Part 3—navy activity address numbers

FPO AP[, NA] 96349[-2903]

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FPO AP[, NA] 96349[-2903]

N62841 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00030) Naval Ordnance Test Unit

EKA [PO Box 1623]

Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-1623
N62844 Naval Imaging Command

K0 Washington Navy Yard

Washington, DC 20350-2000
N62849 Naval Aviation Engineering Service Unit

(MAJ00019) Philadelphia, PA 19112-5088

N62852 Naval Electronic System Security Engineering Center

Naval Security Station

3801 Nebraska Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20390
N62856 Naval Air Facility (Lajes Azores, Portugal)

(MAJ00060) APO AE 09720-5000


N62863 [Commanding Officer]

K4 [U.S.] Naval Station (Rota, Spain)

[PSC 819, Box 8]

FPO AE[, NA] 09645[-1600]

N62864 Officer in Charge of Construction

L2 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Contracts

Southwest Pacific (Manila, Philippines)

APO AP 96440

[N62873 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Navy Disease Vector Ecology and Control Center

Building 937, PO Box 43

Naval Air Station

Jacksonville, FL 32212-0043]
N62892 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00069) Naval Security Group Activity

8QA Site "B", Card Sound Road

Homestead, FL 33039-6428
R62894 Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea

(MAJ00070) (Yongsan, South Korea)

4LA APO AP 96205-0023
N62907 Naval Plant Representative Office

KG Applied Physics Laboratory

Johns Hopkins Road

Laurel, MD 20810[-2081]
N62908 Naval Weapons Engineering Support Activity

8D Washington Navy Yard

Washington, DC 20374
[N62909 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00014) Office of Naval Research

International Field Office, London, UK

PSC 802, Box 39

FPO AE, NA 09499-0700]
N62911 [Commander]

(MAJ00022) Navy Recruiting Area One

MQC [1 Amsterdam Road]

Scotia, NY 12302-9462

N62913 Commander,

(MAJ00022) Naval Recruiting Area Three

MLL 451 College Street

PO Box 4887

Macon, GA 31208-4887

[N62913 Commander

(MAJ00022) Naval Recruiting Area Three

MLL 451 College Street

PO Box 4887

Macon, GA 31208-4887]
N62915 [Commander]

(MAJ00022) Navy Recruiting Area Five

MQJ Building 3, NTC [320B Dewey Avenue]

Great Lakes, IL 60088-5135

N62917 Commander, Navy Recruiting Area Seven

(MAJ00022) 1499 Regal Row, Suite 501

ML0-1 Dallas, TX 75247

N62918 [Commander]

(MAJ00022) Navy Recruiting Area Eight

MLA 7677 Oakport Street, Suite 650

[1301 Clay Street, Suite 610N]

Oakland CA 94621-1929

N62922 Resident Officer in Charge of Construction,

7W Pacific

Department of the Navy

PO Box 418

San Bruno, CA 94067

[N62936 Commanding Officer

Naval Security Group Activity

9800 Savage Road

Fort Meade, MD 20755-6000]
N62954 Navy Recruiting District Cleveland

(MAJ00022) 17535 Rosbough Boulevard

MQN Middleburgh Heights, OH 44130
N62974 Marine Corps Air Station

JB Yuma, AZ 85364
N62980 Bureau of Naval Personnel

(MAJ00022) Washington, DC 20370-5000

MQR-Z [Chief of Naval Personnel

Bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy Annex

Columbia Pike & Southgate Road, Room 1410

Washington, DC 20370-5000]
N62990 Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and

L3 Repair, USN

PO Box 26

Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
N62995 [Commanding Officer]

4H Naval Air Station, Sigonella (Italy)

[PSC 812]

FPO AE[, NA] 09627[-1000]

N63005 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00011) Administrative Support Unit, Bahrain

LBL-N [PSC 451]

FPO AE[, NA] 09834[-2800]

N63007 Nuclear Weapons Training Group, Atlantic

(MAJ00060) Norfolk, VA 23511

N63015 Naval Education and Training Support Center,

7Y Pacific

Fleet Station PO Bldg

San Diego, CA 92132

N63026 Marine Corps Air Station

(MAJ00027) (Futenma, Japan)

MUJ FPO AP 96372-5001

N63028 Polaris Missile Facility Atlantic

U2 Charleston, SC 29408
N63032 [Commanding Officer]

KS U.S. Naval Station, Keflavik (Iceland)

[PSC 1003, Box 15]

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