Environment Impact Assessment For Jiangxi Shangrao Sanqingshan Airport Beijing Guohuantiandi Environmental Technology Development Center. Ltd. Oct. 2012 Content

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Environment Impact Assessment


Jiangxi Shangrao Sanqingshan Airport

Beijing Guohuantiandi Environmental Technology Development Center. Ltd.

Oct. 2012


1. Overview 1

1.1 Project Origin 1

1.2 Preparation Basis 5

1.3 Guidelines and Objectives of Environment Impact Assessment 9

1.4 Assessment Grade 9

1.5 Scope of Assessment 16

1.6 Assessment Standards 20

1.7 Environmental Protection Targets 28

1.8 Assessment Priority 41

1.9 Assessment Period 41

2 Project Overview 42

2.1 Project Goal 42

2.2 Project Description 42

2.3 Forecast of aviation volume and traffic volume of airport 43

2.4 Amount of land requisition and relocation 44

2.5 Construction plan 45

3. Regional Environmental Summary and Investigation and Evaluation of Environmental Quality Status 47

3.1 Regional Environmental Summary 47

3.2 Social Environmental Characteristics 55

3.3 Regional Environmental Quality Survey and Evaluation 58

3.4 Due Diligence Review 82

3.5 City, Traffic and Economic Development Planning 87

4.Environmental Impact Analysis and Mitigation Measures 90

4.1Acoustic Environment Impact Analysis and Mitigation Mearsures 90

4.2 Analysis of Ecological Impact and Mitigation Measrues 120

4.3 Impact Analysis of Ambient Air and Mitigation Measures 152

4.4 Impact analysis of Surface Water Environment and Mitigation Measures 159

4.5 Impact Analysis of Underground Water Environment 170

4.6 Impact Analysis of Solid Wastes Environment 179

4.7 Impact analysis of Environmental Risk 182

4.8 Impact Analysis of electromagnetic radiation 197

4.9 Occupational Health and Safety 212

4.10 Social Impact Analysis 215

4.11 Construction camp impact and management measures 226

4.12 Impact analysis and measures of rural road reconstruction 229

5.Alternative Analysis 233

5.1 Comparison of implementation and non-implementation scheme 233

5.2 Site Selection Basis for Airport 236

5.3 Comparison of sewage treatment methods 240

5.4 Comparison of motor vehicle fuel 241

5.5 Comparison of Sustainable Drainage Schemes 242

5.6 Comparison of Runway Layout Scheme 244

6. Environmental Management Plan 246

6.1 Environmental Management Objective 246

6.2 Environmental management mechanism 246

6.3 Environmental Management Procedures 252

6.4 Institution Strengthening 290

6.5 Monitoring plan 293

6.6 Reporting Mechanism 301

6.7 Public statement mechanism 302

6.8 Green airport design and clean development mechanism 303

6.9 Emergency plan 311

6.10 Punishment mechanism 314

6.11 Estimation of environmental protection costs 315

7. Public Consultation and Information Disclosure 316

7.1 Methods of public consultation and information disclosure 316

7.2 Public consultation 316

7.3 Information disclosure 321

7.4 Summary of public consultation and information disclosure 323

7.5 Public consultation on farm irrigation compensation/alternative scheme 324

8 Conclusions and Suggestions 329

8.1 Main conclusions 329

8.2 Main suggestions 329

Annex I Sample List of Public Consultationthe first time 331

Annex II Sample List of Public Consultation the second time 333

Annex III: Derivation of Relations between LWECPN and LDN 336

Annex IV Evaluation Standard for Green Building 339

1. Overview

1.1 Project Origin

Located in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province, Shangrao City adjoins Quzhou City of Zhejiang Province in east and Huangshan City of Anhui Province in north and borders Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces. Shangrao City is rich in water recourses, mineral and tourism resources. The tourism resources mainly include the World Natural Heritage Sanqing Mountain, World Geopark Guifeng and China’s most beautiful countryside Wuyuan Village. In recent years, Shangrao City has gradually formed an economic system with the specialty agriculture, mineral resources development and tourism taking the lead, and with non-ferrous metal, new energy, electromechanical optical and new construction materials becoming four leading industries. Faster local economic and social development, and increasingly growing foreign exchanges and cooperation demand more convenient and efficient transportation conditions, Shangrao City has basically formed a transportation system of road, railway and waterway, while the air transport is still blank. Meaning of constructing Shangrao Airport:

