Embedded system technology based projects

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Embedded system technology based projects


WIFI and ZIGBEE wireless technologies based projects


GSM/GPRS/GPS technologies based projects


Android based projects


Robotics based projects


RFID and bio medical based projects


RTOS, I2C,SPI based projects


MEMS based projects


Security systems based projects


Electrical technology based projects


Electrical machines based projects


Power electronics and drives based projects


Hybrid sources based projects


Multi level inverters and converters based projects


Automations based projects


Modern Power systems based projects


NS2 - Network simulator based projects


VLSI design based projects


MATLAB (DSP, WSN, DIP, PED) based projects


Mechanical engineering projects


Software engineering projects


Android software projects


  1. Diploma in Embedded System Design

  2. Post Diploma in Embedded System Design

  3. PCB and Hardware Designing Course

  4. MATLAB and PLC Courses

  5. Technical C Language

  6. JAVA and DOTNET Courses


NSS1.Data Cleaning for RFID and WSN Integration (IEEE-2014)

NSS2.DealingWith Outliers in Wireless Sensor Networks: An Oil Refinery Application (IEEE-2014)

NSS3.A Robotic Crack Inspection and Mapping System for Bridge Deck Maintenance (IEEE-2014)

NSS4.A Cloud-Storage RFID Location Tracking System (IEEE-2014)

NSS5.WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings (IEEE-2014)

NSS6.Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System for Wellness Determination of Elderly (IEEE-2014)

NSS7.RFID Technology for IoT-Based Personal Healthcare in Smart Spaces (IEEE-2014)

NSS8.RFID in Underground-Mining Service Applications (IEEE-2014)

NSS9.A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System (IEEE-2014)

NSS10.Mobile Phone Based RFID Architecture for Secure Electronic Payments Using RFID Communication (IEEE-2014)

NSS11.Smart Home Energy Management System Including Renewable Energy Based on ZigBee and PLC (IEEE-2014)

NSS12.A Digital Hygrometer for Trace Moisture Measurement (IEEE-2014)

NSS13.A Dynamic Secret-Based Encryption Scheme for Smart Grid Wireless Communication (IEEE-2014)

NSS14.A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment (IEEE-2014)

NSS15.A Survey of Communication Protocols for Automatic Meter Reading Applications (IEEE-2014)

NSS16.A System for Automatic Notification and Severity Estimation of Automotive Accidents (IEEE-2014)

NSS17.An Enhanced Fall Detection System for Elderly Person Monitoring using Consumer Home Networks (IEEE-2014)

NSS18.An Integrated System for Regional Environmental Monitoring and Management Based on Internet of Things (IEEE-2014)

NSS19.An Intelligent Self-Adjusting Sensor for Smart Home Services based on Zigbee Communications (IEEE-2014)

NSS20.Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module (IEEE-2014)

NSS21.Discrete Event Shop-Floor Monitoring System in RFID-Enabled Manufacturing (IEEE-2014)

NSS22.Handheld Computers (IEEE-2014)

NSS23.Implementation of Automatic Gas Monitoring in a Domestic Energy Management System (IEEE-2014)

NSS24.Toward a Secure Wireless-Based Home Area Network for Metering in Smart Grids (IEEE-2014)

NSS25.Toward Unified Security and Privacy Protection for Smart Meter Networks (IEEE-2014)

NSS26.Virtual Track: Applications and Challenges of the RFID System on Roads (IEEE-2014)

NSS27.Portable Camera-Based Assistive Text and Product Label Reading from Hand-Held Objects for Blind Persons (IEEE-2014)

NSS28.Text Detection and Recognition on Traffic Panels from Street-Level Imagery Using Visual Appearance (IEEE-2014)

NSS29.A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment (IEEE-2014)

NSS30.A Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Gully Pot Monitoring in Urban Catchments (IEEE-2014)

NSS31.Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module (IEEE-2014)

NSS32.Tactical Driving Behaviour with Different Levels of Automation (IEEE-2014)

NSS33.Intelligent Machine Guard Monitoring a Wireless System (IEEE-2014)

NSS34.Energy-Theft Detection Issues for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid (IEEE-2014)

NSS35.Embedded Flexible Force Sensor for In-Situ Tire–Road Interaction Measurements (IEEE-2014)

NSS36.Differentiated Virtual Passwords, Secret Little Functions and Codebooks for Protecting Users from Password Theft (IEEE-2014)

NSS37.Home Automation and Security System Using Android ADK (IEEE-2014)

NSS38.Design of Remote Intelligent Home System Based on Zigbee and GPRS technology (IEEE-2012)

NSS39.Digitally Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling of System based on Embedded System (IEEE-2012)

NSS40.A Parking Guidance and Information System based on Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE-2012)

NSS41.Intelligent Cars using RFID Technology (IEEE-2012)

NSS42.Implementation of logistics management system based on wireless technologies (IEEE-2012)

NSS43.Vehicle Accident Automatic Detection and Remote Alarm (IEEE-2012)

NSS44.An Automated Tsunami Alert System (IEEE-2012)

NSS45.Building Lighting Automation through the Integration of DALI with Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE-2012)

NSS46.Development of Coalmine Safety System Using Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE-2012)

NSS47.Gsm Real Time Street Light Control Systems (IEEE-2012)

NSS48.Online Monitoring of Geological CO2 Storage and Leakage Based on Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE-2013)

NSS49.Real-Time Atomization of Agricultural Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural System (IEEE-2012)

NSS50.Real Time Monitoring and Control of Wireless Networks (IEEE-2012)

NSS51.Implementation of Automatic Gas Monitoring in a Domestic Energy Management System (IEEE-2012)

NSS52.Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a Zigbee Network of Devices and Sensors (IEEE-2013)

NSS53.Real time Monitoring and Control System for Green House Based On 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE-2014)

NSS54.Real-time Household Load Priority Scheduling Algorithm based on Prediction of Renewable Source Availability (IEEE-2012)

NSS55.Smart Home Energy Management System using IEEE 802.15.4 and Zigbee (IEEE-2012)

NSS56.WSN Based Air Pollution Monitoring System (IEEE-2013)

NSS57.Evaluating Air Pollution Parameters Using Zigbee (IEEE-2013)

NSS58.Design and Implementation of Intelligent Energy Distribution Management with Photovoltaic System (IEEE-2012)

NSS59.Design and Development of ZigBee based Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Air Pollutants (IEEE-2013)

NSS60.Autonomous Solar Powered Irrigation System (IEEE-2013)

NSS61.Self-Recognition of Vehicle Position Using UHF Passive RFID Tags (IEEE-2013)

NSS62.A Human Detection Method for Residential Smart energy Systems Based on Zigbee RSSI Changes (IEEE-2012)

NSS63.A Zigbee-Based Wearable Physiological Parameters Monitoring System (IEEE-2012)

