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HOTCUS Annual Postgraduate Conference: ‘Winning minds and hearts: constructing national identity in US history.’

Friday 9th September 2016, Lipman Building, Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

8.45-9.15: Registration

9.15: Introduction

9.30-10.30: PANEL SESSIONS A

A1: Crossing boundaries: challenging American norms during the 1950s and 1960s. Chair:

Simon Buck (Northumbria University): ‘The older I get, the worse I get’: Televisual Old Age and Folk Stylism in Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest.

Elizabeth Smith (Liverpool Hope University): Dramatic conflict: Alice Childress and the politics of American identity.

A2: Cultural citizenship: challenging racialized identities through policy and popular culture. Chair:

Michael O’Donnell (Sheffield Hallam University): Contested citizenship: education, language, and state in Arizona, 1968-1978.

Nadia Mohd Rasidi (King’s College, London): Post-racial constructions of Asian American identities on U.S. television.

10.30-10.45: BREAK

10.45 – 12.15: PANEL SESSIONS B

B1: Situating servicemen and women: African American soldiers during World War II. Chair:

Rosemary Pearce (University of Nottingham): Freedom from fear: African Americans in the armed services and the war against segregated public transportation.

Ruth Lawlor (University of Cambridge): Rape and American soldiers in wartime Britain, 1942-1945.

B2: Patriot or protester?: Changing ideas of Americanism during the Vietnam era. Chair:

Ben Quail (University of Strathclyde): LBJ, the press, and Americanism.

Lauren Mottle (University of Leeds): The patriotism of protest: anti-war soldiering and the redefinition of the citizen-soldier.

Benjamin Pugh (Falmouth University): 1964: Racial divide and a presidency in turmoil in HBO’s All the Way.

12.15-1.15 LUNCH

13.15-14.15 PANEL SESSIONS C

C1: Protecting traditional American values: political rhetoric and national consciousness in the twentieth century. Chair:

Tim Galsworthy (University of Cambridge): Twentieth century Democratic Presidents and the American Civil War.

Natasha Neary (Northumbria University): Fun and Facts about American Business: an animated education in the American free enterprise system.

C2: Endangered America: processing the threat of annihilation. Chair:

Andrew Monteith (Indiana University): Destruction as demarcation: American civil religion in annihilation fantasies and identity construction.

Mark Eastwood (University of Nottingham): ‘As long as officials merely didn’t tell us the whole truth, very few of us complained’ – nuclear discourse and the media during the Kennedy years.

14.15-14.30 BREAK


Session 1 (14.30-3.30). Chair:

Dr Peter O’Connor (Northumbria University), VIVA preparation.

Dr Simon Cooper (Newcastle College), Seminar teaching.

Dr Emily Trafford (University of Liverpool), Applying for fixed-term teaching posts.

Session 2 (3.45-4.45). Chair:

Dr Molly Geidel (University of Manchester), Approaching American university presses.

Dr Randall Stephens (Northumbria University), Writing for the public. Ideas for op-eds.

Dr Mike Cullinane (Northumbria University), AHRC ECR applications.

4.45-5.00 BREAK

5.00-6.30 KEYNOTE: Dr Simon Hall (University of Leeds)

6.30 – 7.30 Drinks reception.

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