Room j-202/Distance and Conference Rooms Call To Order: Caesar called the meeting to order at 12: 40 p m. Roll Call (Attendance)

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Atlantic Cape Community College Education Association

Executive Committee (EXEC COMM)

Meeting Minutes

November 17th, 2015

Room J-202/Distance and Conference Rooms
Call To Order:

Caesar called the meeting to order at 12:40 p.m.

Roll Call (Attendance):

A quorum was reached with said executive members present:

Heather Peterson Danielle Epps Kathy Landau

Cheryl Garwood Marcia Kleinz Caesar Niglio

Dennis Huey Wendy Gray Pat Heller

Rahshana Davis Mary Jane Santilli

Members in Attendance: Wendy Gray and Mike Kammer

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:

The minutes for the October meeting were approved without any changes.

Treasurer’s Report:

Handout from Dennis: Balance of 10/31/2015: $8,448.92

Unresolved Balance: $8,002.07
Atsu Swanzy did not attend Higher Education convention Marcia will be contacting him in regards to $29 registration fee.
Board of Trustee (BOT) Report:

Memo of Agreement was approved (additional sick leave payment for those retiring).

The decision of changing policy to have armed on campus will be discussed at the next board meeting. As of now there is no interest to remove or reduce our current security department.
Next board meeting is Tuesday, November 24 at the Mays Landing campus, Danielle and Kathy will be attending and telling the board members about our holiday party.


The body unanimously voted to accept the Constitution of ACCEA. Dennis is abstaining because he has not seen the changes.


NJEA offers training for Membership Committee members. New membership committee members and the Presidents from each unit will be attending.

Deadline of December 15 for all units to have nominated a membership committee member. SSAACCC has Jennie Ayres and Robyn McCullough.

Victor was not preset for this meeting.

For the future, we are thinking of doing smaller events in the community. The next big college event is Earth Day.
Pat is working with Victor to reconcile the PRIDE financials.

Our Holiday Party is December 19 at Harbor Pines from 7-11. Tickets for guests are $30.

Ticket sales for guests will be on sale from December 1-10 for $30. Wendy Gray will be the contact person for Cape May and Mike Kammer for Atlantic City.
Marcia and Danielle are currently finalizing a flyer and adding the even to the Communicator and a global email will be sent via College Relations.

Danielle will be arranging a meeting the other committee members.

Heather had 50/50 tickets.
Marcia checking on wording to advertise the scholarship funding on holiday party flyer.
ACCEA (County)/ NJEA (State)/NEA (National):

Caesar and Marcia will be attending the next meeting.

Unit Reports:

ACAFA: not present but Pat is missing information for their LFAP report

ACCCOSAP: no report

SSAACCC: no report

TLC: no report
New Business:
Marcia left before giving an update on Social Security Optimization
Atlantic Cape were the only members present for the NJEA workshops at the convention.
Old Business:

Eileen has rescheduled her meeting with Heather in regards to the co-pay with our Dental Insurance.

Open Forum:

No comments

Executive Session: none

Motion to adjourn around 1:45 p.m.

Next meeting: 12/15/15 @ 12:30 pm in Room J-202.

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