For immediate release: Author Angela T. Jones releases The Good Bag, a collection of sexy short stories

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Author Angela T. Jones releases The Good Bag, a collection of sexy short stories
Detroit, July 19, 2011/Carlton Signature PR/ - Angela T. Jones provides a provocative guide to pleasing your partner in The Goodie Bag. The Goodie Bag is a collection of steamy adult fiction that keeps the romance going by inserting the reader into the story. Offering first-person experiences to engage readers as they learn a few tricks along the way is Jones’ approach, and it works.
The collection of short stories is bold and sensual. It not only discusses the how –to aspect of sex, it displays the visceral interaction and passionate nuances of relationships between a man and a woman. The Goodie Bag’s sexy stories stir up the lost are of romance; incorporating the basics like wine, flowers, soft music, and the art of seduction. Contained within these pages are encounters of fantasy and the freaky; the sultry and seductive.
The Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur’s first installment in the forthcoming series of grown and sexy literature is a good read not only for women but also for guys. “Men don’t like to be told what to do. My approach is to teach while entertaining. Maybe turn them on so that they’ll try it in the bedroom for their girlfriend of spouse,” says Jones.
My desire for The Goodie Bag is to give women permission to be sexy and sensual for their husbands and significant others exclusively. We’ve gotten away from sex being “special”. We’ve given all of our goodies out randomly. A man wants to know what his woman does in the bedroom has not been done for every man before him. He wants to feel special. Women have to preserve our sex appeal in our relationships, not just for the man we are with but for ourselves also.
I want Super Woman Productions and Publishing to become the company that aspiring authors gravitate to. Since book publishing has become so difficult we offer an opportunity to get in the game at a reasonable price.
The truth is, the pictures inside of The Goodie Bag are sexy and the language a lot sexier without being overly explicit. It leaves something to the imagination. It’s erotic fiction; it’s supposed to be fun.
The Goodie Bag is available on Kindle (for iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Android devices, and Blackberry) in paperback and eBook. The book’s anticipated release finds Angela T. Jones and her Super Woman Productions and Publishing on a promotional tour:
July 20-24 in Atlanta, Georgia

August 1- 13 in Detroit, Michigan

October 1-2 in Culver City, California

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