May 5, 2016 Members Present

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Minutes of the Presidential Committee on Athletics
Big Ten/Iowa Room, Carver-Hawkeye Arena
May 5, 2016

Members Present: Bowden, Bruhn, Chung, Cox, Dillavou, Drake, Grosland, Herman, Hollingworth, O’Hara, Rhodes, Snow (represented by Leh), Walizer, Westefeld, and Zaharis.
Members Absent: Seubert and Weinstein.
Also Present: Barta (Athletics Director), Clerry (Associate Athletics Director), Curtis (Associate Athletics Director), Jantz (Senior Associate Athletics Director), Jennings (Associate Athletics Director), Lynch (Chair, NCAA Certification Self-Study Committee), Modestou (Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity), Moeller (Associate Provost), Taylor (Deputy Director, Athletics), and Tovar (Associate Athletics Director).
Guest Present: Fran McCaffery (Head Men’s Basketball Coach).

The meeting was brought to order by Chair Cox at 4:01 p.m.

  1. Introductions and Agenda - Jeff Cox

Chair Cox thanked outgoing subcommittee chairs Hollingworth, O’Hara, and Westefeld for their steadfast leadership; Hollingworth will remain on the Committee as PCA Chair. He also recognized and thanked the following Committee members whose terms expire: Dillavou, Herman, Weinstein, and Zaharis.

Chair Cox commended Herman for her service as a Committee member. She was first appointed to the Presidential Committee on Athletics in 2005 and has served as Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) since July 1, 2011.

  1. Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Rhodes to approve the minutes of April 7, 2016; Dillavou seconded. PCA members voted in full to approve the minutes.

  1. Report from PCA Chair on Executive Committee Meeting - Jeff Cox

The Executive Committee reviewed the biannual report of Athletics Department finances earlier today. Barta will provide a summary during his report. Moeller also reported to the Executive Committee on the findings of the Academic Support Services Review Committee’s review of academic support services.

Chair Cox delivered his annual report to the Faculty Senate Committee. He described the roles and responsibilities of the Presidential Committee on Athletics and explained the UI Athletic Department is self-sustaining and committed to academics.

  1. Introduction of Head Men’s Basketball Coach Fran McCaffery

Chair Cox thanked Coach McCaffery for his philanthropic work and community engagement. Barta shared that McCaffery is beginning his seventh year at Iowa, is a dedicated educator, and is committed to Iowa’s mantra “Win. Graduate. Do it Right.”

Coach McCaffery thanked Committee members for their valuable work done on behalf of the Athletics program. He is proud of the academic and athletic success of his teams. He holds both his team and staff accountable and begins setting high standards early by communicating expectations to recruits and continues emphasizing those expectations during the teachable moments of coaching. He praised Athletics Administration for providing excellent academic support and facilities, which are indispensable for the young men on his team to succeed on and off the court.
Coach McCaffery fielded questions regarding the NCAA tournament, recruiting in the state of Iowa, and recruiting advantages.
Westefeld thanked Coach McCaffery for his work to increase cancer awareness.

  1. Report on Searches - Cathy Zaharis

Searches are underway for a strength and conditioning coach for women’s basketball and for the position of Associate Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services.

  1. Year-End Report of Academic Achievement Subcommittee - Mike O’Hara

The Academic Achievement Subcommittee year-end report is enclosed. O’Hara stated the subcommittee reviewed NCAA measurable standards including academic support services for student-athletes, academic profiles of entering student-athletes, and policies for scheduling practices and competitions.

O’Hara recommended the Academic Achievement Subcommittee continues to review the Eight Missed-Class Days Policy and the approval process for online courses.
Additional discussion followed regarding the benefits and drawbacks of online courses as well as the optimal number permitted per semester for student-athletes.

  1. Year-End Report of Equity Subcommittee - Liz Hollingworth

Hollingworth previously gave her year-end report (attached) to the PCA. She thanked Jantz, Curtis, and Clerry for reviewing and consolidating the Gender Equity plan for the Equity Subcommittee.

  1. Year-End Report of Student Athlete Well-Being Subcommittee - John Westefeld

Attached is the year-end report for the Student Athlete Well-Being Subcommittee. Westefeld thanked subcommittee members for their efforts in finalizing the Pregnancy and Parenting Policy and for their review of the “Student-Athlete Rights and Responsibilities” document and NCAA Measurable Standards.

