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UNHQ/Department of Management/Capital Master Plan (CMP)

Job Description


1. General Information

Title: Associate Expert in: Climate Change – GHG Protocol and Mitigation Projects

Duration: 1 year (with the possibility of up to two one year extensions)

Date Required: Immediate

Duty Station: New York

2. Supervision

Title of the supervisor: Project Architect, CMP

Content and methodology of the supervision: day-to-day interaction, including physical collocation; formal weekly meetings; formal monthly reports

3. Duties, responsibilities and output expectations:

The incumbent will be responsible for the following general duties related to the planning and implementation of the UN Climate Neutral Policy:

  • Serve as Secretary, UNHQ Climate Neutral task team -- Plan meetings, design meeting agendas, record meeting minutes, identify participants, prepare presentations, track progress on tasks, occasionally assign tasks;

  • Review relevant documents and reports; identify problems and issues to be addressed and initiates corrective actions; update the Executive Director and the team on policy development and implementation progress;

  • Liaise with United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Environment Management Group (EMG) on Organization-wide coordination issues; especially close coordination required as UNHQ is expected to serve as leader/prime mover for Organization-wide initiatives;

  • Keeps up to date on emerging policy directions,  reviews, researches, and analyszes issues and trends, pertinent to assigned policy and projects; ensures their relevant application to implementation;

  • Researches, analyzes and presents information gathered from diverse sources on issues related to climate neutrality as related to UN policy;

  • Initiate and coordinate outreach activities; including developing initiatives to support a cultural shift within UNHQ towards more sustainable practices, e.g. through awareness campaigns, advice on office space planning, and operational practices (including UNHQ rental properties in New York City);

  • Fosters teamwork and communication among staff in the Team and across organizational boundaries.

The incumbent will be responsible for the following specific duties related to the planning and implementation of the UN Climate Neutral Policy:

  • Carry out the compilation of the GHG inventory for UNHQ in New York in accordance with World Resources Institute (WRI) guidelines (the inventory is currently in draft form);

  • Coordinate the development of the greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy for UNHQ (also currently in draft form);

  • Develop a feasibility study for purchasing GHG offsets through the Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism (CDM);

  • Develop a feasibility study for an Environmental Management System (EMS) for the operations of UNHQ.

4. Qualifications and experience:

Education: Advanced university degree in business administration, management, environmental science, architecture/engineering, travel and trasnport services or a related field.  

Work experience: A minimum of two years of progressively responsible experience in project or programme management, administration, environmental science, architecture/engineering, or related area.

Experience with inter-governmental or international non-governmental organizations.

Languages: Fluency in English is required.  Knowledge of other UN official languages would be desirable.

Other skills: Good knowledge of climate change issues, including adaptation, mitigation, technology transfer and finance issues as well as ability to do further research (directly or through contacts).

General knowledgeable about UN organizational structure, UN administrative policies, along with a good overall understanding of key related technical and operational issues – Architecture/Engineering, Travel & Transport, Human Resources, Information and Communication Technology, and Meetings Services.

Familiarity with basic ICT management tools.

UN competencies: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity and Gender,

Planning & Organization, Teamwork, Client Orientation, Technological Awareness

5. Learning Elements

It goes without saying that the learning elements result from the tasks the ASSOCIATE EXPERT has to carry out during his/her assignment.

After the assignment the ASSOCIATE EXPERT will be able to:

  • Write assessment reports, in particular the GHG inventory;

  • Write project proposals, in particular the GHG reduction proposal and feasibility studies for offsets and EMS;

  • Formulate job descriptions and project documents associated with the above;

  • Make presentations to constituents, both internal and external.

6. Background information

  • The Office of the CMP has a staff of 25 UN employees, including staff members from the UN Procurement Service, the Office of Legal Affairs, and the Department of Safety and Security. 13 employees from the program management firm Gardiner & Theobald, and 10 from Skanska USA Building Inc., the construction manager, are working directly in the Office of the CMP.

  • For more information regarding the project and in particular sustainable design initiatives of the CMP, please refer to the project website:

  • Living conditions in New York City are generally quite good, with ample short to medium-term apartment rentals available within close proximity to both the facility and to public transportation.

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