Integrated safeguards data sheet concept stage report No.: Ac3725

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Report No.: AC3725

Date ISDS Prepared/Updated: 06/18/2008
A. Basic Project Data

Country: Tanzania

Project ID: P111155

Project Name: Zanzibar Urban Services Project

Task Team Leader: Barjor E. Mehta

Estimated Appraisal Date: September 2, 2008

Estimated Board Date: November 26, 2009

Managing Unit: AFTU1

Lending Instrument: Specific Investment Loan

Sector: General water, sanitation and flood protection sector (45%);Solid waste management (45%);Sub-national government administration (10%)

Theme: Access to urban services and housing (P);Municipal finance (S);Other urban development (S)

IBRD Amount (US$m.): 0.00

IDA Amount (US$m.): 30.00

GEF Amount (US$m.): 0.00

PCF Amount (US$m.): 0.00

Other financing amounts by source:



B. Project Objectives [from section 2 of PCN]

The project development objective of the ZURP is to strengthen institutional and fiscal capacity for urban management in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba), develop municipal infrastructure and enhance the physical cultural heritage at one public location within Stone Town.
C. Project Description [from section 3 of PCN]

The proposed project will have three components:

Component 1: Institutional Strengthening and Infrastructure Development in the Zanzibar Municipal Council (ZMC) Area. This component will assist the Zanzibar Municipal Council in the following areas: (i) Institutional strengthening; (ii) development of surface drainage in the Na’gambo areas of ZMC, solid waste management and street lighting; (iii) Preparation of the Physical Development Plan for the ZMC and its immediate periphery; (iv) Preparation for Road Works within the ZMC and immediate periphery (limited to engineering designs and construction documents); and (v) Rehabilitation and construction of Mizingani Road Sea Wall in Stone Town which has a strategic sea side location on the edge of the World Heritage City of Stone Town.

Component 2: Support to Town Councils on Pemba Island. This component will assist the three town councils on the island to implement appropriate municipal revenue and expenditure management systems and will provide assistance in the design and implementation of select municipal infrastructure (surface drainage and solid waste management).

Component 3: Project Management. This component will provide support to the Ministry of State, Regional Administration and Local Government to establish project management, monitoring and reporting systems. It will also allow the other two participating Ministries (Construction and Communications) to implement and coordinate their respective components.
D. Project location (if known)

On Unguja Island the project will concentrate on the areas under Zanzibar Municipal Council and its immediate periphery. On Pemba Island, the project will concentrate only on the Town Councils of Mkoani, Chake Chake and Wete.

E. Borrower’s Institutional Capacity for Safeguard Policies [from PCN]

Overall institutional capacity to implement safeguard policies is weak. Considerable mentoring and training will be required during and through project preparation. Project implementation will require enhanced supervision and hand holding throughout the project period.

However, the Drainage and Solid Waste Management Division of the Zanzibar Municipal Council which will be responsible for the implementation of the planned surface drainage has long-standing experience of working with the German agency KfW and therefore has developed the institutional awareness and some expertise in dealing effectively with environmental and social safeguards. The same is not true for the three Town Councils on Pemba Island. The borrower will conduct a social and environment assessment prior to appraisal to identify potential impacts and capacity gaps for implementing the proposed mitigation measures and for managing chance finds, and where appropriate, recommend capacity building measures.

In addition, the Stone Town Conservation and Development Authority which deals with the World Heritage City of Stone Town and which will oversee the implementation of the sea wall has the experience in implementing safeguards policies established by UNESCO and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s Historic Cities Programme. Considering the nature of the site, physical cultural heritage safeguards will require enhanced attention during preparation and supervision.

F. Environmental and Social Safeguards Specialists

Ms Yasmin Tayyab (AFTCS)

Ms Jane A. N. Kibbassa (AFTEN)

Safeguard Policies Triggered




Environmental Assessment (OP/BP 4.01)


The project is located on the Zanzibari islands of Pemba and Unguja. Investments under this project will focus on: (a) construction of surface drains; (b) solid waste management; street lighting; and (c) the construction of a sea wall. The types of investments are common to urban areas and their potential environmental and social effects are well understood. Category A is chosen considering the island location and the need for active community involvement in building consensus on issues.

Natural Habitats (OP/BP 4.04)


Forests (OP/BP 4.36)


Pest Management (OP 4.09)


Physical Cultural Resources (OP/BP 4.11)


The physical cultural resources component of the EA will include: (a) an investigation and inventory of physical cultural resources likely to be affected by the project; (b) documentation of the significance of such physical cultural resources; and (c) assessment of the nature and extent of potential impacts on these resources.

Indigenous Peoples (OP/BP 4.10)


Involuntary Resettlement (OP/BP 4.12)


The project intervention triggers OP 4.12, the Involuntary Resettlement Policy. An appropriate resettlement framework for infrastructure development and a RAP for component 1.4 will be prepared for Bank review and clearance. Land acquisition is not envisaged under this project.

Safety of Dams (OP/BP 4.37)


Projects on International Waterways (OP/BP 7.50)


Projects in Disputed Areas (OP/BP 7.60)


Environmental Category: A - Full Assessment


  1. Target date for the Quality Enhancement Review (QER), at which time the PAD-stage ISDS would be prepared: 05/26/2009

  1. For simple projects that will not require a QER, the target date for preparing the PAD-stage ISDS: N/A

C. Time frame for launching and completing the safeguard-related studies that may be needed. The specific studies and their timing1 should be specified in the PAD-stage ISDS.

A comprehensive EA of project components dealing with infrastructure implementation such as surface drainage, solid waste and street lighting as well as the rehabilitation and construction of the sea wall will be required with an EMP that establishes: (a) design and mitigation measures (e.g. construction environmental clauses) where the specific works are already reasonably well-known; (b) prescriptions for more specific EA/EMP work during project implementation where they are not (e.g. solid waste management); and (c) institutional arrangements, including training and capacity-building, for implementing the above. The EA team will require substantial expertise for addressing physical cultural resources issues. Enhanced supervision and hand-holding throughout the project period will be required.

For Component 1.4, the Zanzibar Transport Master Plan aims to identify several critical urban links which need to be developed to serve the outer areas of ZMC and its immediate periphery. These are also the areas with a predominance of very poor urban residents. The Ministry of Communications and Transport will be assisted in the preparation of resettlement action plan as part of the engineering and implementing design work of roads which are required to complete the road network within ZMC and its immediate periphery. The actual implementation of the roads will be financed under a proposed World Bank operation.

The EA/EMP and RPF will be prepared, approved and disclosed prior to appraisal in Tanzania and at the World Bank’s Infoshop.

Signed and submitted by:

Task Team Leader:

Mr Barjor E. Mehta


Approved by:

Regional Safeguards Coordinator:

Mr Warren Waters



Sector Manager:

Mr Jaime M. Biderman



1 Reminder: The Bank's Disclosure Policy requires that safeguard-related documents be disclosed before appraisal (i) at the InfoShop and (ii) in-country, at publicly accessible locations and in a form and language that are accessible to potentially affected persons.

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