs.

  1. Krishan Dev Kumar @ Krishan Kumar S/o Sita Prasad

R/o VPO-Daruara,

P.S- Noorsarai

Distt-Nalanda, Bihar,

Age-32 Yrs.

Education- 9th

Marital Status-Married

To be Arrested
Pratima d/o Yaqoob

r/o Vill.Raidi, Distt. Sundergarh,





On 25.04.11, information was received regarding a gang of cheats who lure general public through advertisement in newspaper to earn regular income by installing towers of leading Mobile Phone Companies. When people used to contact on the given mobile phone numbers, they were offered Rs. 5 Lacs as advance and Rs. 25,000/- per month as rent. A team from PS Preet Vihar led by SI Nirbhay Kumar comprising of ASI Brahmpal, H.C. Ashok Rana, Ct. Harender and Ct. Anil was constituted under the supervision of Insp. Manoj Kumar, SHO/PS Preet Vihar and trap was laid. After reaching near HDFC Bank at Vikas Marg the team was deployed discreetly. As the cheat, later identified as Jainender Singh @ Jonny S/o Late Sh. Bhikari Singh R/o 101/13, Circular Road, Sahadara, Delhi and Amit Kumar S/o Rajpal Singh R/o 666/1, Pal Gali, Jwala Nagar, Sahadara Delhi came there in their Red Santro Car no. DL-3C-AP-2038, they were asked to stop their car. Instead of stopping their car they tried to flee. They were chased and finally intercepted near Bhola Nath Nagar red light. A case vide FIR No. 102/11, u/s 472/468/471/467/120-B/34 IPC has been registered at PS Preet Vihar. The accused persons have been produced in the court and accused Amit Kumar has been remanded to P/C for two days and Jainender Singh remanded to Judicial Custody.


The gang of cheats comprising of Amit Kumar, Ravi Shekher and Jainender Singh @ Jonny, used to lure people by publishing advertisement in newspapers, especially in far flung areas of Maharashtra, Gujarat, M.P., U.P., Jharkhand, Bihar etc wherein they give few mobile phone numbers as their contact and inducement for earning huge amount as rent and advance from the mobile companies. Once people contact them on the given mobile phone numbers, they would be asked to furnish location of their property or plot where Tower is to be installed and inform that they will secretly verify the property and contact them. Thereafter, in all the cases they contact victims to confirm that they have verified their place and are issuing Green Card (Smart Card having 16 digit numbers and logos of 10 leading mobile companies). Thereafter, the accused used to send Green Card of fake companies viz. Gupta Constructions, Singh Constructions etc to the victims through speed post along with Agreement Letter. The Agreement is a well drafted document through which they used to demand Rs. 5000/- as activation charge of the green card and further Rs. 15,000/- as service tax @ 3% on the advance of Rs. 5 Lacs. The Agreement Letter used to have very convincing drafting.


The following articles were recovered from their possession –

  1. Registers having details of victims, who have been cheated.

  2. Many counterfeit Seals including seals of SBI and Bank of Baroda.

  3. Cheque books.

  4. 20 mobile phones and SIM Cards.

  5. 2000 Green Cards (Fake).

  6. Hundreds of fake Agreement Letters.

  7. CPU with LCD.

  8. Thousand of Speed Post stickers.

  9. Other incriminating documents.


  1. Jainender Singh @ Jonny S/o Late Sh. Bhikari Singh R/o 101/13, Circular Road, Sahadara, Delhi, aged 24 years, education 10th pass, unemployed, and

  2. Amit Kumar S/o Rajpal Singh R/o 666/1, Pal Gali, Jwala Nagar, Sahadara Delhi age 30 years, education twelfth fail, unemployed.

Further investigation is in progress.

( I.B. RANI )






                          Special Staff/ East Distt. Delhi has arrested two desperate extortionists who were giving extortion threats of Rs. One Crore to a leading Silver trader. The names of the arrested persons are:

1.     Rakesh @ Kalu @ Shanu s/o Nathi Lal r/o H.No. B-79, Gali No. 2, Vijay Marg, North Ghonda, Delhi.

2.     Mohd. Yasin s/o Mohd. Farookh r/o H.No. E-16/K-230, New Seelampur, Delhi.


From 25/03/11 onwards, one Silver Trader of East Distt. was getting extortion threats for one crore rupees. The extortionists were posing themselves as gangsters and said that if extortion money is not paid they will kill the family members of the complainant.  They also knew each and every details of his business. On 28/03/11 he again received extortion threats. Case was registered bearing FIR No. 87/11 of PS Gandhi Nagar u/s 387/507 IPC. The complainant till 25/04/11 received around 25 extortion threats from different numbers of Tata and Reliance. All the SIMs were on fake identity and were used only for extortion purposes.


