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Health Public Service Announcementsocial media

Positive Digital Messages
TASK: Your group will create a 30 second - 1 minute public service announcement (PSA) on your iPad. This PSA should be created to communicate a positive message to the viewer (audience) about the use of digital tools in their life. Many times we hear what we should NOT do with iPads, cell phones, social media etc. This PSA needs to relay a message of what to do in a safe and healthy environment.
RESOURCES: iPads, Google Drive (shared folder), internet, video editing app such as iMovie, Adobe Voice, TouchCast etc.
GRADING: Check the rubric for details for grading. Your audience is the  HS students at WHS. This PSA may be shown during newsbreak or advisory in the future.
POTENTIAL TOPICS: Choose your topic and sign up with your teacher, groups will be Assigned!

Texting & Distracted Driving  
Location of phone / power /

Apps to disable phone

Social Media

types of pictures to post / think before

you post / screen names

Sharing passwords / sharing your

Device / What makes a good password
Browser History

What is google tracking?

Physical Health

Brain / eyesight / obesity

Video games

healthy - strategy, problem solving / unhealthy

- isolation,  obesity,
Time Management – How to Use Technology

Portray a Positive Self-Image - Strategies
Tips / Steps before posting – Think First
Colleges are looking at your Social Media Accounts

Tips for college & Employment success

Creative Commons - how to license your creative works /

how to search for creative commons materials/

types of creative common licenses
Digital footprint

tips for protecting your online reputation

Communication How to connect with people

around the world / Crowdsourcing

Multi-Tasking – Strategies, etc.
Mindfulness - strategies for staying focused
Sexting – Safety / Strategies / Wisdom

Completing Your Project
Assign roles - storyboard creator, digital resource gatherer, video editor, script writersocial-media

  1. Create your storyboard - plan out your PSA on the template

  2. Show your storyboard to your teacher prior to starting the video

  3. Record video, take pictures, find pictures (creative commons)

  4. Align video & photos to script

  5. Create video and turn into eBackpack


  • Introduction & Sources Page

  • Your Own Product – Youtube is a Resource


Download 12.49 Kb.

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