NSS64.Accessible Display Design to Control Home Area Networks (IEEE-2013)

NSS65.Accessible Display Design to Control Home Area Networks (IEEE-2013)

NSS66.A Low-Cost Sensor Network for Real Time Monitoring and Contamination Detection in Drinking Water Distribution Systems (IEEE-2014)

NSS67.Design and Energetic Analysis of an Advanced Control Upgrading Existing Lighting Systems (IEEE-2014)

NSS68.A Unified Framework of Data Exchange Mechanism inan Intelligent Transportation System (IEEE)

NSS69.Applications of Zigbee Wireless Technology for Industrial Instrumentation (IEEE)

NSS70.ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Network and Its Applications in Industrial (IEEE)

NSS71.Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System (IEEE)

NSS72.Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition Systems in Environmental Monitoring (IEEE)

NSS73.ZigBee and the UPnP Expansion for Home Network Electrical Appliance Control on the Internet (IEEE)

NSS74.System for Measuring Power Supply Parameters with Zigbee Connectivity (IEEE)

NSS75.A ZigBee-Based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities (IEEE)

NSS76.ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Applications in Industrial (IEEE)

NSS77.ZigBee Device Access Control and Reliable Data Transmission in ZigBee Based Health Monitoring System (IEEE)

NSS78.The Design of Wireless Intelligent Home System Base on ZigBee (IEEE)

NSS79.System for Temperature Monitor in Substation with ZigBee Connectivity (IEEE)

NSS80.Remote Power ON/OFF Control and Current Measurement For Home Electric Outlets Based On A Low-Power Embedded Board And ZigBee Communication (IEEE)

NSS81.The Application of a Wireless Sensor Network Design Based on ZigBee in Petrochemical Industry Field (IEEE)

NSS82.Application of ZigBee for Pollution Monitoring Caused by Automobile Exhaust Gases (IEEE)

NSS83.A ZigBee-Based Home Automation System (IEEE)

NSS84.Service Platform and Social Networking Service based on Peer-to-Peer Networking (IEEE)

NSS85.A wireless design of low-cost irrigation system using ZigBee technology (IEEE)

NSS86.Dynamic Integration of Zigbee Home Networks into Home Gateways Using OSGi Service Registry (IEEE)

NSS87.The Research on Blind Navigation System Based on RFID (IEEE)

NSS88.Implementation of RFID Technology in Parking Lot Access Control System (IEEE)

NSS89.RFID-based Hospital Real-time Patient Management System (IEEE)

NSS90.A RFID-based Material Tracking Information System (IEEE)

NSS91.The Electronic Passport and the Future of Government-Issued RFID-Based Identification (IEEE)

NSS92.Mobile-phone-readable 2.45GHz Passive Digital Sensor Tag Remote Sensing and Control of an Irrigation System Using a Distributed Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE)

NSS93.Automatic control of students’ attendance in classrooms using RFID (IEEE)

NSS94.Design and Implementation of a RFID-based Power Meter and Outage Recording System (IEEE)

NSS95.Design of Electronic Toll Collection System in Expressway Based on RFID (IEEE)

NSS96.Development of an Active RFID Communicator for Automatic Control Applications (IEEE)

NSS97.Mobile-phone-readable 2.45GHz Passive Digital Sensor Tag (IEEE)

NSS98.Intuitive Appliance Control System with ID Acquisition (IEEE)

NSS99.Software/Hardware Co-Design of a Vehicle Trajectory Monitoring System (IEEE)

NSS100.A Low-cost Extendable Framework for Embedded Smart Car Security System (IEEE)

NSS101.Real-time Monitoring and Pre-alarm System for Dangerous Mountains in the Railway Line (IEEE)

NSS102.Wireless Smoke Detection System (IEEE)

NSS103.Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance and ZigBee Control Functions for Omni Directional Mobile Robot (IEEE)

NSS104.Automatic Room Light Intensity Detection and Control Using a Microprocessor and Light Sensors (IEEE)

NSS105.A Low Cost GSM/GPRS Based Wireless Home Security System (IEEE)

NSS106.Digital Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Unit For Remote Applications (IEEE)

NSS107.Remote Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System Based on Wireless Mesh Networks and Embedded Technology (IEEE)

NSS108.Design and Implementation of Control Mechanism for Standby Power Reduction (IEEE)

NSS109.Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks and RFID in a Smart Home Environment (IEEE)

NSS110.Design of Smart Nodes for RFID Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE)

NSS111.A Wireless Data Acquisition and Transmission System Design (IEEE)

NSS112.Security Management System for Oilfield Based on Embedded Wireless Communication (IEEE)

NSS113.Application of GPRS Techniques for Wide-Area Power Quality Monitoring (IEEE)

NSS114.Design of Streetlight Monitoring and Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE)

NSS115.SMS-based Reconfigurable Automatic Meter Reading System (IEEE)

NSS116.Remote Control using Mobile through Spoken Commands (IEEE)

NSS117.Knowledge-Evolution based Intelligent Machine Tools based on M2M (IEEE)

NSS118.A Remote-Control Engineering Laboratory (IEEE)

NSS119.DGS: Driving Guidance System based on Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE)

NSS120.Design and Implementation of Universal Industry Data Collecting and Controlling System (IEEE)

NSS121.Design of Equipment Remote Monitoring System Based on Embedded Web (IEEE)

NSS122.Open Architecture for Contactless Smartcard-based Portable Electronic Payment Systems (IEEE)

NSS123.Train Auto Control System Based On OSGI (IEEE)

NSS124.PGS: Parking Guidance System based on Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE)

NSS125.Design and Implementation of Remote Monitoring System Based on GSM (IEEE)

NSS126.Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System (IEEE)

NSS127.Embedded Wireless Homecare Monitoring System (IEEE)

NSS128.Car Ignition System via Mobile Phone (IEEE)

NSS129.An Internet-Based Interactive Embedded Data-Acquisition System for Real-Time Applications (IEEE)

NSS130. Smart Homes a Solution for a Smart Lighting System (IEEE)

NSS131.Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on ZigBee Communication (IEEE)

NSS132.A Web Service-based Alarm Solution in a TeleCare System (IEEE)

NSS133.Applications of ZigBee Wireless Technology for Industrial Instrumentation (IEEE)

NSS134.Wireless Access Monitoring and Control System based on Digital Door Lock (IEEE)

NSS135.A Novel Integrated Sensor System for Indoor Air Quality Measurement (IEEE)

NSS136.The Development of Road Lighting Intelligent Control System Based on Wireless Network Control (IEEE)

NSS137.Wireless Appliance Control System (IEEE)

