Fungal Problems chronologically

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Fungal Problems chronologically

1958 – Starting twitching my face muscles and pulling faces age (4-5 years)

1960 – Involuntary muscle movements spread to diaphragm area causing me to flex and twist abdomen muscles and also other muscles in arms and legs

1962 – Noticed that the muscle movements were worse when consuming sugar but didn’t attach any importance to it at the time.

!970 – At the age of 17 I started to develop a slight irritation in the throat which caused a dry cough. This was just annoying but the cough was not serious. Doctors did not know what it was.

1972 – I went on my first summer season and my singing voice was raspy and rough for the whole season following a virus. I now know that this was caused because I was drinking alcohol every night and it affected my voice badly. When the season finished I returned home and my voice cleared but I attributed that resting my voice. Now I now know it was due to not drinking alcohol. One night whilst performing on a gig my throat muscles tightened and I just could not hit the high notes at all. I associated this again with alcohol because I was drinking at the gig and had been the night previously.

1973 – I left the band due to vocal problems and saw ENT specialists. They told me to rest because my larynx was red and inflamed. I followed their instructions but even after everything had settled down my voice was unable to handle the higher notes in my range.

1974 – I re-trained my voice and learned to sing with a lighter tone by delivering more air to my vocal chords and gradually after several years was able to sing the high notes without the power I had previously needed. What doctors did not realise is that it was alcohol that was causing the problem of raspiness and deterioration of tone to my voice and the reason that my voice could not handle power was because the laryngeal muscles were being affected. This becomes clear later.

1975 – 1978 I started to work in a band again and my voice developed nicely but once we started to gig I started to have serious problems with sore throats. The throat was extremely sore like nothing I had experienced before and it was extremely difficult to sing. Eventually, I began to realise that if I didn’t drink alcohol my voice was clear and there was no soreness. However, I still could not project my high notes at full power.

1978-I toured Scandinavia and Germany for two years. My voice was up and down according to how much alcohol I drank. Also when I exerted myself playing Squash for example I would see blotches and have to rest within ten minutes. Like the blotches before the eyes caused by migraine. My head would feel weird.

1980-1989 I returned back to the UK and started a relationship with a woman who was to become my wife. Within a few months of starting our relationship she started to have problems with vaginal thrush but it would not go away and just kept recurring. Doctors thought it was because of the pill but even after stopping the pill it still did not go away. Her Vaginal muscles eventually locked up and there was a red mark on her vulva. She also suffered with thick mucous discharge and dryness. During this period I continued to practise my singing every day and I started to program music with one of the early computers (Atari 1040ST).

The processors were rather slow in those days and this meant a lot of waiting time for things to process, which was quite frustrating. I noticed that I was experiencing some sort of nervous butterfly feeling in my abdomen. I thought this was just nerves but I now believe it was early symptoms of a fungal infection.

I also discovered that if I stopped alcohol intake completely at least 2 days before a gig my voice would clear and that I could sing without any problem. This worked well for me for 9 years until....

1989 - We went on a summer season. My voice was in good form but I caught a cold and was not very well. That night I also had a passionate night with my wife and that is when disaster struck.

My wife was still having problems with discharge and neglected to tell me until it was too late. I went to the doctor the following morning and asked for antibiotics for my throat. I was dreading an infection because I had to sing every night. At this time I did not understand the difference between a fungal infection and a bacterial infection. In fact I did not even realise that thrush was a fungal infection. I was completely ignorant of medical facts and totally trusted my doctors.

This was the last time my voice was ever clear again. I began to suffer all sorts of symptoms including migraines, cramps in my throat, breathlessness, stomach swelling every time I drank or ate and IBS. I was experiencing a scratchy tickle in the throat and a bad taste in my mouth. The voice was raspy and gritty feeling as though there was no lubrication in my throat. I became very hoarse.

