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Advanced Management Program (AMP) Movie


AUB is seeking a movie director/entity to take on the creative story lining, direction, production and editing of a short movie (1.5 min.) showcasing the value of one of our high-impact corporate learning programs (the Advanced Management Program), as told through testimonials of the participants, the client management team, and the Executive Education Program Team. 
At a minimum, the submitted proposal shall include:

  • Tentative schedule of the implementation phases of the project (taking into consideration the upcoming planned sessions);

  • Portfolio of similar relevant projects (with links to movie references) either related to education or covering corporate initiatives; and

  • Project cost (inclusive of no. of shooting days and equipment cost if any)

Objective and Key Messages

Showcasing the impact of an AUB OSB Executive Education on corporate management’s ability to prepare the next generation of leaders within the organization. The story should be told through short testimonials from the program participants, selected corporate management representative, and the AUB Executive Education Program team. The movie should address the program impact on the participants, their immediate organization and the corporation as a whole. The movie will highlight how the program has helped participants bring a deeper understanding of the business world to their work environment and prepared them to become better leaders within their organization. Through interviews with various stakeholders, the movie should highlight practical program take-aways to illustrate the program impact on all levels of the corporation (personal to the participant, to the participant’s immediate organization, and to the corporation as a whole).


Interviews will be based on the below open-ended questions, with the aim of highlighting answers that at once (1) represent the different components of the comprehensive educational program, (2) underline the impact on the participants, (3) underline the impact on the participants and their immediate organization within the corporation, (4) underline the impact on the organization as a whole. The interviewer will also use probes to emphasize the "actionable learning" approach of the program, by encouraging interviewees to share evidence-based and tangible examples of knowledge and tools they have acquired. Testimonials should communicate how participants have developed personally and professionally making them better equipped to deal with the increasing demands in the business environment in terms of management practices; leadership skills; interaction with team members, upper management and out stakeholders; reactions to the unexpected developments (e.g. Brexit); and, the participants’ personal emphasis on innovation.

Interviews |Participants (3-4)

Chosen participants will be interviewed at AUB, OSB and would be filmed in action (interacting with other team members, acting shots showing their daily tasks, etc) as well as during the draft pitch panel (Production team to only film presentations' generic parts and to avoid any part presenting companies' confidential plans or data).

Interviews with Participants (3-4) should tell the story of:

  • How the program has helped them professionally within the immediate team, and within the corporate organization as a whole.

  • How the program has helped them identify challenges and identify gaps, added to their knowledge base, and engaged their capabilities and skills to stay viable.


Interviews | Client Management (1-2)

Willing management will be interviewed at their place of business.
Interviews with Client Management (1-2) should tell the story of:

  • How the program impacted the dynamics of the organization.

  • How the program has made a difference on the internal alignment and operations within the corporation.

  • How the program has helped the company to innovate and reposition itself in its industry.

  • How the developed leaders can bring new life into the organization.


Interviews | Executive Education Team (2-3)

Interviews with the Executive Education team (2-3)should tell the story of:.

  • The development of the program customized to the objectives of the corporate client.

  • The delivery of the program to support the values, goals and objectives of the corporation.


Look and Feel

The shooting style for the Executive Education AMP video should have a contemporary, cutting edge fill and mimic the energetic, dynamic and fast pace of the modern business world. To create three dimensional feel with the footage the use of camera set ups and angles, lighting, camera movements, ramps, pans and tilts (with pull and push effect) is encouraged. Both the technical quality and marketing quality of reference videos should be similar to those made for similar projects for top tier global universities.

Program, Wharton Business School

ESCP Europe

UCLA Anderson EDGE

Vlerick Business Schoo

Columbia Business School

University of Toronto: Rotman

TED Radio Hour

For examples of background sound, “Nudge”

Previous proven experience with AUB is a plus.


The video will include active shots taken during the session illustrating the different stages of the educational program as well as generic shots that are relevant to the context and themes of the video (AUB, OSB and other shots connoting growth, innovation, industry evolution, etc.) It will be up to the discretion of the director to cover the list of interviewees and capture the essence of each of the remaining eight topics during the upcoming scheduled sessions:

Shooting Schedule

  • 8-10 September 2016 (Session 7)

    • 8 September – Risk Management, Salim Chahine (with invited speaker Adel Satel, Chief Risk Officer)

    • 9 OR 10 September –  Negotiation, Emile Strunc

  • 6-8 October 2016 (Session 8)

    • 6 or 7 October –  Corporate Governance, Assem Safieddine (with invited speaker Farid Lahoud, Group Corporate Secretary)

    • 8 October –  Judgement and DM, Riad Dimenchkie OR 2-3 December

  • 3-5 November 2016 (Session 9)

    • 3 November –  Portfolio Mgmt, Salim Chahine (I.S.: Yousef Nizam, Chief Investment Officer, Private Banking)

    • 4 November –  Marketing, Leila Khauli

    • 5 November –  Capstone Review, TBD

  • 5 and 12 December 2016 (Capstone)

    • 5 December –  Draft Capstone Pitches, Said El Fakhany, Fida Kanaan, Bank Audi Management Representatives (Fadi Obeid, Grace Eid, Mohamad Chamseddine, Maimee Louis, etc.) 12 December – Capstone Event

Still Photos

Still photo highlights of each filming session should be provided to the office of Executive Education not later than the end of each filmed session. Photos should be provided on a client provided USB in both low and high resolutions.


A sound engineer should be used to ensure that the music complements the movie and encourages the viewer to take the audio visual journey of the AMP movie. Music should be rhythmic, contemporary, and engaging while appealing to the target audience of the video.

Target Audience

Companies interested in customized middle and advanced management programs.


1.5 minutes.


Movie needs to be ready for an event scheduled on 12 December 2016.

Shooting Location

American University of Beirut (Olayan School of Business).


We would like to have this as part of a series of short movies highlighting education with impact.

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