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LdP-English dictionary

Preliminary notes

1. This is a Lidepla-English dictionary of the Edition 1.3.
2. Word etymologies are given sparingly, usually only one source language is indicated. However one should bear in mind that roots widely spread across languages are basically taken. E.g. the word "kitaba" is originally from Arabic, but the root is present also in Turkish, Hindi, and a lot of other languages. Moreover, the etymology indicated is often not the earliest one. Thus, you'll see "Turkish" under the words "banka" and "dolar" not because they are originally Turkish words but because in Turkish they have the same form as in Lidepla.
3. It matters whether several English equivalents are given with a comma between them or with a semicolon. If there is a comma, only their related/common meaning is implied; if there is a semicolon, meanings should be regarded independently. E.g.

fila (kwo) row, line; queue, file

“Row” and “line” are given with a comma between them, which makes it clear that here “row” does not mean “quarrel” nor “trip in a rowboat”. Similarly “queue” and “file” mutually specify each other, implying the meaning “a line of waiting people or vehicles”.

Grammatical abbreviations

exklami exklami-worda (≈interjection)

gramatika gramatika-worda (grammatical word)

gramatika-komo gramatika-worda or komo-worda (adverb)

inplas-komo inplas-komo-worda (the word that substitutes an adverb)

inplas-kwanto inplas-kwanto-worda (the word that substitutes a numeral)

inplas-kwel inplas-kwel-worda (the word that substitutes an adjective)

inplas-kwo inplas-kwo-worda (the word that substitutes a noun)

komo komo-worda (adverb)

konekti konekti-worda (preposition)

konekti-komo konekti-worda or komo-worda

konekti-syao konekti-worda or syao-worda

kwanto kwanto-worda (numeral)

kwel kwel-worda (adjective)

kwesti kwesti-worda (question word)

kwo kwo-worda (noun)

loko-komo loko-komo-worda (adverb of place)

modus-komo modus-komo-worda (adverb of manner)

sta sta-worda (“word of state”: modal or copulative verb)

syao syao-worda (hyphenated affix or particle)

syao-gramatika syao-worda or gramatika-worda

syao-komo syao-worda or komo-worda

taim-komo taim-komo-worda (adverb of time)

unisi unisi-worda (conjunction)

wordakin unhyphenated affix

zwo zwo-worda (verb)

a — 1) (konekti) to (aim, direction)
go a shop — go to the shop
lai a dom — come home
returni a janmalanda — return to one's native land
a oli taraf — in/to all directions
2) (konekti) to (dative case)
a yu — to you
a may amiga — to my friend
shwo a swa — say to oneself
me ve rakonti a yu om to — I'll tell you about that
(cf. "versu")
3) the name of the letter A a

aa(exklami) ah, oh (an exclamation of understanding, recognition)
Aa, es yu! – Ah, it's you!
Aa, me samaji. — Oh, I see.
Written with two letters for distinction from the conjunction "a" (but pronounced the same way)
See also: ah

abat(kwo) abbot
abatguan(kwo) abbey

abeta(kwo) fir (tree)

abisma (kwo) abyss

abnegi(zwo) abnegate, deny oneself; renounce
lu abnegi-te fuming — he gave up smoking
abnega(kwo) abnegation, self-denial

aboli(zwo) abolish
abola(kwo) abolishment

abordaja(kwo) boarding (attacking an enemy ship)

aborigene(kwel) aboriginal
aborigena(kwo) aborigine

abrevi(zwo) abbreviate (words); abridge (a book), curtail (a narrative)
abreva(kwo) abbreviation
abrevi-ney (kwel) abbreviated, abridged
abrevi-nem (abrevem) — (komo) in abbreviated form
abrevitura(kwo) acronym

abrupte(kwel) precipitous, abrupt; brusque; sudden, abrupt

absente(kwel) absent, not present
absensia(kwo) absence

abses(kwo) abscess

absolute(kwel) absolute
absolutem(komo) absolutely
absoluta(kwo) (the) absolute

absorbi(zwo) absorb
Gunsa absorbi ta. — His work absorbed him.
absorba(kwo) absorption

abstrakti(zwo) abstract
abstrakta(kwo) abstraction
abstrakta-ney (abstrakte) — (kwel) abstract

absurde(kwel) absurd
absurda(kwo) absurd
absurditaa (kwo) absurdity

abundante(kwel) abundant
abundantem(komo) abundantly, amply, generously
abundansia(kwo) abundance

abyas(kwo) habit, custom
pa abyas — through habit
hev abyas — to be accustomed, to be wont, to be in the habit of
abyas-ney(kwel) habitual
abyas-nem(komo) habitually (see also "pinchan")
abyasi (zwo) get accustomed/used (a koysa — to smth), get into the habit of
mah koywan abyasi a koysa — to accustom smb to smth
abyasi-ney (abyasen) — (kwel) accustomed, used (a koysa — to smth)
abyasen a mushkila — accustomed to difficulties

acha(kwo) axe

Adam — Adam (Bibl.)