1993 I went to the singing clinic at the hospital and told them that I believed that I had a fungal infection in my throat and that I had caught it from my wife. They did not believe me at first but when they put the camera down it was clear to see that I had a white rash that appeared to be thrush. They treated it with Nystatin lozenges which subsided the infection but only whilst I remained on the medication. I was then given fluconazole which did much the same thing and the rash was still present when they performed another laryngoscopy. They said that they had to consider the possibility of HIV so I had a test carried out and it was negative. Doctors then increased the dosage of fluconazole and the rash disappeared. However, when I went back to the hospital because problems persisted, the rash was present again. After more treatment the rash subsided but the symptoms did not. I managed to keep singing but I had to train and exercise my voice every day to keep any kind of flexibility. It just seemed like it was getting harder and harder to sing properly.

1994-We went on another summer season and during this period I was still having problems so I went to the local hospital for a second opinion. The doctors were baffled but they said that the area of my forehead over my eyes looked strange on x-ray and were curious as to whether I had ever had a bang on the head. I told them that I had never had any trauma to my head. I now realise that they were referring to what I believe are sinus areas and this is where, together with the temple areas, I feel very heavy and full. It feels like there is a weight above the eyes. They did not have any ideas so I was dismissed. Migraines came and went periodically.

1995-Again on summer season I was still having problems and then I started to experience severe pain in my gut. It was so bad that I was doubled up on the floor in agony. The doctor gave me some medicine which helped to ease it but it didn’t cure the problem. It had been diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome but I have little respect for labels given to diseases that doctors simply do not understand. It seemed strange that I was having all these symptoms after being orally exposed to a fungal infection from my wife.

1996-My wife underwent surgery under a different consultant and the area of inflammation on the vulva was removed. Following the operation she left me and has had no problems since. However it is interesting to note that her lab test shows that she had mild keratosis and areas of acanthosis but other than this nothing abnormal except non specific chronic inflammation. You will see in the following paragraph that this is identical to the biopsy I had performed.

1997-I was admitted to the hospital because the ENT specialist wanted to take a biopsy from my throat. They could see inflammation and a keratotic lesion which I believe is some sort of abnormality on the false vocal cord. The result was negative and all they found was inflammation. However a couple of nights later I awoke gasping for air only to find my airway was completely blocked with mucous. I tried to stay calm and get to my daughters room to raise the alarm but I couldn’t make it. I knew I was going to pass out and then that would be the end. I mustered all the strength I had left and inhaled as violently as I could. Fortunately the mucous gave way and I was able to breathe. The lesion and mucous production were identical symptoms to the problems my wife had on the vulva and following laser surgery the thick sticky congealed mucous that developed around the wound. *see next paragraph

*In 1993 my wife saw a gynaecologist who suspected she had contracted an unknown virus on the vulva and she agreed to try laser surgery. Following the laser treatment the wound produced thick sticky mucous and which congealed so badly that it blocked her vaginal passage completely. She couldn’t even urinate so I had to bathe the area with warm salty water very carefully because it was still very sore. It took an hour to soften the mucous enough to remove it without pain.

One of the main symptoms of this infection is thick mucous discharge and in the larynx it continually drops on the vocal chords and clogs them, causing the patient to keep clearing their throat. It is much thicker than normal catarrh. I believe this is the immune systems normal defence mechanism where the mucosa will produce mucous to engulf any pathogen etc and attempt to expel it from the body.}

1999-Back with the ENT specialists at the singer’s clinic and this time they watched me sing on camera. They could see my muscles glitch in the middle of a song. I could feel it happening. As I approached a note in the middle of my range I could feel my vocal muscles tighten and I could not sing the next note in pitch so my voice glitched and jumped to the next note in the song which came out fine. After that I continued to sing ok. My voice had just reached a certain point and the muscles refused to flex enough to make the note yet higher above and below that point I was fine. Neither the doctor nor the singing teacher knew what was wrong and the doctor apologised saying he was unable to help me because he simply did not know what was the matter.

Between 1997 and 2010 I experienced terrible fatigue and problems with brain fog and memory loss and would often just sit staring at the walls doing nothing. My mind was aware what was happening to me and I really wanted to work but I just didn’t have any mental energy. It was like being frozen in time.

!998-Swabs were taken from throat but no fungi were grown

1999-Candidiasis was visible in throat again.

2000-When I took my daughter to the fairground and went on any rides like the waltzer or anything that involved subjecting the body to centrifugal force I felt like my head was being torn from my body and extremely nauseous.

