Enquiry into the impact of Chek Lap Kok International Airport

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Enquiry into the impact of Chek Lap Kok International Airport.

Groups of students are allocated roles (see below) and have to prepare a presentation of no more than 2 - 3 minutes, based on their role, to explain what they think the good and bad things are and why they are therefore either for or against Chek Lap Kok Airport.

To write their speech students should read the resource sheets for each role. They may only use these sheets in the lesson, but they can get a copy from the homework folder (?) or website http://geographystcyear7.wikispaces.com/Development+in+Hong+Kong and research information using the Internet. They can include maps and photos to support their speech. EVERYONE even those working as a group should speak during the role-play. They may use whatever names they want for their characters, or even dress in role.
Their presentation can be a PP as long as they are able to make a speech along side the images. They can also prepare posters to stick up at the front of the room. It might be useful to set a time limit for each presentation.
Students will have to summarise the advantages and disadvantages in a brief written report next lesson during the role-play. This will be marked as the assessment for this unit.
Homework: Research material and write speech for the enquiry role-play for next lesson.

students into the following groups representing different interests. ** = difficult roles

Depending on the ability of the students and time available some of the roles may have to be combined.

  • 2 **civil servants explaining the reasons why a new airport in Hong Kong was needed, map of old and new airport would be useful.

  • 2-4 **new residents Tung Chung for the new airport and the development of Lantau for economic, benefits of jobs and infrastructure development but from residents point of view. One working for Cathay Pacific and the other a child excited by future developments such as Disneyland.

  • 2-4 old residents of Tung Chung against the building of Chek Lap Kok and any future expansion for social and cultural reasons.

  • 2 Friends of the Earth spokesperson talking about the impact it has on the mangrove.

  • 2 Worldwide Fund for Nature spokesperson for the problems facing the Romer’s Tree Frog.

  • 2 Dolphinwatch spokesperson for the problems facing the White Dolphins.

The environmentalists may want to work together.

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