adapti(zwo) adapt, adapt oneself
adapta(kwo) adaptation
adapter(kwo) adapter
adaptibile(kwel) adaptable
adaptibilitaa(kwo) adaptability

adar (loko-komo) thither, there, that way
bu go adar — don’t go there
(Origin: a+dar)
Syn.: dar

adi (zwo) add
ada(kwo) addition
adiwat(kwo) additive, addition (smth added)
adike(kwel) additional
(cf. “aditi”)

aditi (zwo) add (math.), add up, tot up
adita(kwo) addition (math.)

adle(kwel) noble (of nobility)
adla(kwo) nobleman (a member of nobility)
adlitaa(kwo) nobility

administri(zwo) administer (manage, conduct)
administra(kwo) administration (administering)
administrasion(kwo) administration (managers)

admiral (kwo) admiral

admiri (zwo) admire
admira(kwo) admiration
admirival(kwel) admirable
admirer, admiri-sha(kwo) admirer

admiti (zwo) admit (grant entrance, whether into a place or into the mind)
admita(kwo) admission, admittance
noadmitibile(kwel) inadmissible

adopti (zwo) adopt
adopta(kwo) adoption

adres (kwo) address (location or its description)
adresi(zwo) address, accost
adresing(kwo) addressing, address (act)

adulte (kwel) adult
adulta(kwo) adult
adulto(kwo) adult male
adultina(kwo) adult female

adyoo (exklami) Goodbye! Adieu!
shwo adyoo, fai adyoo – to say goodbye
al fai adyoo — at parting
(kwo) farewell

adyutanta(kwo) aide de camp, adjutant

afisha(kwo) bill, poster, placard
afishi(zwo) bill (advertise)

aflui(zwo) flow towards, rush towards, stream towards
afluisa(kwo) flow, flood (of tide), rising tide; influx, inflow
afluisa e defluisa — flow and ebb
(Origin: a+flui)

Afrika(kwo) Africa

afro-asiatike(kwel) Afroasiatic

afsos (kwo) regret, pity
pa afsos — regrettably, sadly, unfortunately
afsosi(zwo) regret, be sorry about
afsos! (exklami) alas! it is a pity!
afsos-ney, afsosival(kwel) regrettable, sad, unfortunate

afte (konekti) after; in (at the end of)
afte yu — after you
afte to — after that
un afte otre — one after another
afte vidi — having seen
afte tri dey — in three days
afte un ora — in one hour
aften(taim-komo) afterwards, later on, subsequently
Nu nadi ke aften ve ye meno gwer in munda. — We hope that afterwards (in future) there will be fewer wars in the world.
Nu he diskusi se olo aften. — We have discussed this all later on.

aftechi(zwo) eat with, eat smth after drinking
Ta pi un glasakin vodka e aftechi bay marinaden gurka. — He had a glass of vodka with pickled cucumber.
(Origin: afte+chi)

agenda(kwo) agenda

agenta(kwo) agent (one empowered to act for or represent another)
agentaguan(kwo) agency

agiti (zwo) agitate (also to stir up public interest in a cause)
agiti-ney (agiten) — (kwel) agitated, excited
agita(kwo) agitation (for the meaning “stirring up of public interest” one can use also “agitasion”)

agni(kwo) fire
agnibeda — fire (occurrence of fire in a certain place)
agnibrigada — fire-brigade
agninka(kwo) spark
fai agninka — (zwo) spark
(kwel) aflame; fiery
agnisi(zwo) burn up, fire up; sear
agniluma(kwo) glow (in sky)
agni-ston(kwo) flint; gunflint
agniyuan(kwo) fireman
agniauto(kwo) fire engine

agra(kwo) (ploughed) field, tillage
agralanda(kwo) countryside
agralande(kwel) rural
agrajen(kwo) peasant (also “kisan”)
agrare(kwel) agrarian

