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  • Member of AADE, API, SPE

  • Registered Professional Engineer, Texas (45578) and Louisiana (16454)

  • School of Modern Completion Practices - Halliburton Energy Institute

  • Financial Planning and Control for Oil and Gas Executives - Maguire Oil and

Gas Institute (SMU and E.L. Cox School of Business)
OILFIELD EXPERIENCE: (1973 to present)
Managing Director/Owner – Capital Petroleum Consultants, Inc.

(2014 - Present)

Formed Capital Petroleum Consultants, Inc. in late-2014. In addition to managing a consulting engineering/operations team, continue to provide total project engineering and management for drilling, completion, and workover operations throughout the active play areas in the industry.

President - HTK Drilling Management, L.C.

Senior Vice President - HTK Consultants, Inc.

(1998 - 2014)

In addition to running a highly successful consulting operations management team, also provided total project engineering and management for drilling, completion, and workover operations throughout the Gulf Coast area. Clients included Barrett Resources, Hall-Houston Oil Company, Chieftain International, Spinnaker Exploration, F-W Oil Exploration, Williams Production, Cobra Oil & Gas, Horizon Production & Operating, Yuma Exploration, McRae Exploration, Legend Natural Gas, KCS Resources, Pioneer Exploration, Rising Star Energy, Burk Royalty, Lamay Corp, Peregrine, Trans Atlantic, Sanchez Oil & Gas, LimeRock Resources, North South Oil, Common Resources, Crimson Exploration, PetroQuest Energy, Talisman Energy, Aurora USA, Baytex Energy, EP Energy, XOG Resources, Zone Energy, and many other small independents. Included extensive horizontal drilling experience in most of the resource shale play areas, as well as other horizontal experience in non-shale play areas, including Buda, Olmos and Navarro formations

Engineering & Operations Manager - Barrett Resources Corporation, Houston, TX

(January 1998 - November 1998)

Served as Engineering and Operations Manager for Gulf of Mexico Division reporting directly to the President and Chief Operating Officer. Responsible for all engineering and operation aspects

of the division. Supervised engineers and entire geological/geophysical technical staff of a division with $100 million annual budget.

Engineering & Operations Manager - Cheyenne Petroleum Company

(1996 - 1998)

Served as Engineering and Operations Manager for privately owned oil and gas company with assets in Gulf of Mexico, South Louisiana, East and South Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Canada. Responsible for all engineering and operational concerns of the company’s assets, both operated and non-operated.

Ark-La-Tex Manager - Pennzoil Exploration & Production Company, Houston,TX Gulf Coast (1992 - 1996)
As Ark-La-Tex Manager of Gulf Coast Division was responsible for managing all business and technical aspects of East Texas, North Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida assets. Served as asset team leader for diverse group of geological, geophysical and land technical professionals responsible for total asset management of company properties in South Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico. Also served as Operation Specialist on a select team charged to evaluate Pennzoil’s global asset portfolio. Assigned to International Division as Evaluation Specialist to evaluate concession areas worldwide. As Drilling Superintendent, responsible for design and supervision of all drilling, completion, workover, and snubbing activities in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico.
District Manager - Pennzoil Exploration and Production Company, Lafayette, LA

Louisiana Gulf Coast (1977 - 1992)

Served as Petroleum Engineer, Supervising Engineer, District Petroleum Engineer, and District Operating Superintendent. Appointed District Manager for Lafayette District with overall responsibility for all District assets.
Petroleum Engineer - Shell Oil Company, New Orleans, LA

Gulf of Mexico (1973- 1977)

Worked in production operations and engineering with special emphasis in gravel packing and other forms of sand control. Wrote several internal technical papers relating to production engineering and advanced completion techniques.

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