Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 Mercury Conspiracy Theory

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Aff – No Evacuation

Project Uplift was thrown out in the 80s due to its high risks and negative scenarios from holographic testing

Ariana, Pleiadian Walk In and Channel and Communicator, Healer and Artist, 2011 (Anakya, 5/2/2011, “Channelling, Human Ascension: Earth Changes and Evacuation of Earth” Ashtar Spiritual Forum, http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/project-awaken-earth#ixzz1QVhksPHZ, accessed: 6/27/11, SL)

As I work on Earth as a communicator for the Ashtar Command and Interplanetary Council, I have found that at times I have been called upon to correct this information (as many of the channels were also requested to do). As I covered in my last article, “Project Uplift” was abandoned at the time by the Ashtar Command (in the late 1980’s). The decision was based on rigorous discussion and holographic test scenarios which proved that such an intervention would potentially be harmful to many of those the Command was attempting to help. It would involve separating people from friends and family (who were not ready and had not chosen such a destiny) and taking people away from their lessons on Earth – which could only be accomplished while there. The Ashtar Command must obey (as do all civilizations belonging to the Association of Worlds) a strict code of non-interference when observing or interacting with another civilization. Therefore there is a fine line between what would constitute interfering with the natural evolutionary path of a particular civilization and working in harmony with their free will and spiritual growth. When the Interplanetary Council makes a decision such as this, it affects ALL personnel involved with that planet or civilization. The final decision must be by consensus, but, as the majority decided to abandon Project Uplift, the motion was carried – as they say on Earth.

Aff – No Evacuation

Too many issues with Project Uplift – the majority of the human race isn’t ready to accept the existence of ETs

Ariana, Pleiadian Walk In and Channel and Communicator, Healer and Artist, 2011 (Anakya, 5/2/2011, “Channelling, Human Ascension: Earth Changes and Evacuation of Earth” Ashtar Spiritual Forum, http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/project-awaken-earth#ixzz1QViCuZhL, accessed: 6/27/11, SL)

What the Ashtar Command now focuses on (rather than Uplift) has been dubbed “Project Awaken Earth” in colloquial English – but that is really only one phase of the project. This project is exactly as it states – an opportunity to help souls on Earth awaken to their Divine heritage and spiritual capabilities. This is because it is understood that this part must be accomplished before any physical interaction can occur (via density shift). But Project Awaken is not being undertaken so that people on Earth can meet all within the Ashtar Command face-to-face (although it is accepted that will eventually happen). To many of these cultures, physicality is secondary to the energy and spirit. Such a project is undertaken because it is a way to help humanity move beyond limitation and fear – just as another enlightened group once helped some of us, and just as Earth humanity will one day be called upon to do also. Project Uplift raised a myriad of environmental, behavioural, societal and spiritual issues that came up. But this aspect has been very useful and valuable, because there is much that has been learned from it (but never at the expense of Earth inhabitants). Regardless of what some on Earth choose to believe, life on board the ships within the Ashtar Command and similar groups is NOT like living on Earth!. It is different on almost every level. You would literally be suddenly catapulted into a truly alien environment. Even if you are a Starseed, you will have become acclimatized to Earth and the density and structures there. It is now familiar to you and is part of your life that you have chosen (although awakened Starseeds would definitely find it easier, and would adjust faster). On the ships there is a strict order and harmony that must be maintained at all times amongst the personnel and their families. Such a vast organization and community cannot function efficiently without that harmony and order. For instance; you can’t hide anything from anyoneemotionally or otherwise, and you can’t have an emotional breakdown of any kind. There are healers on the ships and there is healing technology which can help when someone goes out of phase (as we call it), but the ‘patient’ must be at a stage in their growth where they can assimilate the energy and quickly balance themselves. If that doesn’t happen, then they are required to leave the ship for a time until they regain balance. And when encountering the many other cultures that live and work on the ships, there would be extensive cultural differences that could be a problem for those who were unaware or not accustomed. Unfortunately, among many people on Earth there is the idea that all ET beings are dangerous, or want to eat them or something. This is because of what the media has projected. There is also their inherent fear of the unknown. This is a major barrier to interaction with other planetary civilizations at this time. Unfortunately, Earth humans are not raised with the understanding that they have universal family, or that intelligent life exists in different densities – some of whom have been around longer and have evolved differently. I am just outlining here some of the obstacles to deeper and more physical interaction with universal family. There are a lot of radically different and new things and concepts that a person would have to be adjusted to. Therefore it would have to be a GRADUAL process, and not one that people where simply just thrown into at the deep end, so to speak.

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