Keeping in view of sensitivity of the case, it was transferred to Special Staff/ East for investigation. The team comprising of SI Vinay Yadav, SI Satender Khari, ASI Sukhbir, ASI Satpal, HC Praveen, HC Sudesh Pal, HC Sirmohar, Ct. Praveen, Ct. Anangpal, Ct. Ashok, Ct. Jitender, Ct. Roop, Ct. Lokender was formed under the overall supervision of Insp. Rakesh Dixit I/C Spl. Staff/ East. Five mobile numbers were used for extortion purpose and threats were given on 25/3/11, 28/3/11, 31/3/11, 7/4/11, 12/4/11, 15/4/11 and 25/4/11. It was very difficult to locate the persons as the numbers used for extortion were not used for any other purpose. The complainant fully co-operated with the investigation and provided details of his labourers and the persons to whom silver is sent for moulding purposes during the last 5 years. The movement of each and every labour was monitored. Dealers and shopkeepers from where the mobile numbers were issued were also interrogated. They told that during November and December 2010 some low STD Rental plans were given on prepaid SIMs by one particular CDMA Service Provider. During this demand of such SIMs got high and some distributors on their own issued several SIMs which were used in various PCOs of Seelampur Area as it is a factory area and lot of labour used to make calls to their native places. The SIMs used in extortion were also found to be of same category. All the SIMs were used for one or two day on PCOs. Hundreds of such SIMs were identified and some PCOs were located in the area of Seelampur in which these SIMs were used. During this process fruitful result bore that one previous labour Yasin r/o Seelampur of complainant is friendly with such a PCO Owner. Watch was kept on his activities. Secret informers were also deployed. It came to notice that one Rakesh met him frequently on the days in which threats were given. During this process on 26/04/11, after around month long painstaking exercise, secret information was received to SI Vinay Yadav that Rakesh will again meet Yasin and might again give extortion threats. On this raid was conducted and both were apprehended from Chauhan Bangar, Seelampur area. The mobile used for making extortion call threat and last SIM used for extortion has been recovered.


                 Yasin was thoroughly interrogated and he disclosed that he is engaged moulding and carving on silver metal. He was not earning off much money and was in need of money. His friend Rakesh was also not getting much from his business. Yasin told him that his previous employer is a Silver Trader who has good money and seems to be a coward. He planned that if they give extortion threats to him, he will not complain to police. They thought that he might be having a of stock of Silver and as the rates of Silver are soaring high, he might give them extortion money easily. They used to sit at a PCO shop of their friend and knew that some prepaid SIMs used to remain in his drawer and took around twenty SIMs from there. They were using these SIMs.

1.     4 Mobile phones.

2.     One cloned mobile phone which was in the name of New Delhi Power Limited.

3.     Seventeen SIMs
1.     Rakesh @ Kalu @ Shanu s/o Nathi Lal r/o H.No. B-79, Gali No. 2, Vijay Marg, North Ghonda, Delhi. Aged 24 years, unmarried and works at his father’s hardware shop at Ajmeri Gate. He completed his graduation from Delhi University this year.

 2.     Mohd. Yasin s/o Mohd. Farookh r/o H.No. E-16/K-230, New Seelampur, Delhi. Aged 28 years, married and works in moulding and carving Silver.

( I.B. RANI )




DATED : 27.04.2011

Biography of Jacob Martin

Jacob Martin born on 11 May 1972 in Baroda Gujrat is an Indian Cricketer. He is a right-handed middle-order batsman. Jacob Martin has appeared 10 times for India at One Day International level but never in Test Cricket at the turn of the 21st century. Jacob Martin made his first class debut for Baroda in the 1991-92 season in the Ranji Trophy. Jacob Martin came to be regarded as a specialist batsman and an occasional part-time spin bowler. He has played for Baroda throughout his career except during the 2002-03 season when he played for Railways. He has also captained Baroda on a regular basis from the 2000-01 season onwards, winning the Ranji Trophy in 2000-01. He is also a Govt. employee in Western Railway, Vadodara, Gujrat as a CTI.


