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 891609 Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: Portrait of the Artist, songs by Haydn, Schubert, Loewe, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss, with Gerald Moore, piano. Arias by Bach, Mendelssohn, Verdi, Wagner, Mahler with orchestra. r:59/68, i:1970, ASD 2549, orig col dog/stamp, cond: E, £8.00

141102 Die Schone Magelone, TIECK, Die Schone Magelone, Fischer-Dieskau reading (in German) Tieck's romances & poetry, that inspired Brahms settings. BRAHMS, 15 Romanzen aus "Die Schone Magelone" von Ludwig Tieck, Op 33, Demus, [M], LPM 18388/9, large tulips, Mono only, very rare. cond: V/E + 4 or 5 ticks, Boxed, 2 LPs, £8.00

811408 Famous Opera Arias, from Zauberflote c: Bohm; Figaro, Don Giovanni, Traviata, Carmen, Pagliacci, all c: Fricsay; Rigoletto c: Kubelik. DG 135 008, large tulips, Austrian pr, cond: E, £4.00

691207 MAHLER, Kindertotenlieder, BPO, c: Bohm, r&i:64, SLPM 138 879, large tulips, German pr, text & translations taped to back of sleeve, red stereo sleeve, cond: V/E, £9.00

 2001611 SCHUBERT, Winterreise, Gerald Moore, piano, r&i:1963, ASD 551/2, early coloured dog/stamp, cond: E + one light non-sounding mark (near mint), 2 LPs, £20.00

 1271605 Sings Popular SCHUBERT Songs, Incl Heidenroslein, Standchen, Die Forelle, Seligkeit, Du Bist die Ruh, Moore, r&i:1965, ASD 2263, orig semi-circle label, cond: E, £8.00

 1001403 A SCHUBERT Recital, Lieder, incl Auf dem Wasser,Der Wanderer, Nachtegesang, Litanei, Moore, r&i:1966, ASD 2273, orig semi-circle label, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £7.00

1831410 WOLF, Lieder Vol 2, on poems by Goethe, Heine, Lenau. r&i:1976, DG 2740 156, cond: E, Boxed, 3 LPs, £8.50

Kirsten Flagstad

771604 GRIEG, Haugtussa: Song Cycle, SINDING, Four Songs, McArthur, piano, r&i:1957, [M], LXT 5327, orig silver/orange label, Mono only, very rare. cond: E + few light non-sounding marks in pressing (near mint), £50.00

 361506 MAHLER, Kindertotenlieder,Lieder eines Fahrenden Gesellen, VPO, c: Boult, r&i:1958, SXL 2224, wide band, groove pr ED1, rare, cond: E + light non-sounding mark & small non-sounding mark in pressing (near mint), £81.00

 1161605 SIBELIUS, Song Recital, LSO, c: Fjeldstad, r&i:1958, SXL 2030, wide band, groove pr, ED1, rare, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £125.00

 331402 Sings SIBELIUS, LSO, c: Fjeldstad, r:58, i:70, SDD 248, orig small label, re-issue of SXL 2030, cond: E, £4.50

 71404 SIBELIUS, Songs, LSO, c: Fjeldstad, r:1958, i:1977, ECS 794, English pr, re-issue of SXL 2030, cond: E, £6.50

Janine Fourrier, Rene Bianco, Roger Bourdin

1351410 HAHN, Reynaldo, Six melodies retrouvees, Marc Berthomieu, piano, Mai, Si mes vers Avaient des Ailes, Paysage, Genevieve Moizan, Berthomieu, piano, [M], W 91162, 10”, London International issue of very rare French Decca FM 133678. "sample record" sticker on sleeve, with "Mr Haddy" written on the sticker, cond: E, £36.00

Nicolai Ghiaurov

 631609 Russian & French Arias, LSO & Ch, c: Downes, r&i:1964, SXL 6147, test pressing stamped "passed OK", in LXT 6147 sleeve, with SXL 6147 insert, (OS 25911/ZAL 6555/6 on labels), cond: V/E + mark at start of s.2 sounds softly for about three quarters of a minute, £40.00

Marilyn Horne

 2041504 Recital, Semiramide, Prophete, Clemenza di Tito, Huguenots, Italiana In Algeri, Figlia del Reggimento, Cenerentola, Royal Opera O, c: Lewis, r&i:1965, SXL 6149, wide band, groove pr, ED1, scarce in ED1, cond: V/E + slight noise in first 12 revs of s.1 caused by slight warp + ticks for about half a minute. Rest is E, £12.00


 1941501 The Art of Hans Hotter, Wolf & Schubert. Parsons, r&i:1974, SXL 6625, orig narrow band, rare, cond: E, £24.00

Irene Joachim, soprano

1621405 Livres d'Or des Chants Populaires Allemands, harmonised by Dorumsgaard. With Georges Ales, violin, Maurice Allard, basson, Lily Laskine, harp. Arne Dorumsgaard, baritone, Duncan Robertson, tenor, Orchestra, c: Corman, [M], Le Chant du Monde LDX-A 8282, black/pale green label, a rare & very special record. sleeve is E-, cond: E + 2 small non-sounding marks (near mint), £48.00


 181609 Tom Krause Recital: Songs by Sibelius & Strauss, Tom Krause, Koskimies, piano, Williams, guitar, r&i:1963, OS 25783, grooved English test pressing, in OS 25783 sleeve, London issue of SXL 6046. cond: E, £50.00

Lotte Lehmann

701506 A Tribute to Lotte Lehmann in honour of her 75th birthday, lieder by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, Wagner, Wolf, including previously unreleased recordings. Lotte Lehmann, Paul Ulanowsky, piano, r:1941, i:1953, [M], CBS BRG 72073, orig "rough" label, cond: E, £8.00

681506 Operatic Arias, Freischütz, Fidelio, Lustigen Weiber von Windsor, Werther, Ariadne, Die Toten Augen (d'Albert), Fledermaus, Tristan, Wunder der Heliane (Korngold). i:1960, [M], Odeon PMA 1057, 12 page booklet includes librettos, Great Singers of the Century series. cond: E, £10.00

Christa Ludwig, contralto

1271501 WOLF, Lieder der Mignon, Gesange aus "Wilhelm Meister", SCHUMANN, Liederkreis, Walter Berry, baritone, Erik Werba, piano, r&i:1969, SLPM 139 386, large tulips, German pr, cond: E, £12.00

Benjamin Luxon, baritone

521409 Give me a Ticket for Heaven, 24 songs, many Victorian, incl The Holy City, Rose of Tralee, Bless this House. David Willison, piano, r&i:1976, Argo ZFB 95/6, orig label, English pr, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £9.00

 2351408 STANFORD, Songs of the Sea, Songs of the Fleet, Bournemouth SO, c: Del Mar, r&i:1983, ASD 4401, orig large dog label, cond: E, £5.00

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