Intro cervical spine I

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C 1 - 2

Patient supine. Fully side bend had, then counter rotate. The full sidebend will lock all rotation of the cervical spine except for C 1 - 2.

C 1 - 3

Fully flex the cervical spine and rotate the head. Less accurate then the previous test, but frequently, C 2 - 3 is involved in rotation restrictions in the cervical spine.

Side gliding mid cervical spine

Patient supine. Sideglide mid cervical spine. Keep the wrists extended, with the hands cupped around the neck. Add a little tilt at the end of the movement, makes it easier to feel what is going on. In side gliding to the right, you check for movement down and back on the left, up and forward on the right. If you feel restrictions, immediately check side gliding at that level in extension and flexion. Testing in extension means just picking up the slack, creating a nice fulcrum, Testing in flexion means semi flexion, not full flexion.

Sidebending mid cervical spine

Palpate the articular pillar with index fingers. Sidebend the head around an axis through the finger tips. The nose is allowed to deflect. Sidebend the head by rotating your body.

Rotation mid cervical spine

Palpate the posterior part of the transverse processes. Rotate the head by sidebending your body.

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