District Heights Elementary School

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District Heights Elementary School

2200 County Road District Heights, MD 20747

301-817-0484 Office 301-817-0561 Fax
Marlowe Blount-Rich Charles W. Brown

Principal Assistant Principal

July 19, 2012

Dear District Heights ES Parents/Guardians,

As the new instructional leader and principal of District Heights Elementary School, I am excited and ready to start the school year. I have already met with key members of our school community from the City of District Heights, DHES PTA, Prince George’s County Public Schools Area 1 Office and faculty. I look forward to meeting each and every parent at our annual District Heights National Night Out on August 7, 2012 at 5:30 PM.
I come to you with 11 + years of administrative experience, five years as an assistant principal, and six years as principal in Prince George’s County Public Schools. My undergraduate degree was earned at Clark College, now known as Clark Atlanta University. I received my master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from Bowie State University. I have served children as a Reading Recovery teacher, 5th grade teacher and early childhood teacher during my professional journey. I have a passion for teaching and truly believe that teaching is a calling. I will work hard with each family, faculty member and community partner to ensure that our students reach new heights. At the new District Heights Elementary School, we will demonstrate Panda Pride on all levels by taking a Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence!
Under my leadership we will operate as a full-service school community, working collaboratively for the benefit of all students, with excellence being the expectation.

I am here to serve and support you, and I look forward to getting to know each family here at District Heights Elementary School. Please join me personally for a meet and greet session on August 7, 2012 from 4:30-5:30 PM to discuss our vision for students, faculty and school community of DHES.

Making a difference,

Marlowe Blount-Rich

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