South Wales Branch 31th July 2013

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South Wales Branch

31th July 2013

Hello and a warm welcome to IWA S Wales E-News 2013-3.

The editor is keen to encourage all branch members to contribute news, views, anecdotes, photographs for publishing on the IWA S. Wales webpage and anything else of interest. Please contact the editor at . The deadline for contributions to E-News 2013-4 is 30th October.

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Branch Committee Meeting
The last meeting of the Branch committee was held on 16th April at Cardiff Council Staff Club, Atlantic Wharf. Among the matters discussed were:

  • Boating on the Neath Canal.

  • Swansea Canal Society had received a report about the Council Yard project.

  • Swansea Waterfront Museum Canal Exhibition.

  • Organisation of social events for Branch members.

  • Reports from committee members and canal societies – see News below.

The next Branch committee meeting will be in Cardiff Council Staff Club, Atlantic Wharf on Tuesday 3rd September. If you have any matters you would like your committee to discuss please email by 30th August.

Report from Phil Hughes, CRT South Wales and Severn Partnership: (this is the first of a regular news report from Phil and we thank our local CRT partnership for their contribution)

South Wales & Severn News

Swansea Canal

A meeting took place at Govilon last month between Canal & River Trust, Swansea Canal Society, I.W.A. and Cllr. Gordon Walker a member of Swansea Council to discuss the restoration of the canal at the old council depot. Things are still at a very early stage but very positive with one of the proposals being the possibility of restoring the canal and lock and creating a café quarter on the site. More meetings have been scheduled, and I will keep you informed with all progress that is made public. Following the first meeting, Cllr. Walker has gone back to the council to check ownership and sale cost, CRT will speak to the property team.

Monmouthshire Brecon Canal

Towingpaths are graded A,B & C with C being the worst, following towingpath investment there are now no more category C on the “Mon & Brec.”

There has been another vehicle strike at the right angled bridge near the Glan Usk estate, bridge strikes like this cost CRT nationally over 1 million pounds, if any one witnesses one of these accidents please report the car registration.

£4,000 has been secured to fund a vista project so that our wonderful scenery can be seen from our canal, work should start late summer.

10 Year Plan.

C.R.T’s 10 year plan nears completion and a series of three workshops in the South Wales & Severn Areas have been planned, so input from all interested parties will be welcome. Our workshop will be on the 9th October with the venue to be decided.

Little Known Facts

C.R.T. Commercial division raise 23 million pounds a year from such diverse things as, wind farms, supply of water to industry, supply of drinking water, gas pipe & electric cable agreements, surface water discharge, optic cables, mobile phone masts and are now looking at hydropower. They are looking to increase this each year.

Local Development Plans.

C.R.T ask that all canal societies scrutinise local development plans to ensure that canal lines are protected, C.R.T. have stated they will do all in their power to support restoration except fund them, all their expertise will be made available to restoration schemes.

If you have any concerns please email me and I will pass them on to the partnership.

Phil Hughes

Branch News
Tycoch WaterWays Restoration Project

Good progress has been made with Lower Brake Lock. The side pound has been dredged and the offside bank has been re-profiled. The lock chamber walls have been re-pointed and the cill wall rebuilt. It remains for the upper and lower wing walls to be completed and attention to the coping stones.
Attention will then shift to Shop lock. This is expected to happen in early August with the scaffolding being moved.
Lower Brake Lock Upper offside sluice. Note the remains of the paddle – a real museum find! (Update: Fourteen locks have already got one…)

Lower Brake Lock cill has been rebuilt:

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