NSS138.RFID Based Goods Distribution System

NSS139.RFID Based Prepaid Energy Meter

NSS140.RF Based Wireless Robot

NSS141.Vehicle Theft and Tracking Using GPS and GSM

NSS142.Audio Guidance System for visually impaired persons

NSS143.Electricity Billing through GSM Modems

NSS144.Intelligent Transport System Using Advance Wireless Technologies

NSS145.Design of Monitoring and Management System of Tourist Attractions Based on RFID Technology

NSS146.Animals Railway Accidents Avoiding System

NSS147.Auto Power Theft Detection System

NSS148.Remote Control of Electrical Appliances Using GSM Networks

NSS149.The Electronic Passport and Feature Government Issued RFID Based Identification

NSS150.Speech security system for Electrical line man

NSS151.A Solar-Powered Wireless Data Acquisition Network

NSS152.Accelerometer Based Gesture Controlled Robot

NSS153.Automatic Accident Identification System by Using GPS & GSM Technology

NSS154.Design of Vehicle Positioning System Based on PIC

NSS155.Mobile Phone (GSM) Switching Operation of Substation

NSS156.Microcontroller Based Anti-theft Security System Using GSM Networks with Text Message as Feedback.

NSS157.Live Human Detection and Tracking Using GPS and Send SMS through GSM to A Mobile

NSS158.RFID Based Multi Usage / Purpose Card System Design & Implementation

NSS159.Steganography and Cryptography Implementation Using ZigBee Technology

NSS160.Technologies For Remote Data Acquisition Systems In Environmental Monitoring: Zig-bee 2.4 GHz

NSS161.Dynamic Supervision and broadcast System for optimal driving using Wireless Helmet

NSS162.Portable Tele Medical Monitoring Using Wireless Sensors on the Edge of the Internet Pileup

NSS163.Microcontroller Based Fuzzy Logic Temperature Control

NSS164.A Multi Agent Multi Sensor Based Security System for Intelligent Building

NSS165.Embedded System Based Inter Locking System of Electro Magnetic Doors Chemical, Cement & Pharmaceutical Industries

NSS166.Home Automation over Internet

NSS167.Mobile to PC Interface for Controlling of Devices Using Bluetooth Technology

NSS168.A Novel Time Independent Asynchronous Communication Protocol & Its Application

NSS169.Wireless Networking of Smoke Detector with Voice Alerts

NSS170.An Effectual Design of Random Binary Secure Code Generative Automobile Authentication System using Low Power Embedded Gadgets and Radio Frequency

NSS171.Multichannel Petrochemical Fire Sensor, Monitoring and Control System with Automatic Telephone Dialling

NSS172.The S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) HVAC Monitor

NSS173.Microcontroller Based Digital Locking System (Password) For Two Wheeler

NSS174.Precise and Rapid Multi Channel Temperature Monitoring and Control

NSS175.Advanced Train Compartment Information Display System for Modern Railways

NSS176.Multi Boiler Management & Controller with Auto Failure Indicator – PCS

NSS177.Industrial Process Control and Automation System

NSS178.Intelligent & Dynamic Power Saver & Control System for Industrial Electrical Equipments

NSS179.Realization of Prepaid Bill Management System for Electricity Board

NSS180.Path Planning System for Blind

NSS181.Application of Wireless Sensors in Healthcare

NSS182.On Line Temperature Monitoring of Power Distribution Equipment

NSS183.Controlling A Large Data Acquisition System Using on Industrial SCADA System

NSS184.Microcontroller for Substation and Network Automation

NSS185.Microcontroller Based Programmable Security Lock with Latch Release Lock for Domestic and Industrial Security

NSS186.Digital Energy Meter With Auto Limiting of Load

NSS187.Prepaid Card System for Unmanned Petrol Bunk System

NSS188.Smart Card Based Attendance Marker

NSS189.Design & Development of Security Based Voting System for Government

NSS190.Power Box: Smart Ac Outlet with Metering and Control

NSS191.Integrate Intelligent Security System for Industrial Surveillance with WAP & Auto Dialer

NSS192.Microcontroller Based Automatic Temperature Controller with Cooling System

NSS193.Reservoir Level Indicator and Controlling

NSS194.Anti-Theft System Using I2c – Inertial Memes Sensor and PIC Remote with RF Alert

NSS195.Development of ZigBee Based Street Light Control System Using I2c Protocol Based RTC

NSS196.I2c Based (Two Wire Controlled) Multi Peripherals Accessing System

NSS197.Promoting Can 2.0 for College Campus

NSS198.I2c Based Distributed Embedded System

NSS199.I2c Based Security Code Locks With Dynamic Generation Of Electronic Codes Using Random Method

NSS200.Digital Temperature Monitoring System with I2c Protocol

NSS201.Device Communication Using USART Protocol

NSS202.Automatic SMS Will Be Sent During LPG Gas Leakage at House Using WEB

NSS203.Device Controlling Through USB Port Using PIC Microcontroller

NSS204.Controlling and Monitoring Of Industrial Parameter Using CAMAC (Computer Automated Measurement and Control

NSS205.USB Based 8 Channel Analog Data Acquisition

NSS206.Network Enabled Industrial Automation

NSS207.Real Time Patient Monitoring System Using CAN Controller

NSS208.Using the Can Protocol and Reconfigurable Computing Technology for Web-Based Automation

NSS209.Wireless Can Segments IEEE

NSS210.Complete Automation of Automobile Control System Using CAN

NSS211.Implementing Process Control & Monitoring System Using CAN

NSS212.Design and Implementation of Home Automation Using CAN

NSS213.Finger Print Bio Metrics Based Industrial Authentication & Access Control System

NSS214.Finger Print Based ATM Authentication & Money Management System

NSS215.Bank Fingerprint Access Control System

NSS216.Fingerprint Based Physical Access Control Car Immobilizer

NSS217.Finger Print Based Authenticated, Access Control and Automated Door Opening System

NSS218.Fingerprint Identification Based Home Automation with Advanced Sensor

NSS219.Finger Print Based Authentication and Controlling System of Devices

NSS220.Finger Print Based Vehicle Access System, Real Time & Powerful

NSS221.Finger Print Identification / Recognition Based Bank Locker Security System

NSS222.Finger Print Based Access Control, Attendance & Employee Management

NSS223.Finger Print Identification / Recognition Based Digital Voting System

NSS224.Portable Tele-medical monitoring using wireless sensors on the edge of the internet

NSS225.Alcohol Detection with Vehicle Controlling (Note: Send SMS through GSM)

NSS226.Mobile to Pc Interface for Controlling of Devices Using Bluetooth Technology

NSS227.Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor Control Using GSM Technology

NSS228.Vehicle Gaseous Fuel Leakage Detection with Automatic Safety Warning & Alerting System Using GSM