2004- Saw top Harley street ENT specialist. He told me that I had tension in my vocal cords.

2007- Started to suffer with a stiff neck. Couldn’t move it very well.

2008-Returned to voice clinic because it was clear to me that the fungal infection did not go away with treatment. On examination they could see the white rash in the larynx. I returned one month after treatment and the rash had disappeared. I returned again three months later and the rash was there again. I told the Doctor that I suspected a systemic infection but he said it was unlikely; nevertheless, he would treat me if I wanted him to. I decided to wait and see what happened.

2009-When I tried to return to the hospital to get treatment for the infection my GP blocked the appointment and refused to help me

One morning I was feeling rather ill and I almost passed out momentarily due to dizziness. I had a pain at the back of my neck and my head felt heavy. When I tried to speak garbled nonsense came out of my mouth. My mind was saying the correct words but I had lost speech control. It only lasted a few seconds but enough to frighten me.

I asked the doctor for some fluconazole but he refused.

I went to the local store and bought 1 capsule of fluconazole 150mg. I took it and within 90 minutes my head cleared and for the first time in years I began to feel almost normal.

I managed to source the drug over the internet and took it.

It was a great success and relieved the symptoms to a great extent but obviously I was cautious with the dosage having no medical supervision. Now I know I was much too cautious.

2009 – 2016 I have taken anti fungal drugs now for 7 years and there is no doubt that it has stopped the deterioration of my brain and allowed me to function almost normally.

SYMPTOMS (over the years)

Involuntary muscle movements (Dystonia)

Dry cough

Nervous butterflies in stomach

Scratchy tickle in throat

Bad taste in mouth

Inflammation in larynx

Breathlessness-(air is going into lungs but feels like lack of oxygen accompanied by heaviness around the temples and forehead (sinuses))

Pain in centre of chest or (This is like a bruised feeling and in time can move to one side of chest)

Cramps in throat

Occasional sensation starting below ribs and welling up through the chest into the sides of the throat. It is a sickening pain and feels like it might be a heart attack but it is related to indigestion. I now realise that it is the onset of cramp rising probably through the oesophagus and into the throat because of the tension in the muscles causing the dysphagia.

Thick sticky mucous on vocal cords – appearance is completely normal except for thick consistency.

Nervous sensation in jaw causing tension

Cracking in left ear when moving muscle and also blocking of ear at times much like pressure change

On an airplane but it causes disorientation, reverberation sensation in head and dry swollen stuffy sensation of the sinuses.

Left lymph node (throat area) swelling

Dry stuffiness in nose

Heaviness over eyes and temples

Dysphagia (Swallowing difficulties)

Stomach swelling when eating




Mild aches in muscles (Shoulders and arms)

Joint Problems (Symptoms of arthritis as in neck joint but pain goes on taking fluconazole)

I have a suspicion that this infection might even cause or promote arthritis but cannot be certain at this stage.

Irritability (particularly when challenged) Lack of tolerance

Brain Fog

Memory loss


Chronic Fatigue symptoms

Psychological or psychiatric problems (Be careful with doctors. They often diagnose these issues when they don’t know what else to do. They are often arrogant enough to believe that they know everything and therefore if they don’t have an answer then it must be a mental problem. Before you know it you will be sat in front of a psychiatrist and he will find a set of symptoms that are similar, and you will be branded as a mental patient. Once on your records every doctor will follow suit.)


The scratchy tickle in the throat and the inflammation in the larynx leads doctors to believe that there is a reflux problem when there isn’t. Monometry tests show normal results. Most doctors just prescribe pump inhibitors and the patient remains on them for years. For some reason they do seem to give some mild relief but I don’t know why. When dysphagia started to affect my swallowing I took itraconazole and the dysphagia subsided. My mother got to the stage of choking just recently and could not get her food down. She started to lose weight and deteriorate. I knew it was only a matter of time before she died so I put her on Itraconazole (200mg every 12 hours) and she improved but not enough for my satisfaction so I have now put her on fluconazole 200mg per day and her health has improved drastically. She can now swallow and eat and drink much better. She seems to be improving steadily.

