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A road test shall be conducted with the apparatus fully loaded and a continuous run of ten (10) miles or more shall be made under all driving conditions, during which time the apparatus shall show no loss of power or overheating.  The transmission drive shaft or shafts, and rear axles shall run quietly and be free from abnormal vibration or noise throughout the operating range of the apparatus.  Vehicle shall adhere to the following parameters:

A)  The apparatus, when fully equipped and loaded, shall have not less than 25 percent nor more than 50 percent of the weight on the front axle, and not less than 50 percent nor more than 75 percent on the rear axle.

B)  The apparatus shall be capable of accelerating to 35 mph from a standing start within 25 seconds on a level concrete highway without exceeding the maximum governed rpm of the engine.

C)  The service brakes shall be capable of stopping a fully loaded vehicle in 35 feet at 20 mph on a level concrete highway.  The air brake system shall conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 121.

D)  The apparatus, fully loaded, shall be capable of obtaining a speed of 50 mph on a level concrete highway with the engine not exceeding its governed rpm (full load).


In the event the apparatus fails to meet the test requirements of these specifications on the first trial, second trials may be made by mutual agreement between the bidder and the State within 30 days of the date of the first trial.  Such trials shall be final and conclusive and failure to comply with these requirements shall be cause for rejection.  Failure to comply with changes to conform to any clause of the specifications, within 30 days after notice is given to the bidder of such changes, shall also be cause for rejection of the apparatus.  Permission to keep or store the apparatus in any building owned or occupied by the State or its use by the State during the above-specified period with the permission of the bidder shall not constitute acceptance.


The Manufacturer shall have a dealer owned regional full service apparatus repair facility. A facility within Delaware will receive favorable consideration. If not located within Delaware, the facility will preferably be located within a 6 hour round-trip of Dover, DE.


The apparatus shall be designed with due consideration to distribution of load between the front and rear axles.  Weight balance and distribution shall be in accordance with the recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association.


The  bidder shall meet the insurance requirements defined in the RFP.


The manufacturer shall operate a Quality Management System under the requirements of ISO 9001.  These standards sponsored by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specify the quality systems that shall be established by the manufacturer for design, manufacture, installation and service.  A copy of the certificate of compliance shall be included with the bid.


Proposals shall only be accepted from a manufacturer that designs and manufactures their products using an integrated approach, including the chassis, cab and body being fabricated and assembled on the manufacturer’s premises.  The warranties relative to the chassis and body design (excluding component warranties such as engine, transmission, axles, pump, etc.) must be from a single manufacturer and not split between manufacturers (i.e. body and chassis).  The offeror shall provide evidence that they comply with this requirement.


This unit shall comply with the NFPA standards effective January 1, 2009, except for fire department directed exceptions.  These exceptions shall be set forth in the Statement of Exceptions.

The State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources an Environmental Control is not governed by NFPA and will make exceptions to the standard when needed.

Certification of slip resistance of all stepping, standing and walking surfaces shall be supplied with delivery of the apparatus.

A plate that is highly visible to the driver while seated shall be provided.  This plate shall show the overall height, length, and gross vehicle weight rating.

The manufacturer shall have programs in place for training, proficiency testing and performance for any staff involved with certifications.

An official of the company shall designate, in writing, who is qualified to witness and certify test results.


Apparatus proposed by the bidder shall meet the applicable requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as stated in current edition at time of contract execution.  Fire department's specifications that differ from NFPA specifications shall be indicated in the proposal as "non-NFPA".


If the unit has a generator, the generator shall be tested, approved, and certified at the manufacturer's expense.  The test results shall be provided to the Fire Department at the time of delivery.



The bidder shall provide two (2) factory inspection trip(s) for three customer representative(s).  The inspection trip(s) shall be scheduled at times mutually agreed upon between the manufacturer's representative and the customer.  All costs such as travel, lodging and meals shall be the responsibility of the bidder.


A Customer Service website shall provide access to comprehensive information pertaining to the maintenance and service of the proposed apparatus.  

The website shall allow the ordering agency access to the following:

-  Parts look-up capability, with the aid of digital photographs, part drawings, and assembly drawings.

-    All currently published Operation and Maintenance and Service publications.

-   Upcoming training classes offered by the manufacturer.

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