NSS229.Advanced Automatic Crash Notification Using GSM Technology

NSS230.Real Time Industrial Process Control and Monitoring Using GSM Phones

NSS231.Electricity Billing through GSM Modems

NSS232.GSM High Performance ATM Card Security System

NSS233.Automatic Taxi Trip Sensing and Indicating System through GSM/GPS

NSS234.Call Based Home Appliance Controller

NSS235.Gsm Based Remote Measurement of Electricity and Control System For Home

NSS236.Advanced Automatic Vehicle Hurtle Notification Using GSM Technology

NSS237.Security Breach Intimation for Unauthorized Entry Based On Mobile Technique

NSS238.Fully Automatic Intelligent Wireless Remote Railway Gate Controller & Monitoring System with Remote Train Stopper for Railway Using Active RFID System

NSS239.E- seal applied in fragile safety in transport, real Time monitoring and auto identification using super Active RFID through GSM ultra high frequency

NSS240.Anti Collision System in Railway Using GSM and GPS

NSS241.GPS & GSM Based Accident Alarm System

NSS242.Intelligent Smart Stick with Alert Based on GSM and GPS

NSS243.Implementation of Global and Remote Positioning System for Defence and Other Purposes Using Mobile Networks

NSS244.Remote Control of Industrial Machines Based on GSM Technique

NSS245.I Protect - Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Communication System with Vehicle Command Unit - An Ultimate Tool for Tracking, Real Time Monitoring

NSS246.GPS – Route Tracking System Using PC with 2 Way Dual Channel Communication

NSS247.Industrial Spy Robot with Image Monitoring

NSS248.Pick and Place Robot 6-Axis with Metal Detector

NSS249.Power Plant Temperature Monitoring With Graphical Design

NSS250.Industrial High Voltage and Temperature Monitoring System

NSS251.Industrial Power Scheduler

NSS252.PC Based Hi-Tech Industrial Automation with Auto/Manual Modes of Operation

NSS253.PC Based DC Motor Speed Control

NSS254.PC Controlled Electrical Load Management by ZigBee Wireless

NSS255.Live Human Detection and SMS Indicator

NSS256.Multi Contrivance Control Using UART Serial Port Communication

NSS257.Wireless Encoded Computer Data Transmission

NSS258.Networked Biometric Authentication: The Intelligent Fingerprint Identifier

NSS259.Ethernet Based Door Locking System

NSS260.TCP/IP Protocol Implementation in PIC for Embedded Network Applications

NSS261.TCPIP Protocol Socket Development and Device Control

NSS262.Ethernet Based Security System

NSS263.Embedded Ethernet Based Process Control

NSS264.Networked Biometric Authentication

NSS265.Networked RFID Based Access Control

NSS266.Ethernet Remote Data Logging and Data Storage in PC

NSS267.Embedded Ethernet Based Wireless Home Automation System for Multifunctional Devices

NSS268.Remote Home Industrial Control through Ethernet

NSS269.Centralized Monitoring System for Hospital

NSS270.RF Based Controlling of Electronic Appliances via Encrypted Serially Linked Encoder-Decoder

NSS271.RF Based Handheld Multi Parameter Monitoring System

NSS272.RF Based ICU Care Taker - Life Support System

NSS273.Real Time Passenger Information System Using Wireless RF Communication

NSS274.Real Time Patient Wireless Heart Beat and Status Monitoring Using RF Technology

NSS275.Confined Home System through Wireless Multisensory

NSS276.Remote Data Monitoring Using WAP Information Gateway

NSS277.Home Networking and Security System with WAP

NSS278.Voice Recognition Based Wireless Home Automation

NSS279.Microcontroller - Microcontroller Communication for Remote Control of Devices Using RF Technology With Interactive LCD

NSS280.Security Integrated System Based on Wireless Access Protocol for Remote Monitoring & Control of Industrial Process

NSS281.Wireless Access Monitoring and Control System Based on Digital Door Lock

NSS282.Wireless Network of Sensors for Continuous Monitoring of Vital Bio Signal

NSS283.Embedded System Based Wireless Attendance Register

NSS284.Embedded Based Wireless Automation System for Automatic Railway Gate Control

NSS285.An Effectual Design of Random Binary Secure Code Generative Automobile Authentication System using Low Power Embedded Gadgets and Radio Frequency

NSS286.Wireless Communication for Classroom Monitoring With Notice Board Display

NSS287.Wireless Based Moving Message Display

NSS288.Hybrid SCADA for Power Station / Substation Monitoring & Automation

NSS289.Mobile to Pc Interface for Controlling of Devices Using Bluetooth Technology

NSS290.RF Based Handheld Multi Parameter Monitoring System

NSS291.Automatic Accident Identification, Detection via Vibration Sensors Using RF Technology

NSS292.Advanced Full Function Remote Home Automation System Using Encrypted RF Technology

NSS293.Advanced Wireless Electrical Appliance Control System Using PC and Coded RF Protocol for Industrial Application

NSS294.Temperature Monitoring System Using RTOS

NSS295.Wireless Data Acquisition System Using RTOS

NSS296.Salvo RTOS Based Data Acquisition System and Control with PC Interface

NSS297.RTOS Based DC Motor Speed Control

NSS298.Communication between RTOS Deployed Microcontrollers

NSS299.Hand Held Multi Parameter Monitoring System

NSS300.Remote-Controllable and Climate Adaptive Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based on ZigBee Communication

NSS301.Protected Data Communication with Security Alert Using Wireless Personal Area Network

NSS302.ZigBee Based Data Monitoring and Analysis for Power Station

NSS303.Development of ZigBee Based Street Light Control System Using I2c Protocol Based RTC

NSS304.Secret Message Communication by Code / De-Code Over Wireless and LCD Display for both Sender and Receiver

NSS305.File Transfer between Data Communication Equipment Using ZigBee Networks

NSS306.Real Time Passenger Information System (RTPIS) Using ZigBee Technology

NSS307.PC Controlled Electrical Load Management by ZigBee Wireless

NSS308.Wireless Automation of Unmanned Railway Crossing Gate Alert System Using Temper Proof Vibration Sensor Networks and ZigBee

NSS309.PC to PC Network Orientation Using ZigBee

NSS310.ZigBee Based Gas Leak Detection and Data Monitoring System

NSS311.Zigbee Based Gas Leak Detection and Auto Dialer


NSS312.Novel Loss and Harmonic Minimized Vector Modulation for a Current-Fed Quasi-Z-Source Inverter in HEV Motor Drive Application (IEEE2014)

NSS313.Implementation of a High-Efficiency, High-Lifetime, and Low-Cost Converter and Low-Cost Converter for an Autonomous Photovoltaic Water Pumping System a Seven-Level Inverter (IEEE2014)

NSS314.A Modified SEPIC Converter with High Static Gain for Renewable Applications (IEEE2014)

