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HG633 V100R001C21B028 °æ±¾Éý¼¶Ö¸µ¼Êé Version Deployment and Upgrade Guide

HG633 V100R001C21 Version Deployment and Upgrade Guide


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HG633 V100R001C21B028


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HG633 V100R001C21B028
Version Deployment and Upgrade Guide

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Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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Key words: HG633 deployment, upgrade, Multicast Upgrade
Abstract: This document lists three upgrade modes, and provides different schemes for choice. Terminal products are large in quantity and scattered in distribution, thus, it is important that we use Multicast Upgrade in advance for auto grade function, in this way to reduce the labor input and realize the good maintainability of the product.
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations:
HG (W) Home Gateway
NAT Network Address Translation
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
BAS Board band Access Server
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

For details, refer to related manuals.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview 1
1.1 Version Descriptions 1
1.2 Application Descriptions 1
1.2.1 Features 1
1.2.2 Version Release Strategy 1
1.2.3 Maintenance Function 1
1.3 Software Version Descriptions 1
1.3.1 Files Loaded 1
Chapter 2 Version Upgrade 3
2.1 Local Upgrade through Web 3
2.1.1 Preparations 3
2.1.2 Procedures 3
2.2 Multicast Upgrade 6
2.2.1 Preparations 6
2.2.2 Procedures: 6
2.3 Notes: 7
Chapter 3 Check Software 8
3.1 Check Software Version 8

Chapter 1 Overview

1.1 Version Descriptions

The HG633 V100R001C21B028 version is released to Talktalk use.

1.2 Application Descriptions

1.2.1 Features

The main features of the HG633 V100R001C21B028 Version Deployment and Upgrade Guide are as follows:




  • Ethernet(LAN) 4

Basic functions


Network functions

  • NAT function.

  • DHCP (Server/Client) function

  • Route function

  • Port Forwarding

  • SNTP function


  • Web

  • TR069

  • CLI

1.2.2 Version Release Strategy

HG633 V100R001C21B028 is a informal version.

1.2.3 Maintenance Function

  • Supporting Web

  • Supporting three upgrade modes: Multicast Upgrade, local manual upgrade and local upgrade in the urgent-recover mode.

1.3 Software Version Descriptions

1.3.1 Files Loaded

Document name

Document description


Only contain application, NOT contain bootload and configuration


The image for Multicast upgrade


The information file for Multicast upgrade


The toolset of Multicast upgrade

Chapter 2 Version Upgrade

HG633 V100R001C21B028 supports the following three ways of upgrade:

2.1 Local Upgrade through Web

2.1.1 Preparations

  1. Set the IP address of the maintenance PC to (The default maintenance IP address of Home Gateway is the maintenance PC to any network port of the Home Gateway through the network cable. Ensure that you can PING through the maintenance IP address of Home Gateway in the maintenance PC.

  2. Prepare the version file to be upgraded in the local PC,

  3. Ensure the IE or Netscape browser works in a normal state in the maintenance PC..

2.1.2 Procedures

  1. Log in to the system. Enter in the address bar of the IE or Firefox in the maintenance PC. Enter the correct username and password in the prompted dialog box.(The administrator username is admin, password is XXXXXXXX(see the label at the Back cover)). Use the administrator username and password. Click Login to log in to the system .

  1. Back up the data(If no need goto step (3) directly). Before the backup, select Maintain > Device Management> Back Up or Restore Settings to display the following page (as shown below). Click Back Up to save the current settings.

  1. Upgrade the version. Select Maintain > Device Management> Firmware Upgrade from the navigation list on the left of the page to display the following page (as shown below). Click Browse to select the right version file(HG633v1.15t_main.bin), and then click Upgrade. The system begins to load the version file and the system reboots after finishing the loading. After the reboot, follow the step (1) to log in to the system. Confirm the current version number and settings. If the system cannot reboot normally, use the Multicast Upgrade mode as mentioned in 2.2 Multicast Upgrade

Now, the upgrade completes(If backup configuration data , goto step (4)).

  1. log in the system as step 1), and then select Device Management> Back Up or Restore Settings to display the following page (as shown below). Click Restore Settings to save the settings under the selected directory (The default name of the saved configuration file is downloadconfigfile.conf). Then verify whether the saved settings are correct.).

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