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Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian

Department of Electrical engineering and Computer Science

South Dakota State University

Phone: (605) 695-8317



  • Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering (Sep. 2009 – April 2013),Department of Electrical Engineering and computer science, South Dakota State University.

    • Thesis: Electro-Optical simulation of organic/inorganic solar cells, Supervisor: Professor Mahdi Farrokh Baroughi

  • Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (Sep. 2002 – Jun. 2005), Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

    • Thesis: Path Finding, Map Building and Position Distinguish for Mobile Robot Supervisor: Professor Naser Sadati

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering (Sep. 1998 – Aug. 2002)Department of Electrical Engineering, Khajeh Nasir Toosi University, Tehran, Iran

    • Project: Design, modeling and implementation of a sonar-based mapping robot, Supervisor: Professor Hamid-Reza Taghi-Rad

  • High School: Allame Helli Tehran, Iran (Sep. 1991 Sep. 1998) (The top node of National Organization for Development Exceptional Talent)


Worked as a committed and passionate model developer and for variety of real-world physical systems. A strong background in mathemitcs, physics, and software development enable has enabled me to develop quantitative solutions for real-world problems in multiple venues. Understanding the key physical behaviors and governing mathematics of a particular system allows its simulation and optimization for real-world application. This reduces the number and cost of experimens required to achieve an optimal solution for a given engineering problem.


  • Experience in assisting writing of winning NSF proposals

  • Experience in leading a research team numerical modeling and simulation of nanostructured solar cells

  • Develop a physical models for simulation of electronic charge transport in organic solar cells and developed simulators based on,

    • Partial differential equation approach

    • Monte-Carlo approach

  • Develop a model and study the effect of electronic structure of the interface on the performance of the organic solar cell

  • Study the optical properties of the nano-structured surfaces using 3 dimensional finite difference time domain analysis approach in EM-Explorer environment

  • Experience in super computing for advanced optoelectronic device simulations

  • Analytic problems solving skills

  • Project management and software team leadership skills

  • Effective communication and collaboration skills

  • Highly experienced team player

  • Fast learner and eager to learn new skills, technologies, and concepts

  • Experience in leading a research team on developing simulation tools for advanced optoelectronic device applications

  • Experience in super computing for advanced optoelectronic device simulations

  • Experience in embedded system development and hardware interface

  • Experience in thin film deposition and device processing

    • RF/DC sputtering, thermal and electron-beam evaporation

    • Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

    • Atomic/Molecular layer deposition

    • Photolithography and electron beam lithography

  • Experience in thin film and device characterization

    • Scannig electron microscopy

    • Atomic force microscopy

    • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

    • UV/VIS/IR and FTIR spectroscopy

    • High resolution current-voltage measurements (down to 100 fA regime)

    • Capacitance-voltage and impedance spectroscopy

    • Dark and illuminated IV and quantum efficiency measurements

    • Transient photocurrent and photovoltage spectroscopy

Device simulation skills

  • EM-Explorer – 3D FDTD

  • Silvaco-ATLAS, 3D simulator

  • AMPS

  • Matlab toolboxes

Programming skills

  • Matlab, Visual Studio C++, .Net, Lab view, Eclipse.

  • Programming languages: C, C++, Java, C#, VB, Python, Assembly, Matlab, .Net Frameworks/Technology, ASP.Net

  • Experience with SQL, MySQL, UML

  • Programming in Windows and Linux based platforms,

  • Experience in developing measurement set-ups based on multiple equipment in LABVIEW environment


[1] N. Jeevan, Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, M. Biesecker, M. F. Baroughi,“Modeling of trap assisted interfacial charge transfer in dye sensitized solar cells”,Applied Physical letter 102, 203503 (2013).

[2] J Wang, Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, MF Baroughi
, “Passivation Properties of Atomic-Layer-Deposited Hafnium and Aluminum Oxides on Si Surfaces”, Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on 59 (2), 342-348 (2012).

[5] Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, MF Baroughi, K Bayat, M Biesecker, JH Kimn, “Generalized charge transport model for organic/inorganic material systems”, Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2010 35th IEEE, 2912-2915 (2010)

[6] Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, M. F. Baroughi, “Understanding the S-shape behavior of illuminated IV in bilayer organic solar cells”,
Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2011 37th IEEE, 730-733 (2011)

[5] Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, “Electical simulation of bilayer organic solar cell”, Summit SD/ND, April, 2013.

[6] Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, K Bayat, J Wang, M. F. Baroughi, “Reflection study of silicon nanopillar arrays: Compact lattice versus square lattice”, Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2011 37th IEEE, 656-660 (2012)

[7] U Gautam, J Wang, D Dachhepati, S. S. Mottaghian, K Bayat, MF Baroughi, “Controlled Synthesis of Si Nanopillar Arrays for Photovoltaic and Plasmonic Applications”, MRS Proceedings 1449 (1) (2012)

[8] Akam Bayat, Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, “A New Method For Designing Optimum Fuzzy Controller based on Ant-Colony Algorithm”, Proceedings of 1st joint congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent systems, Ferdosi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran 29-31 Aug 2007.

[9] Akram Bayat and Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, “Implementation of distinguish and trace the target object based on image processing on a mobile robot,” Communication (System) proceedings of 15th ICEE 2007, Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, P.P 245-250, 15th-17th May 2007, ITRC, Tehran Iran.