A case FIR No.554/2004 u/s 420/468/471/120B IPC dated 11.12.2004 PS IGI Airport was registered against accused Nimesh Kumar s/o Mannu Bhat Patel, who was found travelling on fake passport. On questioning, accused Nimesh Kumar disclosed that agent Rajender Bhat Patel arranged his journey with the help of other persons namely Jacob Martin s/o Sh. Joseph Martin and Janak Lal Bhogi Raj Pancholi in lieu of Rs.7 lac. Agent Jacob Martin formed a bogus cricket team in the name of “Ajwa Sports Club” Vadodra, Gujrat in the year-2004. He was manager of above team and he left the accused in U.K. with his passport while others returned back. The team visited U.K. in Sepetember-2004.

Investigation & Arrest

During the course of investigation, statements of family members of accused Nimesh Kumar and his relatives were recorded which were also against the Jacob Martin & Rajender Bhat Patel. I.O. SI Rang Lal Meena has repeatedly asked Jacob Martin to join the investigation but he did not join the investigation. I.O. SI Rang Lal Meena obtained NBW from the Court of Sh.Rajesh Kumar Goel, ACMM, Dwarka Court against Jacob Martin and Rajender Bhai Patel. On 22.12.2010, Hon’ble Rajesh Kumar Goel, ACMM has issued orders for the process u/s 82 Cr.P.C. against the above said agents. On 3.1.2011, co-agent Rajender Bhai Patel was arrested. Agent Rajender Bhai Patel disclosed that he received only Rs.25,000/- as a commission and Rs.6,75,000/- given to agent Jacob Martin who arranged the whole journey of accused Nimesh Kumar. Agent Janak Lal Bhogi Raj Pancholi who was in U.K. helped agent Jacob Martin for the whole journey of the team, who declared as Proclaimed Offender in this case. Repeated raids were conducted at the residence of accused Jacob Martin in Vadodara, Gujrat and efforts were made to nab him but all the time accused managed to avoid his arrest. Revenue records and property owned by accused Jacob Martin were also examined to know details of his income in the year-2004.

Jacob Martin filed an application for anticipatory bail on 1.2.2011 in the Court of Sh.N.K.Kaushik, ASJ, Dwarka Courts and the same was dismissed on 10.2.2011 and Court directed him to join investigation immediately. On the hearing on application of anticipatory bail of accused Jacob Martin, it came to notice on 7.2.2011 that the accused is a Govt. employee in Western Railway, Vadodara, Gujrat as a CTI and he is running absent from his duty. So the investigation was carried out at D.R.M. office, Western Railway, Vadodara and concerned RPO at Ahmedabad.

Jacob Martin has also filed an application in the Court of Ld.ACMM-II Sh.Rajesh Kumar Goel, Dwarka Courts, New Delhi on 3.3.2011 to cancel the NBW and proceeding u/s 82 Cr.P.C. and same was dismissed on 5.3.2011 and he was advised to join the investigation. In the mean time accused Jacob Martin filed Bail Petition No.218/2011 dated 19.2.2011 and Crl.MC No.930/2011 in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi for anticipatory bail and against quashing the ACMM order dated 5.3.2011 respectively. Both the petitions were dismissed by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi on 8.4.2011 with the direction to surrender within seven days before concerned trial court. But the accused Jacob Martin did not join the investigation despite repeated orders of the Ld.ACMM, ASJ and Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. Jacob Martin again filed Special Leave Petition for anticipatory bail in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 18.4.2011, the same was also dismissed on 19.4.2011. The efforts remained continuing to arrest him and a reward of Rs.25000/- was declared by the Commissioner of Police, Delhi for his arrest. Consequently, on 26.4.2011 accused Jacob Martin was arrested from Babarpur, Shahdara, New Delhi on a secret information.

This is a case in which the officers of SIC/IGI Airport and ACP/SIC have done a lot of efforts to track the accused Jacob Martin which is exemplary. The officers have done investigation in a systematic and meticulous manner in Delhi as well as in Gujrat and have taken keen interest to solve the case with zeal of persuasion and professionalism. Such quality investigation have resulted the arrest of accused Jacob Martin who could not succeed to get bail from Hon’ble Lower Court, Court of Sessions & Delhi High Court even from the Supreme Court of India. This case has created an example which will create an atmosphere and deterrent effect in human trafficking cases at Delhi Airport. Such type of investigation of the case of the year-2004 which has been successfully completed in the year-2011 shows a long persistence and concerted efforts on the part of Investigating Agency which resulted finally with the arrest of main accused Jacob Martin and this is a clear message to all human traffickers.

[ R.A.Sanjeev ]

Dy.Commissioner of Police

IGI Airport : New Delhi.



