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Kuala Lumpur, 15 June 2009:

In its fourth leg now, the Mac + iPod Discovery Week roadshow is back again! Held this time in Mid Valley Megamall from the 1st till the 5th of July 2009, the event offers great deals and the opportunity to enjoy a complete Mac experience.

Anchored by Apple Premium Reseller Machines, the roadshow brings back many popular attractions from the previous legs, including special promotions and deals on Apple products only available to shoppers at the roadshow. and also introduces some exciting new features for the first time.
This time around, the most exciting brand new and completely hot attraction at this roadshow would be the iPhone booths. Machines, who is also a Maxis Authorised Reseller, will be showcasing the iPhone 3G, and some of the latest third party applications and games.
Gameloft, an international game developer, will also demonstrate some of their latest mobile games developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Gameloft Asphalt 4 game competition finals will also be held during the roadshow over the weekend. The finalists are winners from the iPod touch roadshows organised by various resellers that was held throughout the month of April and May.
There will also be opportunities to get up close and personal with the full range of iPods in their many different colours, shapes and models to suit all lifestyles. It’s so easy to decide on your perfect iPod when you try out the iPods at the booths, assisted by dedicated iPod evangelists.
Mac and iPod owners will also have the opportunity to bring their gadgets in for a free 12-point check-up at the Service Spa.

At the iPhoto booth by Ecaz Studios, visitors will be given an opportunity to have a free photo portrait captured by professional photographers. For the first time, Ecaz Studios will be turning everyone’s best portrait shot into postcards and greetings cards. And these cards will be sent right to your home. You won’t have to pay a sen! Visitors are also entitled to a special discount voucher from Ecaz Studios for 20% discount off Fotobooks print with any Apple reseller. Portraits taken will also be submitted for a "Portrait of the Day” and "Portrait of the Show" competition, which will be judged by the professional photographers, Ecaz Studios and Leica.

Throughout the day aspiring musicians will be jamming on drums, guitar and bass at the Roland booth, which will showcase Apple’s latest GarageBand ‘09 software. Visitors will be able to experience how the Mac is the perfect tech companion for musicians.
Another addition to the Mac+iPod Discovery Week is the iMovie booth. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to see magic tricks from a magician, and be shown how you can record a simple home movie with compact consumer cameras from JVC, create the movie in iMovie & then finally upload it to your iPod, iTunes, and on Youtube.
The organisers will also be conducting daily workshops on Apple software and editing suites such as iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 for beginners as well as Aperture, Final Cut and Logic for the professionals throughout the five days.
Altered Frequency, one of the most exciting & energetic acts to emerge in the Klang Valley in recent years with numerous appearances and performances at youth-based events, will also be performing during the roadshow.
The Mac + iPod Discovery Week roadshow will offer something for everybody, so head on over to Mid Valley Megamall and indulge in all things Apple. For more information, the latest updates and event schedule, please visit www.discoveryweek.com.my and follow via Twitter at www.twitter.com/discoveryweek to have a chance to win an iPod.
Released by Rantau PR for and on behalf of the organisers for the Mac + iPod Discovery Week. For media inquiries only, please contact:

Adeline Phun - Mob: 012-711 0075 | Email: adeline@rantaupr.com.my

Joanne Goh - Mob: 012-326 6362 | Email: joanne@rantaupr.com.my

About the Exhibitor Booths

An Apple Premium Reseller with five outlets within the Klang Valley and one in Johor Bahru, Machines is providing a Mac Spa for Apple products. Just bring your Mac or iPod and you will leave with a refreshed and rejuvenated product. We will address your problems and questions to your satisfaction.

Mac + iPod Accessories Market

Machines is also running an Accessories Market with a wide range of accessories compatible with Macs and iPods to dress up your Mac and iPod or to help make your product more versatile than ever. We will also show you the best of the iPods and you will be able to ‘test-drive’ the iPod of your choice. Even if you already own an iPod, drop by their booth and you’ll be amazed by all the new ways you can enjoy your iPod.

Ecaz Studios

A photo studio offering professional photography and photo prints and presentation, Ecaz studio, with the help of some professional Leica cameras, is taking glamour shots of interested visitors and demonstrating the wonders of iPhoto for image processing.

Roland Music

An internationally famous brand of music equipment for professional musicians, Roland’s KL branch is showing visitors the GarageBand software and how its products integrate with the Mac, Apple’s music composition tool for home users bundled with the iLife software suite.


Gameloft is a leading international publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones and consoles. Established in 1999, it has emerged as one of the top innovators in its field. The company creates games for mobile handsets equipped with Java, Brew or Symbian technology. The total number of games-enabled handsets is anticipated to exceed four billion units by 2012. Gameloft games are also available to players on WiiWare and DS, Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade, Apple’s iPod touch and iPhones, and PCs.

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