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by Tyrone D. Dixon
Tag Line: The birth of cool . . .


There are only a few things that are truly American in nature and this film captures two of them: R&B and Skating. Starting in Atlanta, take an inside look into the burgeoning world of funk, R&B and skating as you learn who the players are, how it’s evolving from the past, being coopted by a new generation of kids and blowing up into so much more - urban jam skating.

(English) TRT: 75 minutes

Rated: Pending



Directed by Tyrone D. Dixon

Starring: Bill Butler, Little Bow Wow

Runtime: 74 minutes

Format: 4x3 Full Frame

Sound: Dolby Sr.

Rating: Pending

Country: USA

Genre: Urban

Trailers: Available

The Film
Capturing the feel of each revolution of a skater’s eight wheels and every funky movement

in gliding around the rink, Los Angeles based director, Tyrone D. Dixon, stirs the soul in his

debut feature - Rollin’. This emotional blend of funk, old school and rhythm and blues compliment America’s urban voices of roller skating as it examines the past, present and future of a cultural phenomenon, urban roller style skating.
The Filmmaker
Tyron Dixon is a documentary filmmaker, feature filmmaker and entrepenaur plus he worked with and was the inspiration to the making of Fox Searchlight’s retro 70’s skating feature, ROLL BOUNCE, starring Bow-Wow and Nick Cannon.
Tyrone is an American Film Institute (AFI) graduate, worked in development as a creative executive and assistant to the president of Def Pictures and Russell Simmons. Additionally Tyrone produced Cool Women, a cable-network series executive produced by Debbie Allen.

He is endorsed by producers Preston Holmes (New Jack City, Malcolm X, Boycott), Debbie

Allen (Amistad, Cool Women), Dwight Williams (How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Baby

Boy) and Daniel Lupi (Boogie Nights, Catch Me If You Can).

What’s It About?
‘’it’s a big, huge culture and having a serious revival.”

~ Malcolm Lee, Director of Roll Bounce & Barbershop

Jam skating— a mixture of break dancing, hip hop dancing, gymnastics, and pop music
Roller skating styles are many and are regional in some cases, such as the “Detroit Open

House,” “The Chicago JB (James Brown) Style,” “The Jersey Bounce”; “The Cincinnati

Style”; “The East St. Louis Style”; and “The Jammin’ Technique” out of Brooklyn, N.Y
Have you seen it lately? It’s all over and everywhere (iPod commercial, Diet Coke

commercial, reality show RollerGirls, etc.)




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