Dated: 27/04/2011

With the arrest of wife and apprehension of JCL son, South-West District Police has worked out a case of murder which occurred on 26/4/2011 in the area of Manas Kunj, Bindapur. Weapons of offence i.e. steel pipe and baseball bat have also been recovered. GIST OF CASE

On 26.04.2011, complainant Smt. Shanaz resident of JJ Colony, Uttam Nagar reported that she was searching a house to purchase in the area of Bindapur, so she contacted one Dr. A.S. Khan and requested him to arrange any house for her. In this regard Dr. A.S. Khan had called her four days ago in his office where one Iliyaz was also called. Iliyaz had a house measuring 50 yards situated at Q/105, Manas Kunj, Uttam Nagar and was willing to sell it. Iliyaz lucidly explained about the possession of the house that in the upper portion, his former wife alongwith children is living and the ground floor has been occupied by him. Iliyaz further revealed that his former wife picks up frequent quarrel over the issue of sale of this house however he is interested to sell the same. Iliyaz further offered that she may stay there for 2/3 days & can assess the situation and if everything finds tranquil then she can go ahead with the deal. Accordingly, an agreement of Rs 9 lac was executed between the parties. On 25/4/11 in pursuant to the condition, she went to the house of Iliyaz for temporary stay where Iliyaz and his mother were found present at ground floor and the two sons of former wife were on the first floor whereas the former wife named Sabana was out of station in Kanpur. Next day on 26/4/11 Sabana alongwith her daughter returned and became infuriate after seeing the purchaser i.e complainant at her house. Sabana started to hurl abuses over Iliyaz. When Iliyaz tried to pacify her Sabana lost her control and dragged him by pulling his hairs. In due course, her sons namely Imran having steel pipe and Salman having baseball bat came to assist their mother and Iliyaz was brutally beaten up by the trio. When the complainant tried to intervene, the above assailants pushed and bolted her in the room. She somehow managed to come out from the room and saw that Iliyas was lying stupor in a pool of blood. Immediately she rang up 100 No. and Dr. Khan. Iliyas was succumbed to injuries on the spot. A case has been registered in this regard under relevant section of law at PS Bindapur and investigation has been taken up.

On registration of this case, police swung into action. A dedicated team comprising Inspr. Surender Kumar, SHO/Bindapur, Inspr. Pyare Lal ATO/Bindapur, SI Jitender, ASI Dharambir, HC Pappu Ram No.1139/SW & HC

Nihal Singh. No.148/SW under the supervision of Sh. Ram Niwas Vashisht, ACP/Dabri was constituted. During investigation, the police team received an information that murderers are seeking an opportunity to flee from the area of Bindapur and will be going to UP. Strenuous and dedicated efforts were made to gather more informations and laid a trap, result of which Police got break through with the arrest of murderer Shabana and her JCL son.


Accused Shabana was subjected to interrogation wherein initially she did not disclose anything about the murder. However, after sustained interrogation she confessed to have murdered her husband Iliyas with the help of her two sons. She further revealed that she is legally wedded wife of Iliyas and has two sons & a daughter from their wedlock. Iliyas has also solemnized second marriage and wants to throw her out along with children from the house. He even reached at the height to sell the house in order to bring them on road. On 24.04.11, she along with her daughter went to Kanpur for treatment and when she returned on 26.04.11, she got a jolt after seeing a lady (purchaser of house ) in her house. The matter was got clarified by her from Iliyas who confirmed that he has sold this house. After confirmation, she decided to eliminate him and called her both sons. All the three beaten him up till his last breath.

During investigation one JCL has also been apprehended and his brother is absconding. All out efforts are being made to nab him.

-Weapons of offence i.e. steel pipe and baseball bat.


  1. Shabana w/o Iliyas (age 40yrs) r/o Q/105, Manas Kunj, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi.

  1. JCL

Further investigation is in progress and efforts are being made to arrest the absconding accused .






Dated: 27/04/2011


With the arrest of two robbers namely Sonu S/o Sh. Prem Pal and Ajay Kumar s/o Lt. Sh. Ramavtar, South West Distt. has worked out a case of robbery which took place in the area of Dabri. Robbed mobile phone and Laptop have also been recovered.

