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Kenya Military Academy

Kenyan military leadership visits west Point35

British Army Training and Liaison Staff Kenya present since 196336

Defence Staff College Kenya


International Peace Support Training Centre in Embakasi, Kenya37


Kenya police training college

Kenya police college38


Korea DPRK




Korea, ROK

Korea Military Academy, Taerung






First graduation of the Kyrgyz defence academy, Bishkek, ?

Active collaborator with Russia and China in SCO

July 2009 Russian base given 49 year lease; also has US base

Kyrgyz Academy of the Ministry of Interior of the Kyrgyz Republic named after E. Aliev Address: 1a Cholpon-Atinskaya Str., Bishkek 720083

Lao People's Democratic Republic






Fouad Shehab Command and Staff College, graduate school for the Lebanese Army and other Arab states. ( )



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya




Macedonia (FYROM)


Academie Militaire (at Antsirabe).

“Prior to independence, the French conducted all military training. In 1966 the Malagasy government, with French assistance, established the Military Academy (Acadamie Militaire) at Antsirabe. This school trains officers for the armed forces, the National Gendarmerie, and the Civil Service. In 1967 the first students enrolled in a three-year program that included courses in military and civic affairs. Students specialize in letters or sciences. A few foreign officers, usually from francophone African countries, also study at the Military Academy”
see source (dated 1994) for additional info – Maldives went from France to Soviet bloc in Cold War, then back to France-US IMET in 1980s…
Cross-reference to Maldives



Malaysia Military

Akademi Tentera Malaysia (Military Academy of Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Police

Royal Malaysian Police College, Kuala Lumpur


Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF): Marine Corps, Security Protection Group, Coast Guard (2010); the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), with its small size and with little serviceable equipment, is inadequate to prevent external aggression and is primarily tasked to reinforce the Maldives Police Service (MPS) and ensure security in the exclusive economic zone (2008)
Cross-reference to Malagasy Republic, where many Maldives officers were educated 1967-1980s?

Maldives defence forces
“Since the establishment of a security force, it has served as a combined force except for two brief periods. A police force was formed on 29 March 1933, during the reign of Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III, but it was soon disbanded. The police force was re-established on 13 March 1972, as a branch of the security force, which was then known as National Guards, functioning under the Ministry of Public Safety.

“On 10 January 1979, after years of evolution and progress, the Ministry of Public Safety and the National Guards were re-named as the Ministry of Defence and National Security and the National Security Service (NSS) respectively. The police remained as an integral part of it until it was declared a civil body under Ministry of Home Affairs and renamed as the Maldives Police Service on 1 September 2004. The previous Commissioner of Police, Adam Zahir (no relation to Mohamed Zahir) also held the rank of Major General in the National Security Service and has also held the rank of Deputy Chief of Staff of the NSS in the past.

“The National Security Service (NSS) remained a multi-functional force, directly under the command, direction and supervision of the Minister of Defence and National Security. The President was the Commander-in-Chief of the NSS, and the Minister of Defence and National Security was the Deputy Commander-in-Chief.

[edit]Maldives National Defence Force

“With the separation of police as a civil body, the mission and duties of the NSS had to be revised. This revision envisaged a totally different turn for the organization. Hence, to carryout the newly derived mission and tasks, the core of its structure had to be modified and redesigned. All these new implementations created more of an infantry organization and was renamed the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), on its 114th anniversary, on 21 April 2006.”39

Maldives paramilitary and police

“With the change of management of police service from Ministry of Defence and National Security to Ministry Of Home Affairs, the Police Service has undergone significant change, and with the change has come greater opportunities, more varied, interesting roles, and exciting challenges.
“The Police Service now provides a career that is likely to suit a broader range of people from the community, and in fact, we are looking for a very diverse mix of people when recruiting.
“It is significant that many people who inquire about a career in the Police Service find out that it is a vastly different career to what their original perceptions were. This recruitment section of our website is designed to give you comprehensive information related to our recruitment process. It gives you details about the qualifications and skills needed to be a successful applicant and the application process.”40
Training is at the Law Enforcement Training Centre

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