Engineering Design and Development

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Engineering Design and Development


Civil Engineering and Architecture

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
West Senior High School Gym
6:00 – 8:00 PM

West Seneca Central School

Donation supports the EDD Fair

Engineering Design & Development (EDD) – East Senior

Instructor: David Kutina
Clear as Water Faucet Amanda Solly and Kevin Garvin

The Glove Deodorizer Gregory Bensman and Miles DiMillo

The Counter Expander David Bisenius, Andrew Ziemianski and Christopher Gastle

No Spill Thomas Held, Katie Karmazyn, and Sam Diebold

Ice Wiper Cassie Berbary, Pat Odrobina, Mat Vallone and Margaret Wrzos

The Remote Reminder Chris Kujawinski, Jeremy Lewandowski and Keith Ambrose

Electrathon Car Body Design Colin Byrne and Chris Glaub

Electrothon Car Joe Kowtun, Ryan Cumbo and Taylor Powers

Engineering Design & Development (EDD) – West Senior

Instructor: Jeffrey Root
Car Locating Device John Nguyen and Mark Jones

Diabetic Golf Shoe Aaron Crowley, Nick Young and Matt DiFlavio

The Podsulator Kaitlyn Wolf, David Ciesielski and Kristen Pszczolkowski

Self-charging Electric Car David Gilbert and Mark Rizzo

Smart Box Dustin Snyder, Matt Gregoire and Joe Keating

Smart Disposal Robert Schrader, Adam Spilsbury and JonEric Banach

Magnetic Car Suspension Michael Bueme, Justin Miceli and Eric Amico

Travel Pillow Dave Collins and Justin Carpenter

Schedule of Presentations
Presentation Area A Presentation Area B

6:00 Ice Wiper- 1 6:00 Electrathon Car Mechanicals- 5

6:20 Car Pillow- 2 6:20 Electrathon Car Body- 6

6:40 Counter Expander-3 6:40 Car Locating Device- 7

7:00 Smart Disposal- 4 7:00 Podsulator- 8
Presentation Area C Presentation Area D

6:00 No Spill- 9 6:00 Clear as Water Faucet-13

6:20 Self-Charging Car- 10 6:20 Smart Mail Box-14

6:40 Magnetic Suspension- 11 6:40 Remote Reminder- 15

7:00 Glove Deoderizer- 12 7:00 Diabetic Golf Shoe- 16
Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA) – East Senior

Instructor: Ryan Szpylman
East Senior Lounge Andrew Ziemianski, Greg Warner, Matt Broderick , Vinny Monteleone

East Senior Theatre Jeremy Lewandowski, Keith Ambrose, Christopher Kujawinski,

Kevin Garvin and Taylor Powers

Senior Lounge Christopher Gastle, David Bisenius, Amanda Solly, and Patrick Odrobina

The Hang Out John Barrett, Cassie Berbary, Sam Diebold and Katie Karmazyn

The Trojan Center Margaret Wrzos, Mat Vallone, Chris Glaub and Ryan Cumbo

Trojan Athletics Locker Complex Greg Bensman, Colin Byrne, Miles DiMillo

and Joe Kowtun

Civil Engineering & Architecture(CEA) – West Senior

Instructor: Ryan Szpylman
West Field House Justin Miceli, Kaitlyn Wolf and Justin Carpenter

Sports Complex Dustin Snyder, Mike Bueme and Eric Amico

The Student Lounge Dave Ciesielski, Matt Gregoire, Joe Keating and Kristen Pszczolkowski

Student Lounge Mark Rizzo, Mark Jones, David Gilbert and John Nguyen

West Seneca West Field House Nick Young, Adam Spilsbury and Matt DiFlavio

West Senior Sports Complex Aaron Crowley, Bob Schrader and Jon Eric Banach
Map of Displays

Clear as Water Faucet East EDD

Amanda Solly and Kevin Garvin

The clear as water faucet is designed to keep the faucet soap free and limit the water use. Since there are no handles for people to get soapy, you simply push the one faucet head down in the middle of where the water flows out and the water will wash any soap away that may have gotten onto the faucet. Compared to the average amount of water used when people turn the faucet on and let the water run when putting soap on their hands, the clear as water faucet can conserve the amount of water used by not having to push the faucet down until after the application of the soap. To use the clear as water faucet you simply push the faucet head down to get the water flowing and push it up to stop the flow of water.

The Glove Deodorizer East EDD

Gregory Bensman and Miles DiMillo

Our deodorizer is designed as an insert to large sports gloves. The main function is to deodorize and maintain a reasonable odor in large sports gloves. The design is compatible with such gloves as hockey, lacrosse and soccer.

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