It is 100% clear to me that my vocal problem is a muscle control problem. It was confirmed by Harley Street but all they knew was that I was tensing my vocal cords. The dysphagia is also related to this problem and I believe that the fungal infection causes this dysphagia by affecting any muscle it attacks, and is not just related to the swallowing muscle. It is obvious that I was re infected by my wife and the problem became chronic in my larynx. Unfortunately, dysphagia would not be picked up early on and the only reason I knew anything was wrong with me was because I was a singer and needed the fine control of my muscles. Dysphagia is common in Alzheimer’s/dementia patients but I now believe it is not just limited to the oesophagus and throat. It can obviously cause problems with any muscle associated with this fungal infection.

This muscle tension is probably what causes dementia patients to lose the ability to walk when it becomes severe. Obviously this can be attributed to the brain but from what I saw when nursing my mother it did appear to be muscular to some extent however, if this is correct it would suggest that the fungi is also in the bloodstream because the mucosa does not extend to the arms and legs.

There are no visible signs of this fungal infection other than symptoms that get totally misdiagnosed and in certain areas the appearance of what looks like thrush. After taking fluconazole there is a drastic improvement to my voice but Itraconazole also contributed to the relaxing of the vocal muscles. Unfortunately, as of yet, there does not seem to be a permanent cure. When I stop taking fluconazole the voice deteriorates rapidly. Maybe there is some resistance because I understand that Glabrata is resistant to fluconazole in 15% of patients.

Because the infection also causes problems with the sinuses (sneezing, heaviness over temples and eyes, stuffiness), it is also diagnosed as rhinitis. This is what doctors diagnosed my mother as having, but it is totally incorrect. Doctors will not listen because they cannot see anything.

IBS-I started having problems from 1989 and they were diagnosed as IBS and also GERD. I had never had any such problem before and now that I am on a strict diet together with fluconazole there are no symptoms at all. I do not take antacids. I stopped them when I started taking antifungals. I have recently had an endoscopy because my doctor insisted that the problems were gastric but the results have come back as normal.

Gerd- Both myself and mother were incorrectly diagnosed with this. When taking antifungal drugs there is no more irritation in the larynx and the antacids are simply not necessary.

Mild asthma is another diagnosis doctors will come up with because of the breathlessness but tests will be negative.

Suspected Angina is another misdiagnosis because of the pain in the centre of the chest. An angiogram will show negative but the doctor prescribed the pills for my mother just in case. She no longer takes them.

Tinitus-Because of the effects to the ear and head. The ear tends to block rather like having a cold and then everything sounds like your standing inside a cavern. It is very disorientating but fluconazole subsides it and also the cracking in the ear and swollen lymph node to some degree.

Itraconazole worked better for this but nothing so far seems to cure completely.

My Wife

My wife suffered for 15 years but during this time re infected me. The diagnosis of the visible signs on the vulva and also in my larynx were identical. Had the smear test failed to detect the bad cells in the womb then this would have resulted in fibroids.

My next Girlfriend

My next girlfriend was not so lucky. She had a great voice and worked for me as the singer in my band. Following a passionate night together when she had a cold she awoke with laryngitis. Her voice never recovered fully and she now sounds hoarse and raspy like I did. Her voice also breaks indicating loss of muscle control. She is also clearing her throat a lot which indicates mucous on the cords and then on top of this she developed personal problems which she had never experienced before. She was diagnosed with fibroids and had to have a partial hysterectomy. A smear test had detected the bad cells in her womb.

My Mother and Father

As a boy I remember that my father was suffering with severe sore throats. Doctors though it might have been tonsillitis but there was no evidence of this. Antibiotics seemed to do no good. Eventually the soreness subsided but would return periodically. Around this time my mother started to have problems and then she was admitted to hospital for a partial hysterectomy because of Fibroids.

Later my father became very irritable and the marriage broke down. He started to suffer with brain fog, pain in the back of the neck, dryness in the mouth but the doctor diagnosed it as Vertigo. He was also very hoarse. I did not recognise the symptoms at that time but now recognise that he had the same fungal infection which eventually killed him.