[10] Akram Bayat, H.Reza Taghirad and Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, “New Wavelet Based Algorithm for Real Time Visual Tracking”, 5th International Conference for Upcoming Engineers(ICUE 2006) , Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, May 2006

[11] Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian and Akram Bayat, “Design optimal optical communication network with traditional protections,” Proceedings of the 20th International electrical engineering, P.P 95-101, Oct 2005, Tehran, Iran.


[1] Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian,M. Biesecker, K.Bayat, M. F. Baroughi, “ Unified charge transport model for organic solar cells.”, Journal of Applied Physics (2013)

[2] Dilip Dachhepati, Hari P. Paudel, Khadijeh Bayat, Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian, P. Stanley May, Cuikun Lin, Steve Smith, Mahdi Farrokh Baroughi, “Design, fabrication and characterization of a plasmonic upconversion enhancer and its prospects for photovoltaics.” , Journal of photonics for energy (2013)


  • Electro-Optical simulation of organic/inorganic solar cells (Sep. 2009-Apr.2013), Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, South Dakota State Univeristy, Brookings, South Dakota, USA.

    • Develop a model for charge transport in organic and inorganic semiconductors.

    • Implement a charge transport model with MATLAB programming.

    • Using super computer facilities to simulate and optimize the charge transport in sample solar cells.

    • Optimizing the optical properties of different solar cell structures using EM-Explorer simulator.

  • Object detection and obstacle avoidance for Mobile Robot based on vision (Apr. 2004 – Jan 2005), Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University, Tehran, Iran.

    • Design and implementation of a simulator for 3D robot manipulators.

    • Developed approaches for enhanced edge detection based on variety of light & fuzzy logic and pattern recognition with Matlab and Image Processing toolbox based on wavelet algorithm.

    • Implemented a Mobile Robot with Machine Vision Capability with interfaces, AxtiveX programming, Driver designing.

  • Design and implementation of a mobile robot for map building using sonar sensing., Seyyed Sadegh Mottaghian & Akram Bayat, (May. 2002 – Sep 2002), Department of Electrical Engineering, Khajeh Nasir Toosi University, Tehran, Iran.

    • Designed and implemented a Mobile Robot equipped with sonar sensors.

    • Developed a navigation algorithm for the robot.


  • Director and member of founding committee, Full-time (Sep.2005 – Aug.2009) Optimization of Intelligent Systems Company, Tehran, Iran

    • Design and implementation of fiber optic simulator software based on European standards.

    • Design and fabrication of Civil engineering lab Equipments. Drive a Pressure Meter sensor, Load Cell, stepper motor & LVDT sensors, Design and implementation of an AVR-based minimum system for controlling the equipment and communicating with a PC.

    • Design and implement a GPS tracking system for Alzheimer diseased and some other applications.

    • Design and develop a MRI-PET-SPECT co-registration. Software to generate fMRI (functional MRI)-like results.

  • Design Engineer, Project Manager Full-Time (Mar. 2005 – Mar. 2006), Niroo research Institute. Tehran, Iran. (

    • Contribute to the design of a broadband power line career (BPL) network. Preparation of a prototype.

  • Design Engineer, Project Manager Full-Time (Feb. 2003 – Mar. 2005), Daneshgah Communication Company, Tehran, Iran

    • Design and implement a software to manage communication elements, and Data gathering and data processing.

  • Researcher Engineer, Part-Time (Sep. 2002 – Feb. 2003), Khaje nasir University of Technology.

    • Research in the area of Spread Spectrum communication and it’s utilization (DSSS & FHSS) with MATLAB SIMULINK.


  • Discloser of “ Energy saving window ” in the Technology transfer office of SDSU (2012)

  • Discloser of “ Flexible coating method” in the Technology transfer office of SDSU (2012)

  • “Fiber Management” software, copyright 2006-2026.

  • “GPS Tracker” software, copyright 2007-2027.

  • “Network Analyzer” software, copyright 2007-2027.


  • I have taught multiple session teaching in EE 636 and EE736. In South Dakota State University. (2010-2013).


  • Best paper reward (amongst more than 200 papers), Summit ND/SD April, 2013.

  • First reward of the annual invention competition of SDSU (2011)

  • Ranked 97th in communication, 98th in electronic, 100th in control in the national graduate schools entrance examination (among 6000 electrical engineers participants).

  • Ranked 3rd (bronze medal) in the 11th National Mathematic Student’s Olympiad in Iran. (Summer 1997)

  • Qualified for semi-final stage of "National Physic Olympiad", 1997

  • Qualified for semi-final stage of "National Computer Olympiad", 1997

  • Qualified for semi-final stage of "National Mathematic Olympiad", 1996


  • Associate Professor Mahdi Farrokh Baroughi

Department of Electrical engineering and computer science

South Dakota State University

Brookings South Dakota 57006

Tel: 605-688-6963


  • Professor Alireza Salehnia

Department of Electrical Engineering and computer science

South Dakota State University

Brookings South Dakota 57006

Tel: 605-688-5717


  • Associate Professor Matthew Biesecker

Department of mathematics and statistics

South Dakota State University

Brookings South Dakota 57006

Tel: 605-688-6196


  • Dr. Khadijeh Bayat

School of Engineering and applied sciences

Harvard University

29, Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138



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