NSS315.Digital Control Strategy for Four Quadrant Operation of Three Phase BLDC Motor with Load Variations (IEEE2013)

NSS316.Soft-Switching Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Using a Lossless Active Snubber (IEEE2014)

NSS317.Single Power-Conversion AC–DC Converter with High Power Factor and High Efficiency (IEEE2014)

NSS318.A Solar Power Generation System with Implementation of a High-Efficiency, High-Lifetime (IEEE2014)

NSS319.Single Power-Conversion AC–DC Converter with High Power Factor and Efficiency (IEEE2014)

NSS320.A New Approach to Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive with GA Controller for Torque Ripple Reduction (IEEE2014)

NSS321.A Zero-Voltage Switching Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter with Capacitive Output Filter for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Charging (IEEE2013)

NSS322.A PFC-Based BLDC Motor Drive Using a Canonical Switching Cell Converter (IEEE2014)

NSS323.Bidirectional Buck-Boost Inverter-Based HVDC Transmission System with AC-Side Contribution Blocking Capability during DC-Side Faults (IEEE2014)

NSS324.Study and Simulation of HVDC System in Dynamic Condition (IEEE2013)

NSS325.A Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique for Partially Shaded Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Systems in Microgrids (IEEE2013)

NSS326.A Transformer-less High-Gain Boost Converter with Input Current Ripple Cancelation at a Selectable Duty Cycle (IEEE2013)

NSS327.Optimal Integration of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Microgrids (IEEE2013)

NSS328.Isolated Coupled-Inductor-Integrated DC–DC Converter with Converter with Non dissipative Snubber for Solar Energy Applications (IEEE2014)

NSS329.A Comparison of Soft-Switched DC-to-DC Converters for Electrolyzer Application (IEEE2013)

NSS330.High-Frequency AC-Link PV Inverter (IEEE2014)

NSS331.Operation Modes Analysis and Limitation for Diode-Assisted Buck–Boost Voltage Source Inverter with Small Voltage Vector (IEEE2014)

NSS332.Optimal Charging of Plug-in Electric Vehicles for a Car-Park Infrastructure (IEEE2014)

NSS333.Parallel Power Processing Topology for Solar PV Applications (IEEE2014)

NSS334.Integrated Solutions for Photovoltaic Grid Connection (IEEE2014)

NSS335.Space-Vector-Based Hybrid Pulse width Modulation Techniques for a Three-Level Inverter (IEEE2014)

NSS336.Space-Vector-Based Synchronized Three-Level Discontinuous PWM for Medium-Voltage High-Power VSI (IEEE2014)

NSS337.Analysis and Suppression of Leakage Current in Cascaded Multilevel-Inverter-Based PV Systems (IEEE2014)

NSS338.A High Efficiency MOSFET Transformerless Inverter for Non-isolated Micro-inverter Applications (IEEE2014)

NSS339.Direct Voltage Control of DC–DC Boost Converters Using Enumeration-Based Model Predictive Control (IEEE2014)

NSS340.An Energy-Stored Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Application to Photovoltaic Power System (IEEE2013)

NSS341.Light Load Efficiency Improvement in Buck-derived Single-stage Single-switch PFC Converters (IEEE2013)

NSS342.Single-Stage Multistring PV Inverter with an Isolated High-Frequency Link and Soft-Switching Operation (IEEE2014)

NSS343.A Current Decoupling Parallel Control Strategy of Single-Phase With Voltage and Current Dual Closed-Loop Feedback (IEEE2013)

NSS344.A Novel Approach for Maximum Power Tracking from Curved Thin Film solar Photovoltaic Arrays under Changing Environmental Conditions (IEEE2014)

NSS345.A Novel Operation and Control Strategy for a Standalone Hybrid Renewable Power System (IEEE2013)

NSS346.A New ZCS-PWM Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter with Simple Auxiliary Circuits (IEEE2014)

NSS347.Standalone Wind–Hydro Hybrid Generation System with Dump Power Control and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) (IEEE2013)

NSS348.A Novel Single-Inductor Dual-Input Dual-Output DC–DC Converter with PWM Control for Solar Energy Harvesting System (IEEE2014)

NSS349.Control Structure for Single-Phase Stand-Alone Wind-Based Energy Sources (IEEE2013)

NSS350.Maximum Power Point Tracking with Ripple Current Orientation for Photovoltaic Applications (IEEE2014)

NSS351.High Power Density Series Resonant Inverter Using an Auxiliary Switched Capacitor Cell for Induction Heating Applications (IEEE2014)

NSS352.An Adjustable-Speed PFC Bridgeless Buck–Boost Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive (IEEE2014)

NSS353.A 3-Z-Network Boost Converter (IEEE2014)

NSS354.A Fast and Generalized Space Vector Modulation Scheme for Multilevel Inverters (IEEE2014)

NSS355.A Hybrid-Switch-Based Soft-Switching Inverter for Ultrahigh-Efficiency Traction Motor Drives (IEEE2014)

NSS356.Non-Isolated High Step-Up DC-DC Converters Adopting Switched-Capacitor Cell (IEEE2014)

NSS357.Level- and Phase-Shifted PWM for Seven-Level Switched-Capacitor Inverter Using Series/Parallel Conversion (IEEE2014)

NSS358.Improving the Reliability of Series Resonant Inverters for Induction Heating Applications (IEEE2014)

NSS359.High-Efficiency Dual-Input Interleaved DC–DC Converter for Reversible Power Sources (IEEE2014)

NSS360.Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Using Switched Capacitor Units (IEEE2014)

NSS361.High-Voltage Gain Boost Converter Based on Three-State Commutation Cell for Battery Charging Using PV Panels in a Single Conversion Stage (IEEE2014)

NSS362.Sparse AC-Link Buck–Boost Inverter (IEEE2014)

NSS363.Stochastic Performance Assessment and Sizing for a Hybrid Power System of Solar/Wind/Energy Storage (IEEE2014)

NSS364.Transformer-Less Grid Feeding Current Source Inverter for Solar Photovoltaic System (IEEE2014)

NSS365.A Multilevel Medium-Voltage Inverter for Step-Up-Transformer-Less Grid Connection of Photovoltaic Power Plants (IEEE2014)

NSS366.Wide Range Soft Switching PWM Three-Level DC–DC Converters Suitable for Industrial applications (IEEE2014)

NSS367.A New Algorithm for Small-Signal Analysis of DC–DC Converters (IEEE2014)

NSS368.Adjustable-Speed Drive Motor Protection Applications and Issues (IEEE2014)

NSS369.A PFC-Based BLDC Motor Drive Using a Canonical Switching Cell Converter (IEEE2014)

NSS370.An Effective Control Method for Quasi-Z-Source Cascade Multilevel Inverter-Based Grid-Tie Single-Phase Photovoltaic Power System (IEEE2014)