My mother showed no symptoms until approx 67years of age but then she started to have all the same symptoms as I have had. She was misdiagnosed for approximately 12 years and then the fatigue hit her coupled with hallucinations. She was diagnosed with vascular dementia but at best it was only an opinion. She deteriorated very quickly and now she is a complete vegetable. Gradually she lost the use of her muscles and her speech. Now she is on fluconazole I am seeing some improvement but it’s early days.

Antifungal medications

I alternated between ketaconazole and fluconazole. In the main I took Ketaconazole in the early days. There seemed to be little difference in the effect but I would say that fluconazole was marginally better. I was worried about the development of body resistance to the drugs and understood that the body was more tolerant of ketaconazole. However, I eventually stuck to fluconazole until recently.

Every time I stopped taking the drug and returned to a normal diet the symptoms would return with a vengeance and I also started to get headaches. I also have noticed that I am worse in winter months and attribute this to the damp mild climate of England. I am much better in the summer.

I decided to take Itraconazole because I had read that it was a wider spectrum anti fungal that particularly addresses the chest area. At first it gave me the symptoms of a slight head cold but when I increased the dosage to maximum, the dystonia that I had experienced for 58 years soon subsided. I then also noticed that my vocal muscles were relaxing and my breathing seemed to be clearer. When I tried to sing my muscles were regaining control of my cords.

Nov 2016 - latest discovery-Unfortunately, although I made some progress with Itraconazole, as far as improving my voice was concerned; my head was starting to become rather heavy so I switched back to fluconazole in November 2016. There was a drastic difference and I took 400mg per day. My head cleared and I was functioning much better again. Also there seems to be little dystonia and my voice is improving.

It is unclear whether this drug can eventually cure the disease but it certainly regresses it when taken in large doses of at least 200mg. As things stand currently I need 400mg per day to achieve a regression of symptoms and I am of the opinion that one should hit this infection full on with 400mg per day. The chances are that the infection has been in the system for years and is well established and therefore one should not pussyfoot around with this drug because the body can build up a resistance with prolonged use.

Itraconazole works on the chest and mucosa and helps clear the lungs, stops the pain and stiffness in the neck and also drastically subsides the muscle irritations in the abdomen. It also helps reduce dysphagia.

Fluconazole does the same but also works on the brain. I think taking itraconazole has its merits to weaken the infection on the mucosa if the brain is not too badly infected but one can then take fluconazole to address all the issues. Bear in mind that by the time the infection reaches the brain it will already have been well established on the mucosa so a weakening of the infection on the mucosa can have an added advantage if my theories are correct. Since I have taken Itraconazole, fluconazole now seems to work better at controlling the whole problem systemically. This would make sense if the infection accesses the brain via the brain stem at the base of the skull because you are weakening the infection from the source.

Conclusions on Medication (constantly reviewing)

After 7 years of experimenting I believe that one should hit this infection full on with 400mg per day of fluconazole. I don’t recommend pussyfooting around with this drug because the body can build up a resistance with prolonged use. Having said that I have been taking it for 7 years but now I know that 400mg works best.

Monitor your blood levels via the doctor. They will usually do your blood tests for you without too much argument. You need to monitor the liver and definitely do not take it if you already suffer with liver problems.

If there is no apparent problem with cognition or memory loss Itraconazole will work without addressing the brain but it is cheaper to take fluconazole because the dosage lasts 24 hours. Itraconazole only lasts 12 hours therefore you have to take twice as many pills


There is no doubt in my mind that over the years I have been constantly misdiagnosed. The problem starts to unravel and becomes clearer with time but doctors have no idea what they are doing when it comes to the diagnosis of this disease.

The symptoms of this disease are numerous and unfortunately every symptom gets misdiagnosed for something that it isn’t.

I now realise that I was born with the disease, my mother has it. My father had it and died because of incorrect treatment, use of anti biotics, inability to diagnose what was wrong resulting in starvation which then caused acute bronchial pneumonia. I think that my Sister may also have it but they have diagnosed her as schizophrenic. They may be right but I am suspicious. Unfortunately I am not in a position to be able to intervene.

Two of my aunts also died with the disease.

I believe the infection to be contagious and passed on via the mucosa through kissing and at birth (mucous transfer). A female can contract it in the vagina from a man who is carrying the disease and partakes in oral stimulation.