On 6/4/11 at about 11.45 pm, complainant Sh. Jai Shankar Roy s/o Sh. Shukhdev Roy R/o C-72, Dabri Ext. New Delhi was returning to his residence after visiting his friend. When he reached near Gali No. -6 Syndicate Enclave, three boys, aged about 20/22 yrs with muffled face suddenly appeared. They first picked up quarrel for no rhyme or reasons, then frightened him after showing a sort of pistol. Complainant shown his valour and defended himself but the trio gave a blow on his head and succeeded to rob the bag containing laptop, tools of hardware, pen drive, credit cards, Debit cards, gold chain and one mobile phone. A case was registered in this regard under relevant section of law at Police Station Dabri & investigation was taken up.

On registration of this case, police swung into action. A dedicated team of police station Dabri in collaboration of AATS/SWD staff under the supervision of Inspr. Padam Singh Rana, Inspr. AATS/DSWD was constituted. On 26/4/11 an impeccable information was received that the culprits indulged in this crime are looking for suitable buyers and will come to Sabzi Mandi Dabri in order to sell the robbed articles. A trap was laid around Sabzi Mandi and both accused were apprehended. Robbed laptop and one mobile phone have

recovered from them. They have confessed their guilt and have further disclosed that rest of the robbed articles are with their third accomplice.

On sustained interrogation, both confessed that they are good friends, and have liquor together in the evening. Currently they were unemployed and have no source of income. In order to meet their financial requirements they have started indulging in crime.

      1. Sonu S/o Sh. Prem Pal r/o A-46 Dass Garden Nangli Dairy N Delhi. Aged 19 yrs

      1. Ajay Kumar s/o Lt. Sh. Ramavtar R/o B-20 Syndicate Enclave N Delhi. Age 18yrs.


  • One Laptop

  • One Mobile Phone

Further investigation of the case is in progress.




DATED 27.04.2011

With the arrest of one Md. Laheek @ Chandan s/o Juggan Khan r/o Panchsheel Colony, Bhopura (Ghaziabad), U.P, Special Staff of Central District has solved two cases of auto thefts and burglary in the areas of PS Nand Nagri and PS Patel Nagar. The stolen property two motorcycles, one LPG cylinder, an ATM card and a PAN Card have been recovered from his possession.

On 26.04.11 at about 5 P.M, a secret information was received by Spl. Staff of Central District that one person involved in auto thefts and house burglary would come near Shivaji Park, Delhi to strike a deal in connection with the sale of the said stolen vehicle and articles. On receipt of this information, a police team consisting of SI Yogendra, ASI Gajender, HC Yashpal and Ct. Rajinder was immediately constituted under the supervision of Inspr. Satendra Mohan, Incharge/Spl.Staff,Central, District and overall supervision of Sh. N.S. Ghumman, ACP/Operations/Central District.

A trap was laid around Shivaji Park, Minto Road by the police team in plain clothes. At about 5:20 P.M, one person was noticed on a motorcycle bearing No. DL 5S AE 7183 coming towards Shivaji Park from Connaught Place side. At the instance of informer, he was stopped and asked to produce the papers pertaining to the ownership of the motorcycle but he could not produce any. On further verification, the motorcycle was found to be stolen from the area of PS Nand Nagri, North-East Distt. vide FIR No. 140/11 u/s 379/380 IPC. Consequently, he was apprehended.

The identity of the apprehended person was revealed as Md. Laheek @ Chandan s/o Juggan Khan r/o Panchsheel Colony, Bhopura (Ghaziabad), U.P. On being subjected to sustained interrogation, he disclosed that he intruded a house in the area of PS Nand Nagri on the night intervening 19-20/04/11 and committed the theft of cash Rs. 18,000/-, an ATM card, a PAN card, a LPG cylinder and after committing the theft, he further stole a motorcycle parked outside the house and fled away with the stolen articles on the motorcycle. He also confessed his involvement in another case of motorcycle theft from the area of PS Patel Nagar. His further interrogation has revealed that he operates in association of two minor boys, from his locality.

The accused also disclosed that he was fond of riding motorcycle but he was not in a position to purchase any motorcycle. Hence, he started stealing the motorcycles and used it for his own ride. After some days, he used to sell the motorcycle and steal another one.
At his instance, one more motorcycle and one LPG Cylinder have been recovered. Further investigation is in progress.


(1) Bajaj Discover Motorcycle No. DL-5S AE-7183

(2) Bajaj Platina Motorcycle No. DL-6S Z-8953

(3) One LPG Cylinder

(4) One ATM card of Bank of Baroda and one PAN Card.

Md. Laheek @ Chandan s/o Juggan Khan r/o Panchsheel Colony, Bhopura (Ghaziabad) U.P. is 23 years old and illiterate. He is married and has one girl child. Earlier he was a rickshaw puller but later he left this work due to meager income and started committing crime.



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