NSS371.A New Current Phasor-Controlled ZVS Twin Half-Bridge High-Frequency Resonant Inverter for Induction Heating (IEEE2014)

NSS372.A Three-Level Integrated AC–DC Converter (IEEE2014)

NSS373.Buck/Boost DC–DC Converter Topology with Soft Switching in the Whole Operating Region (IEEE2014)

NSS374.Classification and Comparative Evaluation of PV Panel-Integrated DC–DC Converter Concepts (IEEE2014)

NSS375.Closed-Loop Control of DC–DC Dual-Active-Bridge Converters Driving Single-Phase Inverters (IEEE2014)

NSS376.Current Equalization in Photovoltaic Strings with Module Integrated Ground-Isolated Switched Capacitor DC–DC Converters (IEEE2014)

NSS377.Current-Fed Switched Inverter (IEEE2014)

NSS378.DC Microgrid for Wind and Solar Power Integration (IEEE2014)

NSS379.Design and Evaluation of a Low-Cost High-Performance S–? ADC for Embedded Control Systems in Induction Heating Appliances (IEEE2014)

NSS380.DTC of B4-Inverter-Fed BLDC Motor Drives with Reduced Torque Ripple During Sector-to-Sector Commutations (IEEE2014)

NSS381.Dual Three-Pulse-Modulation (DTPM) Based High-Frequency Pulsating DC Link Two-Stage Three-phase Inverter for Electric/Hybrid/Fuel Cell Vehicles Applications (IEEE2014)

NSS382.H6 Transformerless Full-Bridge PV Grid-Tied Inverters (IEEE2014)

NSS383.Hierarchical Control of Parallel AC-DC Converter Interfaces for Hybrid Microgrids (IEEE2014)

NSS384.A Novel Operation and Control Strategy for a Standalone Hybrid Renewable Power System (IEEE2013)

NSS385.Stochastic Performance Assessment and Sizing for a Hybrid Power System of Solar/Wind/Energy Storage (IEEE2014)

NSS386.A Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique for Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Systems in Microgrids (IEEE2013)

NSS387.Design and Evaluation of a Low-Cost High-Performance S? ADC for Embedded Control Systems in Induction Heating Appliances (IEEE2013)

NSS388.An Improved Optimal Sizing Method for Wind-Solar-Battery Hybrid Power System (IEEE2013)

NSS389.An Efficient Z-Source Inverter based Solar Power Generation System Fed IM Drive (IEEE2013)

NSS390.Authentication and Authorization Mechanisms for Substation Automation in Smart Grid Network superv (IEEE2013)

NSS391.Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and Sensors (IEEE2013)

NSS392.Control Strategy for Power Flow Management in a PV System Supplying DC Loads (IEEE2013)

NSS393.Developments of the In-Home Display Systems for Residential Energy Monitoring (IEEE2013)

NSS394.Smart Grid Infrastructure Using Hybrid Network Architecture (IEEE2013)

NSS395.Design and Analysis of an MPPT Technique for Small-Scale Wind Energy Conversion Systems (IEEE2013)

NSS396.Standalone Wind–Hydro Hybrid Generation System with Dump Power Control and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) (IEEE2013)

NSS397.Design and Implementation of a PIR Luminaire with Zero Standby Power Using a Photovoltaic Array in Enough Daylight (IEEE2013)

NSS398.Multiphysics Test Bed for Renewable Energy Systems in Smart Homes (IEEE2013)

NSS399.A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring (IEEE2012)

NSS400.Performance Analysis of Z-source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive (IEEE2013)

NSS401.Design and Implementation of Intelligent Energy Distribution Management with Photovoltaic System (IEEE2012)

NSS402.A High Step-Up Converter with a Voltage Multiplier Module for a Photovoltaic System (IEEE2013)

NSS403.A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System: A New Rectifier Stage Topology (IEEE)

NSS404.A Microcontroller-Based Power Management System for Standalone Microgrids with Hybrid Power Supply (IEEE)

NSS405.GSM Ad-hoc Routing Prepaid EB Billing System (IEEE)

NSS406.Multistring Five-Level Inverter with Novel PWM Control Scheme for PV Application (IEEE)

NSS407.Real-Time Automization of Agricultural Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural System (IEEE)

NSS408.Remote Power ON/OFF Control and Current Measurement for Home Electric Outlets Based on A Low-Power Embedded Board And ZigBee Communication (IEEE)

NSS409.Single-Phase Seven-Level Grid-Connected Inverter for Photovoltaic System (IEEE)

NSS410.GSM Real Time Street Light Control Systems (IEEE)

NSS411.Accelerometer Based Gesture Controlled Robot

NSS412.Intruder Alert System In Home/Industrial Secured Place Using GSM Technology

NSS413.Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident: An Energy Saving Solution

NSS414.Electricity Billing through GSM Modems

NSS415.Wireless Based Load Control and Power Monitoring System

NSS416.Mobile Phone (GSM) Switching Operation of Substation

NSS417.Protection of Induction Motor Using PLC

NSS418.Real-Time Atomization of Agricultural Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural System

NSS419.Remote Control of Electrical Appliances Using GSM Networks

NSS420.Remote Power ON/OFF Control and Measurement for Home Electric Outlets Based On a Low-Power Embedded Board and ZigBee Communication

NSS421.RF Based Wireless Robot

NSS422.RFID Based Prepaid Energy Meter

NSS423.RFID Based Goods Distribution System

NSS424.SEPIC Converter for Photovoltaic Applications

NSS425.Substation Online Monitoring Using Electronic Mail

NSS426.Distribution Transformer Monitoring and Protection Using Embedded System

NSS427.Wireless Communication Based Electricity Theft Finding System by Using GSM

NSS428.A Solar-Powered Wireless Data Acquisition Network

NSS429.Realtime Automatic Street Light Control Using LDR

NSS430.Maintaining Temperature and Avoiding Air Pollution in Four Wheelers

NSS431.Inter-City Street Lighting Automation and Control Using RTC

NSS432.An Adaptive Power Measurement to Predict Over Load Protection System with Indication

