Meeting called to order at 7: 05 p m. by Lyn Deardorf. Minutes of the March meeting were approved unanimously

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  1. Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Lyn Deardorf.

  1. Minutes of the March meeting were approved unanimously.

  1. Treasurer’s report: – Karin starting funds were $6,376.95. Expenses: $704.15 for printing, $51.62 for food from 97 Estoria for March Meeting, $569.16 printing, $29.20 for office supplies. $ 2,040.00 ad revenue was deposited. The ending balance is $6,792.62.

  1. Roll call party upcoming on April 19th. This is a great chance to welcome new neighbors. There are 15+ new neighbors and everyone is invited to the party on the 19th at 167 Savannah Street at 7p.m.

  1. Cabbagetown Initiative: $165,740 in bank and $70,235 is available for operations.

Peachy Park is almost complete. CI is having discussion with CSX regarding the maintenance of the wall and murals. CI has created a park committee lead by Tova, Leslie of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Butch of Garden Hood, and Shirley from Sweet Cheats to help maintain the parks. CI has allocated $200 for mulch and $150 for a dog bag station This is an open committee if anyone has an interest to join. Monday April 15th they will host a 6:45 p.m. walkabout to plan future needs with Tova.

  1. Historic Preservation: Update from Jared, it has been a busy few months and HP has made sure that someone representing the committee goes to the beltline meetings. It is anticipated that work on the beltline from Irwin to DeKalb Ave will start soon and will begin work on the Reynoldstown section with in the year. HP is sending a letter to council woman Natalyn Archibong regarding zoning and land use issues along Memorial Ave. to correspond with the beltline overlay, to include items like lighting. Also HP is studying sidewalks and taking inventory of which sidewalks are walk able and which areas need repairs. HP will engage with the city to improve sidewalks.

Louise at 615 Gaskill has received a citation for an arbor built onto the side of the house. The citation states the arch shape and PVC lattice are not within the historic guidelines. Louise has spent a substantial amount of her savings improving the house. She needs the arbor due to medical issues it keeps the porch clear of debris and she is prone to falls. Municipal code 1620-10 says if purpose is to promote safety and health it is permissible, and ADA states accommodation must be reasonable. HP committee feels this is a reasonable accommodation for her health and safety. She needs a letter of support from the neighborhood to state support for her keeping the arbor. Motion was made to approve Neighbor arbor as exception and approved unanimously.

Jared encourages discussion with neighbors and to reach out to the HP committee, will put up information on the CNIA website to help people know what is required and be a resource for the neighborhood
265 Tye Street and 267 Tye Street are existing houses owned by Mr. Richard Danner who wishes to renovate and add on to the properties. 265 needed revised plans, committee recommends supporting the UDC staff. Mr. Danner has asked for variance on height of addition and variance for the rear setback, must provide more documentation. Issue with both applications is that both houses are shotguns and the additions are taller than the existing house. HP regulations prohibit this but there are already exceptions in the neighborhood. Committee feels the request is acceptable as long as the height is in the range of other houses on Tye Street and other camel back style homes in the neighborhood.
Kevin Maher states that they wish to add a rear two story addition to 265 Tye Street similar to 304 Tye Street and other neighborhood houses.
267 Tye Street home wishes to create an addition and there is a question about whether setbacks that limit the footprint of the house and density of sq ft (FAR requirement) would prohibit the planned addition. HP regulation is the compatibility rule. Height, setbacks, and appearance must be in accordance with houses on the block. 265 Tye Street is the only house of that type on that block of Tye Street. HP voted to support both applications and approve the variances.
Neighbor questioned whether the new height displacing any trees? City will address as the plan will be is reviewed by the city arborist. Motion to support HP writing a letter for 265 Tye Street approved unanimously.
267 Tye Street they want to adjust the height and raise the roof ridge 18 inches and renovate the property. The roof will keep the same pitch. HP recommends support, approved unanimously to write letter of support.
Jared notes construction activity has picked up and there will be many reviews. It is important to have community participate to preserve the architectural fabric of Cabbagetown. 261 Powell Street is an empty lot, where the owner wants to subdivide and build two houses as submitted to the UDC. This request had not been brought to the HP for approval first. It is standard procedure for the HP if there is an issue on the UDC agenda and HP do not know about it; by default they write a letter to the UDC to deny the application. Approval was denied by the UDC staff.
261 Powell Street was application denied and the owner has now placed the property for sale. Neighbor asked what would be accepted for development on the property. HP’s point of view is that the property subdivided might be ok, but wants to give input on what would be acceptable. HP feels that the main issue was that the application did not follow approved channels. One neighbor feels that the lot is not large enough to subdivide for two homes.
Ron, owner of Cube Gallery, wants to add on the property on Memorial Drive for commercial use. Proposes to extend the face of the building and create a two story building in the Charlestown style with wrap around porches on each story. He has applied to the UDC, but there no similar structure on Memorial Drive. There are several challenges on the property; ingress and egress, placement of the dumpster, limited parking, tree height, and streetlights. Cabbagetown wants to set the tone for the entrance to the neighborhood.
Neighbor questioned will it set a precedent if they don’t build it? Code is vague, but might be supportive. Jared feels we should also discuss with GP and Reynoldstown to coordinate.
Lyn thanked Jared and the committee for all their work to maintain our landmark district.

