Jonathan Tsang

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Jonathan Tsang 

Jonathan Tsang is the Vice Chairman and President of ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Mr. Tsang is passionate about the infinite possibilities that come with the acceleration of technology.  He encourages colleagues to “think out of the box,” identify, and simulate the root causes of each consumer pain point.  He believes the best devices and services are created by placing oneself in the consumer’s shoes. 

As the industry evolves to allow new crossovers of devices such as desktops, TVs, tablets and phones, Mr. Tsang motivates his teams to perceive potential in the new digital era of cloud, motion sensing, touch, advanced audio, and video technology.

Mr. Tsang is inspired by the teaching of ancient Chinese culture and co-established the ASUS Five Virtues which serves as a merit index for all ASUS employees: humility, integrity, diligence, agility and courage. 

Prior to his appointment as the Vice Chairman and President in 2008, Mr. Tsang was responsible for the company’s worldwide sales, marketing, product management, technical support, and customer service.  Under his leadership, the sales team successfully developed ASUS’ international presence with over fifty branch offices around the world, and established ASUS as a premium brand that excels in quality, aesthetics and technology. 

Before joining ASUS, Mr. Tsang founded Unimax Computer in 1980, Taiwan's first Unix-based software company for turnkey MIS solutions.   As an entrepreneur, he had the opportunity to learn every aspect of business operations while working with customers to develop the most ideal management systems.

He balances his professional accomplishments with hiking and reading Chinese poetry in his spare time.

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