NSS433.Auto Power Theft Detection and Method Invention Using An Embedded System

NSS434.Motor Monitoring & Self-Protection System with overrides

NSS435.PIR and GSM Based Home Security System

NSS436.Digital Energy Meter With Tariff Management via SCADA

NSS437.Automatic Vehicle Checking System

NSS438.Automatic Control of Unmanned Railway Gate

NSS439.Automatic Accident Identification System by Using GPS & GSM Technology

NSS440.Digital Code Lock and Fuel Indication System for Vehicles

NSS441.Automatic Conveyor Belt System

NSS442.Drunken Driver Indicator Using Passive Alcohol Sensor

NSS443.Vehicle Theft and Tracking Using GPS and GSM

NSS444.Gps Based Soldier Tracking and Health Indication System

NSS445.Automatic Vehicle Overload Detection System

NSS446.Mark Announcement through SMS

NSS447.LPG Gas Leakage Detection and Alarm in Vehicles

NSS448.Solar Agro Sprayer

NSS449.Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter

NSS450.Automatic Power Generation from Wind and Solar Energy


NSS451: Green Cognitive Mobile Networks with Small Cells for Multimedia Communications in the Smart Grid Environment. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS452: On the Performance of MIMO Null forming with Random Vector Quantization Limited Feedback. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS453: Backhaul Rate Allocation in Uplink SC-FDMA Systems with Multicell Processing. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS454: Autonomic Intelligent Cyber-Sensor to Support Industrial Control Network Awareness. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS455: Confederation Based RRM with Proportional Fairness for Soft Frequency Reuse LTE Networks. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS456: Transport Capacity of Distributed Wireless CSMA Networks. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS457: Cooperative Spectrum Sharing Between Cellular and Ad-Hoc Networks. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS458: Block-Diagonalization Precoding in a Multiuser Multicell MIMO System: Competition and Coordination. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS459: Leveraging the Tail Time for Saving Energy in Cellular Networks. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS460: On-Demand Asynchronous Localization for Underwater Sensor Networks. (NS2-IEEE2014)

NSS461: Outage Probability for Diversity Combining in Interference-Limited Channels. (NS2-IEEE2013)

NSS462: A New Cross-Layer User Scheduler for Wireless Multimedia Relay Networks. (NS2-IEEE2013)

NSS463: Enhanced Memory Reliability Against Multiple Cell Upsets Using Decimal Matrix Code. (VLSI-IEEE2014)

NSS464: LASIC: Loop-Aware Sleepy Instruction Caches Based on STT-RAM Technology. (VLSI-IEEE2014)

NSS465: Current-Comparison-Based Domino: New Low-Leakage High-Speed Domino Circuit for Wide Fan-In Gates. (VLSI-IEEE2014)

NSS466: Analysis and Design of a Low-Voltage Low-Power Double -Tail Comparator. (VLSI-IEEE2014)

NSS467: Single-Error-Correction and Double-Adjacent-Error Correction Code for Simultaneous Testing of Data Bit and Check Bit Arrays in Memories. (VLSI-IEEE2014)

NSS468: Secure Transmission Using MIMO Precoding. (MATLAB-IEEE2014)

NSS469: Motion–Related Resource Allocation in Dynamic Wireless Visual Sensor Network Environments. (MATLAB-IEEE2014)

NSS470: A Joint FED Watermarking System Using Spatial Fusion for Verifying the Security Issues of Teleradiology. (MATLAB-IEEE2014)

NSS471: Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection: Application to Iris, Fingerprint, and Face Recognition. (MATLAB-IEEE2014)

NSS472: Design, Realization, and Evaluation of uDirect – An Approach for Pervasive Observation of User Facing Direction on Mobile Phones. (MATLAB-IEEE2014)



NSS473.Ninety Degree Turning Steering Mechanism for Four Wheeler

NSS474.Automatic Boring Mechanism for Foundries

NSS475.Fabrication of Double Drum Wet Grinder

NSS476.Fabrication of sewage Water Treatment Plant

NSS477.Automatic Pneumatic Vice and Jack

NSS478.Fabrication of Bucket Wheel Escalator

NSS479.Fabrication of Water Cooler Cum Air Conditioner

NSS480.Fabrication of Automatic Multi Point Grease Gun

NSS481.Fully Automated Chapathi Making Machine

NSS482.Automatic Scrap Collecting Vehicle

NSS483.Automatic Pneumatic Paper cup folding Machine

NSS484.Fabrication of Fully automated Drilling Machine

NSS485.D & Fabrication of Pneumatic Material Handling Equipment

NSS486.D & F of Involute Gear Profile Error Detector

NSS487.Self Cantering 4-Jaw Chuck For Lathe

NSS488.Quick Lifting Jack with Gear Arrangement

NSS489.Fabrication of Spring Loaded Fan

NSS490.Fabrication of Multi-speed gear box

NSS491.Fabrication of Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

NSS492.Fabrication of Domestic Floor Mill

NSS493.Fabrication of Hybrid Vehicle

NSS494.Fabrication of Automatic Dish Washing Machine

NSS495.Fabrication of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

NSS496.Fabrication of Sheet Rolling Machine

NSS497.Fabrication of self feed Drilling Machine

NSS498.Fabrication of Automatic Spring Rolling Machine

NSS499.Fabrication of Pedal Washing Machine

NSS500.Intelligent Motorized Wall Painting Crane

NSS501.Fabrication of Multi Nut Tightner / Remover

NSS502.Fabrication of Multi Drill Holder

NSS503.Shocks absorber testing Machine

NSS504.Fabrication of Escalator

NSS505.Fabrication of Hydro Power Plant

NSS506.Automatic Acrylic Sheet Bending Machine (Heater Control)

NSS507.Fabrication of Air Leak Detector

NSS508.Fabrication of Spark Plug Tester

NSS509.Automatic pneumatic Gear Changer

NSS510.Fabrication of Variable Drive Gear Box

NSS511.Fabrication of Magnetic Iron Separator

NSS512.Motorized Wheel Chair for Physically Disabled


NSS513.Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler

NSS514.Two Wheeler Automation with security System

NSS515.Automatic hand break release

NSS516.Automatic Break Failure and Engine Over Heating Indication

NSS517.Digital locking (Fuel, ignition, side lock) system (Password) for Two wheeler

NSS518.Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile

NSS519.Automatic Wheel chair cum bed

NSS520.Automatic Fire fighting cum material handling vehicle

NSS521.Fabrication of Automatic cold chamber Die Casting Machine

NSS522.Automatic Spray Painting System for Industrial Application

NSS523.Fabrication of automatic Hack Saw Machine

NSS524.Fabrication of automatic electro-magnetic Clutch

NSS525.Fabrication CNC Drilling Machine


NSS526.Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor

NSS527.Fabrication of Hydraulic Pallet Truck

NSS528.Automatic Distance Measurement and Braking System

NSS529.Fabrication of mirror cutting machine by using compressed air

NSS530.D & F of Pneumatic Material Handling Equipment

NSS531.Fabrication of Motorized Zip Crane

NSS532.Fabrication of Pneumatic Slotting Machine

NSS533.Fabrication of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot


NSS534..Fabrication of thermo-electric solar air conditioner

NSS535.Fabrication of Solar air conditioning Machine

NSS536.Fabrication of Multi-dimensional storage type Water Heater

NSS537.Solar Water Purification by using thermal method

NSS538.Fabrication of Solar Air Dryer

NSS539.Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler cum Heater

NSS540.Fabrication of solar Water Heater

NSS541.Fabrication of cooling tower

NSS542.Fabrication of Solar Water Disalation (Purification) by using parabolic method