agravi(zwo) aggravate (cf. “vexi”)
agrava(kwo) aggravation

agresi(zwo) aggress; feel aggression
agresa(kwo) aggression
agresive(kwel) aggressive
agreser(kwo) aggressor

agrisha(kwo) gooseberry

agude(kwel) sharp, acute (also of sound – shrill)
agudisi(zwo) sharpen

agudmente(kwel) witty
agudmentanik(kwo) wit, wittyman
agudmentika(kwo) witticism
agudmentitaa(kwo) wit (ability)
Origin: agude+menta+ney

ah(exklami) ah (expresses strong emotions)
fai ah(zwo) gasp with surprise

ahaa(exklami) aha

ahak(kwo) lime

ahfi(zwo) hide, conceal
ahfi swa — hide oneself
ahfi-geim — hide-and-seek
ahfilok(kwo) hiding-place
ahfi-shem (ahfem) — (komo) hidingly, in a hiding way
ahfishil(kwel) reserved, reticent, secretive
buahfi-ney (buahfen) — (kwel) unconcealed, undisguised
ahfi-go(zwo) slink, sneak, steal
ahfi-kan(zwo) peep, watch furtively

ahir (loko-komo) hither, here, this way
Lai ahir. — Come here.
(Origin: a+hir)
Syn.: hir

ahmak(kwo) fool
Syn.: stupida

ahuki(zwo) hitch, hook, couple, link, catch
May palto ahuki a naga e tori. — My coat caught on a nail and tore.

aida(exklami) let's go, come along (invitation to go somewhere)
Aida a riva! — Let’s go to the river!
Aida fo yabla! — Let’s go to get some apples!
Turkish, Slavic

aika (modus-komo) quite, rather
aika hao — quite well

ainshtanyum(kwo) einsteinium (chem.)

aira (kwo) air
aira kastela — castles in the air
airaportu(kwo) airport
airameil(kwo) airmail
airisi (zwo) aerate
airavati (zwo) air (expose to air)

Airland(kwo) Ireland

ais(kwo) ice
ais-lenge — ice-cold
(kwel) ice, icy,
aiskrem(kwo) ice cream
aisifa(kwo) icing up

aiva(kwo) quince
Turkish, Russian

aivi(kwo) ivy

ajibe(kwel) queer, weird, odd
Syn.: strane, astoni-she, nopinchan

ajile(kwel) agile, alert, brisk
do peda ajile — swift-footed, light-footed
do menta ajile — with agile mind, quick-witted
ajilitaa(kwo) agility, alertness, swiftness, legerity
ajilisi(zwo) brisk up

ajorni(zwo) adjourn, put off, defer (cf. "deri")
ajorna(kwo) adjournment, postponement, reprieve

ajusti(zwo) adjust, regulate, set
ajusti kloka, ajusti radio — adjust the clock/watch, adjust the radio

AKshortening of “afte Krista” (“AD, anno Domini”)

akademia (kwo) academy
akademiayuan(kwo) academician
akademike(kwel) academic

akasya(kwo) acacia

akauda(kwo) the sign "@"
(Origin: "a"+kauda)

akaunta(kwo) account (a registry of pecuniary transactions; a subscription to a service)

aklami(zwo) acclaim, praise enthusiastically, cheer
aklama(kwo) acclaim, acclamation

akompani(zwo) accompany
Ob yu akompani me a dom? – Will you see me home?
akompana(kwo) accompaniment

akorda(kwo) chord (combination of pitches sounded simultaneously)

akordion(kwo) accordion

akre(kwel) acrid, caustic, pungent

akrobat(kwo) acrobat

akseleri(zwo) accelerate
akselera(kwo) acceleration
Syn.: mah-kway, fa-kway

aksenta(kwo) accent
aksenti(zwo) accent, accentuate
See also: emfasi

aksepti(zwo) accept
aksepta(kwo) acceptance
aksepter(kwo) acceptor

akses(kwo) access
aksesi(zwo) access, have access to
aksesibile(kwel) accessible

aksham(kwo) evening
klok pet de aksham — (at) five o’clock in the evening
sey aksham — this evening, tonight
manya aksham — tomorrow evening
akshamfan(kwo) evening meal; supper

aksia(kwo) share (finance)

aksidenta(kwo) accident (in an ill sense), mishap
aksidenta-ney (aksidente) — (kwel) accident-related

akti(zwo) act
mah-akti — bring into action, enable
akta(kwo) act; action (smth done)
fai akta fo/kontra koysa — take action for/against smth
akting(kwo) action (functioning; effect)
aktive(kwel) active
aktivenesa(kwo) activity (the state or quality of being active)
aktivitaa(kwo) activity
aktivisi(zwo) activate
aktivisa(kwo) activation
aktivista(kwo) activist
ko-akti-sha(kwo) accomplice

aktinyum(kwo) actinium (chem.)