  1. APD: Officer Shaver announced a new initiative to get code enforcement from the city to review abandoned homes to protect and secure vacant properties. There are about 35 addresses in the last week that Shaver examined. These were all properties that were identified by neighbors. These properties will be screened for having a placard placed outside the property. There are three placarded properties now, and looking at another 8 to 12. Placarded properties enable APD to arrest trespassers. Shaver is continuing to try to meet the neighbors of the community. Major reason to meet is to get familiar with those in the neighborhood known. Working to improve car crime issues. Officer Milledge caught a burglar breaking into a house last week, caught and arrested the individual. Also, Officer Shaver participated in the Cabbagetown 5-0 tournament!

Rodney notes that 152 Berean is a brick house with busted windows that is abandoned wants to make sure that property is placed on the list for inspection.

Final Four efforts have entailed extra work for all officers, Shaver arranged a patrol car and 12 hour shifts for Reynoldstown and Cabbagetown during this time.
Officer Shaver notes that there are some undercover operations in the neighborhood that are having good results and will share when they get some arrests. The operation is targeting auto larcenies and auto thefts in the neighborhood.

  1. NPU – Brad Cunard absent

  1. Public Safety – Matt notes that most block captains have been trained and will go door to door soon. Expect some classes and events for public safety soon. Barb reported on the Cabbagetown 5-0 event. The fire department, police department, Cabbagetown Security Patrol, and Neighborhood Watch were in attendance. They had a fire truck and a fun bus for kids. For the adults there was a corn hole tournament, an oyster roast, and over 150 pints of beer served. Thanks to the team Matt, Joe Ward, Stan Green, Mosby from the Stacks, Kyle for marketing, and Robert from public safety for a great event. 18 businesses sponsored the event. Preliminary amount is $2,000 for the SCP and $1,000 for NW. Thanks to the sponsors!

  1. Boulevard Tunnel Initiative: Nicki reports that the BTI has a FB page, like stop by and like us! Will start fundraising soon and on May 18th is the clean up day at 9 a.m. til 12 p.m. This event will piggyback with the O4W Boulevard cleanup and the city will be assisting. Come celebrate afterwards at Noni’s on Edgewood. The BTI also has a website and a group on Nextdoor. City has done a site visit and made recommendations of what needs to be done. City is getting back to here with what they can pay for and then meeting with CSX to see if they can help. No plan to extend the sidewalk on DeKalb Avenue is currently in the works. It has been suggested that a reflective mirror could be placed to assist visibility on the stairs from the Tunnel to DeKalb Avenue.

  1. Food Truck and Movie Nights at Cabbagetown Park: Shirley from Sweet Treats is putting together these events. Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month there will be food trucks and a movie at the park. Movies will be paid for by a sponsor. She is also trying to bring in GP and O4W. If ok with the neighborhood, these events will continue until October. These will be free events; Shirley takes care of permits, noise levels, food trucks, and security. Movie chosen by the sponsor, meant to be family friendly focus on kids. Jared questioned if a CI micro grant could support and NW to support. Lara Bar is sponsoring a night with exciting new launch and will provide free samples. Inman Park is also sponsoring a night. Wagalot is also going to come out. They are hoping for the movie to end at 10 p.m. and will definitely shut it down at 11 p.m. when the park closes Motion to support unanimously approved. So far, May, June, and July are all booked. Kyle asked about her expenses. Shirley is thinking of a donation bucket to pass around.

  1. Air quality report: This is a partnership with GT to investigate air quality and a class project for graduate students.

Sensors will measure pollutants in the air. Placement of sensors will be across from the rail yard, at Boulevard & Carroll Street, and the Community Center. They have created a custom solution to link together sensors and measure data in various ways. They have modified the sensors to make them wifi capable and weatherproofing boxes to leave them outside. This information will be made available on the CNIA website. They will also be able to compare the pollution levels to other readings in Atlanta and standard approved values and show data for the past week, month and year.
Thanks to the GT team for all their hard work! We will have some data in the next few weeks.

  1. Meeting adjourned 8:40 pm

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