NSS543.Multi-Purpose Ground Dryer (or) Multi-Purpose Dryer and Room Heater


NSS544.Robot for military application

NSS545.Fabrication of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot

NSS546.Fabrication of Wind Energy Vehicle

NSS547.Fabrication of Fire Sensing and fighting Robot

NSS548.Fabrication of Solar powered thermo-electric refrigerator

NSS549.Fabrication of Solar fertilizer Sprayer

NSS550.Fabrication of Non conventional Air compressor

NSS551.Fabrication of Solar Hybrid Car

NSS552.Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System

NSS553.Solar Multi-Purpose Sprayer (or) Solar Seed and Fertilizer Sprayer

NSS554.Fabrication of Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery

NSS555.Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System

NSS556.Fabrication of Multi Functional Wind Mill

NSS557.Fabrication of Foot Step Power Generation

NSS558.Fabrication of Solar Board Cleaner

NSS559.Wind Turbine Power Generation System

NSS560.Fabrication of Electric two Wheeler

NSS561.Fabrication of Battery Cycle

NSS562.Fabrication of Solar Cycle


NSS563.Fabrication of Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine

NSS564.Electricity and Water Pumping System using Wind Mill

NSS565.Fabrication of Solar Seed Dryer

NSS566.Fabrication of vegetable slicing Machine


NSS567.Fabrication of Automatic hand break Release

NSS568.Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler

NSS569.Fabrication of Automatic Electro-Hydraulic Jack for Four Wheeler

NSS570.Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler

NSS571.Automatic gear shifting system for two wheeler

NSS572.Fabrication of Engine & Hub motor Synchronization for Four Wheeler

NSS573.Fabrication of Electro-Magnetic braking System for Automobile

NSS574.Fabrication of Go Ped Drive

NSS575.Fabrication of Foldable two wheeler

NSS576.Intelligent Braking System in Four Wheeler (IBS)

NSS577.Emergency Braking System in Four Wheeler (EBS)

NSS578.Anti-Lock Braking System in Four wheeler (ABS)

NSS579.Fabrication of hydraulic screw jack

NSS580.Fabrication of Fuel Injector testing equipment

NSS581.High Speed Indication and automatic Pneumatic Braking System

NSS582.Fabrication of Electrical Steering Mechanism

NSS583.Fabrication of Solar Powered Automobile Air Cooler

NSS584.Automatic steering control Mechanism using sensor

NSS585. Automatic Rain Operated Wiper



NSS586.A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication(IEEE-2014)

NSS587.A Stochastic Model to Investigate Data Center Performance and QoS in IaaS Cloud Computing Systems (IEEE-2014)

NSS588.Building Confidential and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud with RASP Data Perturbation (IEEE-2014)

NSS589.Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds (IEEE-2014)

NSS590.Expressive, Efficient, and Revocable Data Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage (IEEE-2014)

NSS591.Oruta: Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Shared Data in the Cloud(IEEE-2014)

NSS592.PACK: Prediction-Based Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System(IEEE-2014)

NSS593.Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data (IEEE-2014)

NSS594.Scalable Distributed Service Integrity Attestation for Software-asa-Service Clouds (IEEE-2014)

NSS595.A Scalable Two-Phase Top-Down Specialization Approach for Data Anonymization Using Map Reduce on Cloud (IEEE-2014)

NSS596.Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage (IEEE-2014)

NSS597.A Visual Exploratory Search Engine Solution Based on Cloud Computing (IEEE-2014)

NSS598.Towards Differential Query Services in Cost-Efficient Clouds (IEEE-2014)

NSS599.A Cocktail Approach for Travel Package Recommendation (IEEE-2014)

NSS600.Accuracy-Constrained Privacy-Preserving Access Control Mechanism for Relational Data (IEEE-2014)

NSS601.BestPeer++: A Peer-to-Peer Based Large-Scale Data Processing Platform (IEEE-2014)

NSS602.Data Mining with Big Data (IEEE-2014)

NSS603.Dealing with Concept Drifts in Process Mining (IEEE-2014)

NSS604.Discovering Emerging Topics in Social Streams via Link-Anomaly (IEEE-2014)

NSS605.Cost-Effective Resource Allocation of Overlay Routing Relay Nodes (IEEE-2014)

NSS606.Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks (IEEE-2014)

NSS607.Top-k Approximate Answers to XPath Queries with Negation (IEEE-2014)

NSS608.Keyword Query Routing (IEEE-2014)

NSS609.Traffic Pattern-Based Content Leakage Detection for Trusted Content Delivery Networks(IEEE-2014)

NSS610.Enabling Trustworthy Service Evaluation in Service-Oriented Mobile Social Networks (IEEE-2014)

NSS611.Exploiting Service Similarity for Privacy in Location-Based Search Queries (IEEE-2014)

NSS612.Boundary Cutting for Packet Classification (IEEE-2014)

NSS613.Automatic Test Packet Generation (IEEE-2014)

NSS614.Predicting Consistency-Maintenance Requirement of Code Clones at Copy-and-Paste Time (IEEE-2014)

NSS615.GEA: A Goal-Driven Approach to Discovering Early Aspects(IEEE-2014)

NSS616.Improved Evolutionary Algorithm Design for the Project Scheduling Problem Based on Runtime Analysis (IEEE-2014)

NSS617.Methodbook: Recommending Move Method Refactorings via Relational Topic Models (IEEE-2014)

NSS618.MOSES: Supporting and Enforcing Security Profiles on Smartphones (IEEE-2014)

NSS619.GreenDroid: Automated Diagnosis of Energy Inefficiency for Smartphone Applications (IEEE-2014)

NSS620.Generating Summary Risk Scores for Mobile Applications (IEEE-2014)

NSS621.Information Hiding in Text Steganography

NSS622.Secure Multicast Routing

NSS623.Message Authentication

NSS624.High-Capacity Steganography

NSS625.New Synonym Text Steganography

NSS626.Address based cryptography scheme

NSS627.Shortest Path Routing in Wireless Networks

NSS628.Authentication of Secret Information

NSS629.Video Subsequence Identification

NSS630.Enhanced Text Steganography

NSS631.Many-to-Many Communication in Mobile Networks

NSS632.Message Encryption Scheme Using Cheating Text

NSS633.Security of Route Discovery

NSS634.Text Steganography by Changing Words Spelling

NSS635.Robust and secure digital signature for image authentication

NSS636.Emergency Response using Medical Sensor network

NSS637.Optimize Resource Provisioning Cost

NSS638.Trustworthy Computing

NSS639.Optimal Routing

NSS640.Dynamic Routing Using Data Protocol

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