Instructions for Completing the 2014-15 Annual Performance Report (apr)

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OMB Approval No.: 1840-0640

Expiration Date: 11/30/2016

Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement (McNair) Program

Instructions for Completing the 2014-15 Annual Performance Report (APR)

Background Information on the McNair APR

The Department of Education (Department) uses the information provided in the McNair Annual Performance report to assess a grantee’s progress in meeting its approved goals and objectives and to determine a grantee’s prior experience points in accordance with the program regulations (34 CFR 647). The following outline is provided to answer questions you may have about the APR submission.


  • All grantees funded under the McNair Program must submit an annual performance report as a condition of the grant award.


  • The APR consists of two sections. Section I gathers project information and Section II gathers detailed information on individual McNair participants as defined in 34 CFR 647.3.

  • The project and individual participant information provided in the report must cover the 12-month academic year of the grantee institution instead of the 12-month budget/project year for the grant. For example, the 2014-15 academic year is roughly August/September 2014 through July/August 2014 while the budget/project year for most McNair grants is October 1, 2014, through September 30, 2015.

  • The reporting requirements are as follows

    • Projects must retain participant records for a period of ten (10) years after the attainment of a bachelor’s degree.

    • Projects must retain all of the participant records that were in the 2013-14 APR data file for a period of ten (10) years (excluding records with cohort years prior to 2004-05). These records include participants who were served in 2013-14 as well as participants who were not served and have not yet attained a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, if you included a participant record on your 2013-14 APR data file (excluding records with cohort years prior to 2004-05), you must include the record on your 2014-15 APR data file.


  • The annual report is submitted within 90 days after the end of the 12-month budget period.


  • Because the APR requests personal and confidential information on project participants, the secured Web site meets the Department of Education’s data security standards for sensitive data, including password and site access procedures. Further, to ensure that the data is accessible only to authorized individuals and protected from unauthorized uses, a grantee must submit the participant level data via the Web application; under no circumstances should a grantee transmit the data to the Department or the APR Help Desk via e-mail.

  • The link to the actual Web application will be available on December 1, at the following Web address:

  • Web application registration and features are provided below.


  • Title IV, Section 402E, of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (Public Law 102-325), the program regulations in 34 CFR Part 647; and sections 75.590, and 75.720 of the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) requires the collection of this information.


  • By constructing a tab delimited (.csv) or Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file that contains all of the individual participant information requested in Section II of the APR which is the Record Structure for Participants. The file must mirror the order of the field name and the content of the database column name.

    • Section I, Part 1—Project Identification/Characteristics Certification and Warning Statements

    • Section I, Part 2—Project Services

    • II.A. Project Identifiers (pre-populated)

    • II.B. Participant’s Personal Information

    • II.C. Participant’s Demographic Information

    • II.D. Participant’s Eligibility Status Information

    • II.E. Participant’s Enrollment Status Information

    • II.F. Participant’s Academic and Degree Status Information

    • II.G. Participant’s Research or Other Scholarly Activities Information

    • II.H. Participant’s Graduate School Status Information

    • II.I. Participant’s Name Change

Web Registration:

  • Go to,

  • Click on "Register Here Each Year,”

  • Enter the project's PR award number (found on the Grant Award Notification),

  • Enter project director’s e-mail address,

  • Enter project director's first and last names,

  • Select and answer two security questions,

  • If the project director’s information matches the data that the Department currently has on file, a user ID and temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address on file.

  • If the project director’s information does not match the data that the Department currently has on file, you will be directed to a "Registration Failed" page. You will be asked to complete a form. Your program specialist and the Help Desk will be sent an e-mail message requesting verification of project director.

  • Verification will occur within 24 hours if the program specialist can readily confirm a change in project director or e-mail address. Once the Help Desk has received verification from the program specialist, you will be notified to continue with registration.

  • You may enter the user ID and temporary password below the “Register Here Each Year” link.

  • You will be guided to select a new password. Password requirements are:

    • at least eight characters, and include combinations of the following,

    • at least one English uppercase character (A-Z),

    • at least one English lowercase character (a-z),

    • at least one numeric number (0-9), and

    • at least one non-alphanumeric special character (e.g., :, !, @, #, $, &, *, %, /, +, -).

  • If you forget your password, a "Forgot Password" link is available on the login page. The link will route you to a screen that will allow you to retrieve your password by answering the two security questions you provided at initial registration. Once you answer the two security questions, your password will be sent to the email on file.

  • After three failed attempts to access the Web site, you will be locked out and must call the Help Desk to obtain access.

Web Features:

  • A Web form for completing Sections I and II online.

  • Access to your 2013-14 McNair APR data file. You can use this file to construct your 2014-15 APR data file and/or use it as a reference to ensure that all participants that should be on the 2014-15 APR data file are included.

  • Functionality to upload a file with the individual participant records (Section II) to the Web application using a tab delimited (.csv) or EXCEL (.xls, .xlsx) file format.

  • Functionality to download a file of the individual participant records (Section II).

  • Functionality to view/delete/add participant data online.

  • Functionality to upload a scanned signed copy of Section I using the online Web application.

  • Online data field validations and error checks. In order for a grantee to be able to submit the APR successfully, all of the sections of the APR must pass the first level of data field validations. In addition, following the initial submission of the participant data, additional data quality checks will be run. If any errors or data inconsistencies are found, the grantee will be notified via email of needed corrections and the due date for resubmitting the Section II data.

  • A print button to generate a hard copy of the information entered online for Sections I and II (does not include the actual student record).

  • A submit button to send the entire report to the Department.

  • An e-mail confirmation that notifies projects that the report has been submitted (a valid e-mail address must be provided in Section I).

Contact the Help Desk or your program specialist if you:

  • have technical problems accessing the Web site or using the Web application,

  • do not receive an e-mail confirmation,

  • need to revise your performance report data after it has been submitted but prior to the deadline date (January 8, 2016), and or

  • have questions regarding the performance report requirements.

Contact Information:

  • APR Help Desk at (703) 846-8248 or via e-mail at

  • Program Specialist—Use the State listing provided at:

Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement (McNair) Program

Specific Instructions for Completing the Performance Report

For 2014-15

Download 242.03 Kb.

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