A normal kiss on the mouth will probably not transmit the infection but the risk is much higher with French kissing. However, if the uninfected party has a virus (Head cold or influenza) at the time of contact the chances of infection are extremely high. In other words the risks are high when high levels of mucous are present and exchanged.

The fungi can attack and spread anywhere on the mucosa e.g. Larynx, stomach, oesophagus, lungs, bronchi, intestines, sinuses, nerve stem entering brain.

I believe that the infection enters the brain via the base of the skull. The pain in the neck is where the brain stem enters the brain and the cerebellum are situated. I have read that doctors believe dementia/Alzheimer’s to start in the hypothalamus so maybe there is a link. I believe the mucosa extends up to the hypothalamus. It also affects sinuses and cause heaviness etc.

I believe that the disease is transmitted by mucous transfer and the reason it is on the increase is because oral sex and passionate kissing is much more publicised these days and therefore many more people indulge whereas years ago people were a little more conservative.

The disease can be there for a lifetime and not be picked up because nobody recognises the symptoms. Often the symptoms are mild and ignored. This is the reason why it appears to attack older people but it appears that, in reality, the infection has been in their system for years without them realising.(see section on my mother and father). I believe it can often lie dormant as is characteristic with fungi.

Many women are diagnosed with thrush but if this infection keeps recurring then it is not that simple. This infection can initially appear to be thrush (vaginal thrush or laryngeal thrush) but it won’t go away with the normal treatment. It will subside it but it will return after medicine is discontinued.

Should it get into the womb and be picked up on a smear test then a colposcopy will probably deal with it but if it isn’t picked up it will cause fibroids and the woman will then require more invasive surgery.

Although I think that initially this disease is transmitted on the mucosa I believe that it must enter the bloodstream at some stage. Possibly this is via the lungs.

The only evidence I have noticed is the blood blisters that appeared on my tongue and in my mouth after taking fluconazole. This no longer happens but the indication to me was that the drug was helping my immune system try to expel something it from my body. The blood blisters would just burst and that would be the end of it.

I think that also my experiments have been conservative with drugs because I had had no experience with dosage and had to learn the hard way. Had I taken 400mg right from the start I may have had a much better result but recently I have been on this dose and although I experienced some headaches for a little while that suddenly cleared and there was a drastic improvement to my voice and the feeling in my lungs. My head also felt clear. Unfortunately I have run out of the medication whilst waiting for the next delivery and the few tablets I have left I am saving for my mother in the hope that the new supply arrives in the next few days. Meanwhile I am taking Itraconazole which seems to alleviate the main symptoms on the mucosa and also the pain at the base of the neck.

When I do not take fluconazole or Itraconazole a numbing sensation starts to materialise from the base of my skull emanating up the back of my head and I start to feel like I have a virus in my brain although I realise it is not a virus that is the effect. Concentration starts to go and so does short term memory . It becomes difficult to focus. The taste in my mouth is awful. My arms start to feel heavy and stiff which emanates from the base of the skull also. The muscles seem to ache. I believe this is the tension that I mentioned earlier.

If I do not take this medication I will deteriorate quite quickly and I think I will end up like my mother.

There is a great deal of information on the internet about systemic candidiasis. I have read a great deal of the content and unsurprisingly everybody has lots of theories but nobody really has got an answer. I have had most of the symptoms described and coupled with what the doctors have said to me I have begun to understand that the disease that everybody thinks is systemic candidiasis is more likely to be the fungal infection that causes Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Whenever doctors test for systemic candidiasis they find nothing in the blood. It seems logical that many people are suffering with early symptoms but have no real idea what it is they are dealing with.

There is no doubt that special diet helps. In fact I would say it is essential but my opinion so far is that this is a disease of the mucosa and therefore it can attack any related part of the body at any time producing a whole array of symptoms which will be totally misdiagnosed.

Throughout my lifetime it seems that every woman that I have had a relationship with has had vaginal problems afterwards. The short term relationships I don’t know about because I wasn’t around long enough to find out.

At the age of approx. 67 years my mother started to exhibit very similar symptoms to me but they seem to have been triggered by a flu inoculation. It took 15 years then the fatigue hit and she went down mentally very quickly.

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