Leadership Development Seminars and ecq-based Readings

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ECQ 4: Business Acumen

This core qualification involves the ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically.

American University

The common ingredients in each of American University’s programs offer students the opportunity to acquire contemporary public management knowledge, values and skills; develop the personal leadership capacity needed to implement what they learn in their organizations; and transform themselves from good managers to extraordinary leaders.

Key Senior Program Manager Certificate


The Key Senior Program Manager Certificate prepares federal executives to lead complex acquisition programs. The six-course program helps students move from a project and functional staff role to a leadership position within the federal acquisition structure by increasing their substantive knowledge, confidence, and ability to lead.

The Key Senior Program Manager Certificate program addresses all of the Federal Acquisition Institute’s senior program management Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) competencies and aligned skills.

American University and MCR, LLC, have partnered to develop the Key Senior Program Manager Certificate, the most integrated learning program available in acquisition management.

The Key Senior Program Manager Certificate Program:

    • Focuses on the student. Program managers, especially at the senior level, need leadership skills to deliver more effective and efficient acquisition programs and services to the public.

    • Meets real standards. Successful completion of the six, four-day courses meets FAI’s FAC P/PM senior level requirements.

    • Offers leading faculty. The faculty members have been selected for their prominent reputations in public administration, executive education and adult learning and for their P/PM subject matter expertise and extensive leadership experience.

    • Is based on the cohort approach to learning. Classes are taken as a cohort, an integrated community of learners who take courses together in a supportive environment.

    • Offers a coaching option. In addition to the six-course program, students may select the option of two “360-degree evaluations” contributed to by colleagues, supervisors, and customers at the beginning and end of the program to measure progress in the Emotional Intelligence competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. This instrument is the only assessment tool that has been validated for measuring EI in federal managers.

    • Is based on the Key philosophy. In order to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing acquisition environment, the Key program is conducted in a safe and respectful environment where students practice leadership and acquisition management skills, increase leadership capacity through feedback, and learn about major acquisitions issues through real-life case scenarios.

Dates: For a full course schedule for Spring 2013-Fall 2013, click here.

Location: American University (Washington, DC)

Cost: The price, which covers all six courses, including all course materials, is available on MOBIS:

GSA Pricelist


GSA Price with IFF



Six executive coaching sessions, and two 360-degree evaluations, one at the beginning and one at the end of the program


The coaching option is available for an additional $3,456, which includes six coaching sessions and two 360-degree assessments.

Apply: To apply for the Spring 2013 program click here.
Table of Contents

Brookings Institution

Maximizing Human Capital


The federal government of the 21st century will face changes of unprecedented scale and scope; its ability to respond effectively will depend in large part on the quality and performance of the federal workforce. Government agencies and leaders must adopt a strategic approach to human capital management and prepare to plan for, recruit, and retain a diverse, high-quality workforce – one with the skills and attributes necessary to achieve the results the American public expects.

This program will help you think and act more strategically when it comes to developing your agency’s most vital resource: its people. You will learn how to create a performance management system that differentiates between high and low performance and determines how to measure and communicate performance objectives. In addition, the class will cover succession planning that develops workforce capabilities for meeting current and future challenges. Finally, it will cover the creation of Individual Development Plans and strategic methods for linking personal development goals with organizational strategy.
This program will help you:

  • Link the organization’s mission and performance objectives to quantitative and qualitative human capital requirements for full-time employees and contract personnel

  • Develop innovative recruiting plans to get and keep diverse, world-class talent

  • Interpret human capital metrics, and develop and effective action plan to correct significant deficiencies

  • Design effective leadership development strategies, including valid and rigorous analysis of these efforts

Date: March 12-13, 2013

Location: Brookings Institute (Washington DC)

Cost: $1,895
For more information on this program or for additional dates please contact: (800) 925-5730
Table of Contents

Politics and Policymaking

Seldom has it been more necessary for career civil servants to fully appreciate the many implications the political environment has on their ability to meet ever increasing public demands. This program on the policymaking process is designed to give government executives and managers an in-depth knowledge of the procedures, practices and personalities engaged in governmental decision-making at its highest levels.
With a comprehensive understanding of the federal government and its procedures, you will be able to develop strategies to capitalize on the political environment and potentially reshape it. This class will explore how you can engage effectively in agenda setting and policy networks. The program will also better prepare you to monitor and analyze national and international social, political and economic trends. Your political savvy will be honed so you can ensure your organizational policies reflect the public interest and emerging concerns can be incorporated into programs.
This program will help you:

  • Understand various drivers of change in the political environment

  • Develop an awareness of current political trends, opportunities, and threats

  • Learn how to translate congressional and other stakeholder mandates into effective strategies and achievable programs of action

  • Develop the ability to identify and engage in policy networks to more effectively respond to changes in the political environment

Dates: June 11-12, 2013; November 6-7, 2013

Location: Brookings Institution (Washington DC)

Cost: $1,895
For more information on this program or for additional dates please contact: (800) 925-5730
Table of Contents

Digital Government


In the past, technology experts solely dealt with technology issues; agency heads rarely had to think beyond approving the information systems budget or explaining cost overruns and delays on major computer upgrades. In an era of rapid technological change and expanding capabilities, today’s government executives must be able to maintain a long-range view of how services and programs can be enhanced through technology. They must be able to take advantage of cost-effective technological advances to maximize the achievement of organizational objectives.

This class will help you ask the right questions of your technological experts; identify new opportunities to be more effective, efficient, accessible, and responsive via technology; and identify cultural, regulatory and other barriers that could prevent realizing the full benefits of new digital technologies (for example, social media, wireless technologies, and sensor and cloud computing). In addition, you will learn how to more fully integrate IT processes within your agency’s mission and manage the evaluation of results from all major investments in IT systems.
This program will help you:

  • Understand how digital technologies work and how they are evolving

  • Address the organizational and management issues related to adoption of digital tools and technologies

  • Learn how digital technologies can improve the relationship between citizens and their government

  • Optimize your agency’s investment in new and evolving technologies

Date: June 19-21, 2013

Location: Brookings Institution (Washington DC)

Cost: $1,895
For more information on this program or for additional dates please contact: (800) 925-5730
Table of Contents

Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Government executives and managers operate in a complex financial environment. As custodians of public funds, executives must be prudent financial stewards and ensure the value of government operations to U.S. taxpayers. Accordingly, executives confront a variety of issues, including ensuring that funds are used consistently with their appropriations, developing a business case for outsourcing and other policy decisions, and developing performance and accountability reports.

This course introduces financial tools and frameworks for making decisions in the context of public organizations. It will help you identify resources and means to control, allocate, and prioritize funding for programs and organizational units. It also will assist you in utilizing cost-benefit analysis, ROI and other tools for prioritizing projects and maximizing the use of limited resources. You will gain confidence and competence to maintain the financial health of your organization.
This program will help you:

  • Discover the linkage between financial information and program management

  • Learn the intricacies of managing funds with respect to their appropriations requirement

  • Understand financial processes and financial management tools

  • Identify trends, and uncover resources to meet future budget needs

Dates: November 5-7, 2013

Location: Brookings Institution (Washington DC)

Cost: $2,695
For more information on this program or for additional dates please contact: (800) 925-5730
Table of Contents

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