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Floor-Level Heating


No requirements for floor-level heating.


Forced-Air Floor-Level Heating

Sufficient floor-level heaters shall be provided to evenly supply heated forced air through floor ducts across the length of bus. Floor ducts may be discontinued at the upper level, but additional provisions to prevent cold floors and ensure temperature uniformity shall be included. Control of the floor-level heating shall be through the main heating system electronic control.

Convector Air Floor-Level Heating

Sufficient floor-level heaters shall be provided that evenly supply convector air across the length of the bus. Control of the floor-level heating shall be through the main heating system’s electronic control.

Warm Wall Heating

Sufficient heaters shall be provided with ducting to blow warm air upward through a cavity in the wall and discharge the warm air at the base of the windows. Control of the warm wall heating shall be through the main heating system electronic control.



The bus shall have a clean, smooth, simple design, primarily derived from bus performance requirements and passenger service criteria. The exterior and body features, including grilles and louvers, shall be shaped to facilitate cleaning by automatic bus washers without snagging washer brushes. Water and dirt shall not be retained in or on any body feature to freeze or bleed out onto the bus after leaving the washer. The body and windows shall be sealed to prevent leaking of air, dust or water under normal operating conditions and during cleaning in automatic bus washers for the service life of the bus.

Exterior panels shall be sufficiently stiff to minimize vibration, drumming or flexing while the bus is in service. When panels are lapped, the upper and forward panels shall act as a watershed. However, if entry of moisture into the interior of the vehicle is prevented by other means, then rear cap panels may be lapped otherwise. The windows, hatches and doors shall be able to be sealed. Accumulation of spray and splash generated by the bus’s wheels shall be minimized on windows and mirrors.


Body materials shall be selected and the body fabricated to reduce maintenance, extend durability and provide consistency of appearance throughout the service life of the bus. Detailing shall be kept simple, and add-on devices and trim shall be minimized and integrated into the basic design.


No requirement for protection against graffiti/vandalism for body material surfaces.

Requirements for protection against graffiti/vandalism for body material surfaces.

Roof-Mounted Equipment

A non-skid, clearly marked walkway or steps shall be incorporated on the roof to provide access to equipment without damaging any system or bus paneling.

Pedestrian Safety

Exterior protrusions along the side and front of the bus greater than ½ in. and within 80 in. of the ground shall have a radius no less than the amount of the protrusion. The exterior rearview mirrors, cameras and required lights and reflectors are exempt from the protrusion requirement. Advertising frames shall protrude no more than ⅞ in. from the body surface. Grilles, doors, bumpers and other features on the sides and rear of the bus shall be designed to minimize toeholds or handholds.

Exterior protrusions shall not cause a line-of-sight blockage for the driver.

Repair and Replacement

Side Body Panels

Structural elements supporting exterior body panels shall allow side body panels below the windows to be repaired in lengths not greater than 12.5 ft.


Standard attachment of side body panels.

Easily Replaceable Lower Side Body Panels

The lower section (approximately 17.5 in.) of the side body panels (low-floor buses) or skirt panels (high-floor buses) shall be made of impact-resistant material and shall be easily and quickly replaceable.

Easily Replaceable Full-Height Side Body Panels

Easily replaceable full-height side body panels between the window and floor shall be easily and quickly replaceable in sections.

Rain Gutters

Rain gutters shall be provided to prevent water flowing from the roof onto the passenger doors and driver’s side window. When the bus is decelerated, the gutters shall not drain onto the windshield, driver’s side window or door boarding area. Cross-sections of the gutters shall be adequate for proper operation.

License Plate Provisions

Provisions shall be made to mount standard-size U.S./Canada license plates per SAE J686 on the front and rear of the bus. These provisions shall direct-mount or recess the license plates so that they can be cleaned by automatic bus-washing equipment without being caught by the brushes. The rear license plate provision shall be illuminated per SAE J587.


No plate or holder provision is required.

No Front Plate or Holder is Required

Location to be provided to OEM.

Rub rails


No requirement for rub rails.


Requirement for Rub Rails

Rub rails composed of flexible, resilient material shall be provided to protect both sides of the bus body from damage caused by minor sideswipe accidents with automobiles. Rub rails shall have vertical dimensions of no less than 2 in. (50 mm) with the centerline no higher than 35 in. above the ground between the wheel wells. The rub rails shall withstand impacts of 200 ft-lbs of energy from a steel-faced spherical missile no less than 9 in. in diameter and of a 500 lb load applied anywhere along their length by a rigid plate 1 ft in length, wider than the rub rail, and with a ¼ in. end radii, with no visible damage to the rub rail, retainer or supporting structure.

The rub rail may be discontinued at doorways and wheel wells. A damaged portion of the rub rail shall be replaceable without requiring removal or replacement of the entire rub rail.

NOTE: Installation of rub rails may preclude the installation and or size of exterior advertising signs or racks.

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