aktiva(kwo) assets (finance)

aktor(kwo) actor
aktoro(kwo) male actor
aktorina(kwo) actress

aktuale(kwel) topical, of current importance, actual

aktum(kwo) act (theater; legal document)

akumuli(zwo) accumulate
akumula(kwo) accumulation

akusi(zwo) accuse, inculpate, charge with, indict
akusa(kwo) accusation

akwa(kwo) water
akwa-ney(kwel) water; aqueous
akwish(kwel) watery

akwalwo(kwo) waterfall
(Origin: akwa+lwo)

akwarium(kwo) aquarium

akwatuber(kwo) plumber (one who works with water pipes)

akwiri(zwo) acquire
akwira(kwo) acquisition

al (konekti) when doing smth, while, at, under (simultaneity, circumstances)
al suryachuat dawn
al ke me kuki — while I’m cooking
al bakdao — on the way back
al klosi-ney dwar — behind closed doors, with doors closed
al sey halat — under these circumstances
al un-ney kansa — at first sight
al shwo om se — when speaking about it
«Hao», ela shwo al smaili. — «OK», she said smiling.
al nau — currently, at the present moment

ala(kwo) wing

alarma(kwo) alarm
aira-alarma — air-raid warning
(zwo) alarm
alarmifi(zwo) get alarmed, uneasy
alarmi-ney(kwel) alarmed

alauda(kwo) lark, skylark

Albania(kwo) Albania

albatros(kwo) albatross (sea bird)

album(kwo) album

alee(kwo) lane, walk, path (in a garden, park, etc., generally between rows of trees)

alegre(kwel) merry; cheerful; lighthearted; lively
alegritaa(kwo) merriment; mirth; gaiety; liveliness

alergia(kwo) allergy
alergike(kwel) allergic

alfabet(kwo) alphabet
segun alfabet — alphabetically

alga(kwo) alga(e): see-weed, kelp, dulse, etc.

algebra(kwo) algebra

algoritma(kwo) algorithm

aliansa(kwo) alliance
politike aliansa — political alliance
alianser(kwo) ally

alibi(kwo) alibi

alif(kwel) tame

aligi(kwo) attach, append
aligi fail a leta — attach a file to the letter
(Origin: a+ligi)

Aljiria(kwo) Algeria

alkali(kwo) alkali
alkali-ney(kwel) alkaline

alkohol(kwo) alcohol

almu(kwo) alms

along(konekti) along
go along gata — go along the street
along riva — along the river

Alpes(kwo) Alps

also (unisi) therefore, so, then; accordingly; consequently

altaike(kwel) Altaic

altaimi(zwo) update
(Origin: al+taim+i)

altar(kwo) altar

alternative(kwel) alternative
alternativa(kwo) alternative

alterni(zwo) alternate, take turns
alterna(kwo) alternation
alterni-yen, alternem(komo) alternately, by turns

aluminyum(kwo) aluminium (chem.)

amasi(zwo) knead

Amasonas(kwo) Amazon River

amator(kwo) amateur
amator-ney(kwel) amateur

amaxi(modus-komo) at most, not more than
to ve duri amaxi un ora — that will last one hour at most

amba(kwo) amber

ambi (inplas-kwo, kwel) both
Nu ambi pri sey kitaba. —We both like this book.
Ambi sista pri plei kun doga. — Both sisters like to play with the dog.

ambigue(kwel) ambiguous, equivocal
ambiguitaa(kwo) ambiguity

ambision(kwo) ambition
ambisionful(kwel) ambitious, full of ambition

ambrela(kwo) umbrella
Tok Pisin

ambulansia(kwo) ambulance

ambush(kwo) ambush
fai ambush — make/lay an ambush

amen(exklami) amen

Amerika(kwo)America (continent)
Amerika-ney (kwel) American (of or pertaining to the Americas)
Amerika-jen(kwo) American (an inhabitant of the Americas; cf. “USA-jen”)
Norde Amerika — North America

Amerika Latina, Latinamerika (kwo) Latin America

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