1.1.1 Construction of Shangrao Airport is urgent demand for sustainable development of Eastern Jiangxi Province

As the east door of Jiangxi, Jiangxi Provincial Committee Party and provincial government take Shangrao City as one of four key cities of Jiangxi and determine it as the regional center city to bridgehead to connect Yangtze Delta Area with strong radiation function. For recently, with further deepening of reform opening, Shangrao City become the golden land for development of trade and circulation because it is the preferred area and industrial transfer area as well as the important transit point of Yangtze Delta Area and Min Delta Area with convenient logistics and transportation. Only in 2010, Shangrao directly used the foreign capital of USD 500,000,000 yuan.

Shangrao is located at the junction of Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and Anhui Province, which is the important line of communications. With the Shangrao City as the center, within the scope of 100km around, referring to 15 counties (cities, regions) including Shangrao City, Yingtan City and Guixi City of Jiangxi Province as well as Zhejiang, Fujian. The total population exceeds 6.5 million, the GDP exceeds 60 billion yuan. That the economical cooperation zone of Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui Provinces as well as the nine cities set up contact office in Shangrao is because Shangrao City has superior regional location, which is the economic leader and communication hub of the four provinces and nine cities. Construction of Shangrao Airport can drive the common development of the four provinces and nine cities, thus to be beneficial to development of economic society in the region and configuration of resource optimization as well as the perfection of regional economy and urban function.

Therefore, construction of Shangrao Airport is beneficial to exterior opening up further and to promotion of the exterior economic cooperation and communication to push the development of social economy of the region, thus to drive the overall sustainable development of social economy of the whole Eastern Jiangxi Province.

1.1.2 Construction of Shangrao Airport is demand for perfection of local comprehensive traffic system

Shangrao City is located in the northeast part of Jiangxi Province with Zhejiang to the east, Anhui to the west and Fujian to the south. It is a very important geographical position, known as the thoroughfare of eight provinces and Yu Zhang first portal. Within its territory, there are Anhui-Jiangxi, Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Hengnan and Jiujingqu railway, Shanghai-Kunming, Jingwuchang (yellow) and are Shanghai-Wuhan Highway under early stage, 320 national road and 206 national road, one from south to north and the other from east to west. The location advantage of Tongqun area has become increasingly prominent.

For recent years, with the overall and rapid development of economy and society of Shangrao City, especial the objective of constructing Shangrao to the regional center city of four provinces boundary has put forward the higher requirement for construction of traffic network for each industry of Shangrao.

Single ground transportation has great limitations on the city's comprehensive development, especially the highway, due to road condition, line and time, the factors are more if the accessible region is farer and inconvenient. understanding farther get restrict an element more, more and more convenient. Construction of Shangrao Airport to open air route is a convenient way for perfection of traffic system. With the air passage opened, the traffic system of Shangrao has two transportation methods of ground and air. The ground transportation plays its advantages of large quantity and the air transportation is convenient, safe and fast. Both methods supplement each other to promote the rapid and sustainable development of economy of Eastern Jiangxi Province jointly.

1.1.3 Construction of Shangrao Airport is need for development of rich tourism resources

Shangrao has paid high attention to development of tourism to position the tourism as the new growth point and urban support industry. It put forward the strategic position of All Accessible and Tourism First to plan at high level, promote at high grade, construct from high starting point, protect with high standard and publicize at high intensity, thus to bring new prospect for the tourism of the whole city. According to the Outlines of Twelfth Five-year Plan for National Economy and Social Development of Shangrao City, try to realize the objective of receiving domestic and overseas tourists with the annual increase over 15% and total income of tourism with annual increase over 25%. At the end of Twelfth Five-year Plan, try to realize the objective of receiving domestic and overseas tourists over 30000000 person-time, 50000000 person-time the better. Among them, overseas tourists exceed 300000 person-time; total income of tourism exceeds 30 billion yuan, occupying over 15% of output value of the whole city to basically complete the transformation and upgrading of tourism and form the perfect tourism system, thus to enable Shangrao City to become the strong city of tourism all over the country.