Westefeld had high praise for Tovar for providing assistance to him and subcommittee members. Herman extolled the student-athlete members of the subcommittee for their input and engagement at meetings.

  1. Iowa Student Athlete Advisory Committee (ISAAC) Report - Liz Leh

The first annual Golden Herky Awards took place on May 4, 2016. The event celebrated student-athletes’ successes in academics, athletics, and community involvement. Leh noted that among the winners were Mike Gesell and Katie Brown for the Big Ten Medal of Honor and Ally Disterhoft and Desmond King for female and male athlete of the year. Another highlight of the night was a lip sync video produced by the student-athletes.

Leh thanked the staff at Student-Athlete Academic Services for their help in arranging the event.

  1. Academic Support Services Review Committee - Lon Moeller

Moeller reported the Academic Support Services Review Committee was charged by Provost Butler to evaluate the academic support services provided to University of Iowa student-athletes. After reviewing areas such as admission, tutoring, and the Iowalink program, the Committee concluded the academic support UI provides student-athletes is consistent with NCAA Measurable Standards and applicable best practices.

The Committee also made the following recommendations: additional tutoring areas, additional support for the Pre-link Summer Program, faculty mentoring opportunities, and the addition of two positions, budget permitting. Moeller thanked the Athletics Department staff for their cooperation and readiness in providing relevant documents.
Barta thanked Moeller and the Committee for their efforts.

  1. NCAA Report - Ellie Herman, David Drake, Gary Barta, and Paula Jantz

Herman reported the following:

      1. Big Ten Joint Group meetings take place May 16-18, 2016. Joint Group members will be meeting with Big Ten men’s basketball coaches in Chicago, Illinois. Student-athletes’ time demands will be a focal point in preparation for the discussion of this topic at the January 2017 NCAA Convention.

      1. Over 70 student-athletes were sent a standard set of questions as part of their exit interview. Drake and Herman took part in meetings designed to give the student-athletes a forum to discuss their general experience as a student-athlete at Iowa. Tovar’s office will consolidate information garnered from questionnaires and meetings into a report to be used by Senior Administration.

      1. Herman and Drake met with Faculty Senate officers to give their annual report.

  1. Athletics Director’s Report - Gary Barta

  1. Enclosed are the sports report and schedules for May. Highlights follow:

    1. Amy Ihm, an NCAA individual qualifier in women’s golf, is currently representing the Hawkeyes at the NCAA Regional in Bryan, Texas. Competition concludes on May 7, 2016.

    1. Men’s golf travels to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to compete in the NCAA Regionals May 16-18, 2016. This marks the eighth straight year of NCAA appearances by the Hawkeyes.

    1. The rowing team’s novice eight swept Clemson, Central Florida, and Tennessee on May 1 at the Tennessee Invitational Conference Challenge. The next competition will be in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Big Ten Championships.

    1. Three UI track and field champions were crowned at the Drake Relays during the April 28-30, 2016 meet. Iowa track and field swept the men's and women's sprint medley relays while Mahnee Watts earned the women's 800-meter Drake Relays title. Track and field’s next competition is at the Big Ten Tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska, May 13-15, 2016.

  1. Athletics Administration continues to work on the annual budget. Barta noted the Department will have a deficit and will make necessary adjustments to cover the shortage from Athletics Department reserves.

  1. In April, the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) visited the UI campus as part of an ongoing investigation. The OCR toured athletics facilities and interviewed head coaches, student-athletes, and other UI personnel while on campus. Once the OCR recommendations are completed, the Athletics Department will review and evaluate them for ways to enhance the student-athlete experience at Iowa.

  1. The Athletics Department implemented the Fans First initiative to improve the experience of Hawkeye fans at athletics events. Two football night games, along with technology updates designed to increase the ability to text and call at events, will enhance the fan experience at Kinnick. Carver-Hawkeye Arena’s enhancements include a new video board sound system, LED lighting, and a new playing court.

  1. Planned facilities updates include: renovation of the Gerdin Athletic Learning Center, new turf at the soccer and football outdoor practice fields, installation of a banked track at the Recreations Building, and a new video board and playing court at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Barta thanked Hollingworth, O’Hara, and Westefeld, giving special thanks to Chair Cox, for the work they have performed on behalf of the PCA. Barta also recognized Ellie Herman for her service as Faculty Athletics Representative for the past five years.

  1. Adjourn

Chair Cox adjourned the meeting at 5:14 p.m.


Marj Meisner

Recording Secretary

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