Shangrao is rich in tourism resources. For recent years, red tourism lines including Shangrao concentration camp, Fang Zhimin martyr revolutionary base, Dieshan Academy as well as Sanqingshan, Guifeng, Wuyuan, million years fairy cave, Dexing copper city, Baishazhou of Poyang Lake, Gexian mountain of Lead mountain, Huanggang mountain, goose lake academy, Guangfeng Tongba Mountain and Dexing Wufengdong stir the fever. Shangrao City has joined the Yangtze River Delta 15+1 Tourism Economic Cooperation System to construct the barrier-free tourism zone in East China. In 2010, the city received total domestic tourists of 19756000 person-time and overseas tourists 112000 to make tourism earnings of USD 37600000. Shangrao tourism is developing vigorously, the objective of creating the China Excellent Tourism City is being advanced steadily and the tourism investment promotion work is progressing smoothly. The reputation of Shangrao tourism is gradually improved to the nation and even the whole world.

Shangrao is located in motherland inland, lack of air transportation and limitations on single ground transportation limitations enable the region's tourism to stay in the early stages of development, main source of tourism is limited in the province and the surrounding areas. Construction of Shangrao Airport, China's main body of access to air travel network, construction of the new accord with the development of tourism industry multiple levels of traffic system, make East Jiangxi tourism resources information and fly away, and vigorously promote tourism product publicity and marketing, to attract more visitors, in favor of the local tourist resources to obtain the reasonable development and utilization, for the region's tourism industry to grow, become local economy to develop new pillar industry.

Construction of Shangrao Airport will be beneficial to development of tourism resources and improvement of overall traffic environment as well as integration of regional tourism resources to promote early formation of tourism belt and tourism economic circle of Jiangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang and Fujian, thus to form the tourism cooperation and combination between the regions and promote the overall development of social economy of Eastern Jiangxi Province.

1.1.4 Construction of Shangrao Airport is demand for perfection of airport layout

At present, Jiangxi Province has constructed Changbei, Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, Jinggangshan and Ganzhou Airport, Yichun Airport is approved for construction, and Eastern Jiangxi Province is the blank of civil aviation airport. Construction of Shangrao Airport complies with Twelfth Five-year Plan for Development of China Civil Aviation and Twelfth Five-year Plan for Jiangxi Province National Economy and Social Development, which plays an important role in perfection of airport planning network of Jiangxi Province, development of civil aviation transportation career of Jiangxi Province and perfection of comprehensive traffic system of Jiangxi Province.

From the historical experience, construction of airport plays an irreplaceable role in disaster relief and emergency response. In 2008 in southern China area during the ice disaster, in the 5·12 Wenchuan earthquake and 4.14 Yushu earthquake disaster, air transport become timely delivery of relief supplies, rescue personnel big channel, in order to win the victory that fight calamity plays a crucial role. Building of the airport and opening air channel are of great significance to perfection of regional comprehensive traffic transportation network, response to emergencies and guarantee of people’s life and property safety.

From the layout of national defense airport, Shangrao is southeastern coastal plain strategic depth; construction of Shangrao Airport can serve the national defense construction in wartime.

To sump up, construction of Shangrao Airport can promote sustainable development of Eastern Jiangxi Province and social economy of Shangrao City, and drive development and utilization of tourism resources of Eastern Jiangxi Province, It plays an important role in perfection of planning layout of civil aviation airport and perfection of local comprehensive traffic system; it is of great significance to response to emergencies, disaster rescue and defense readiness. Therefore, construction of Shangrao Airport is a necessary and urgent task.

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