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SK Cartomills, as a member of a leading paper & board group, is in a unique position to anticipate the main market trends related to packaging. Customers are the first to benefit from this because they are guaranteed advanced information concerning market developments.

Your contact person at SK Cartomills is a real professional in the world of corrugated and works in synergy with internal departments to ensure that customers are perfectly informed at any time.
We make it a point of honour to have a proper understanding of your company so as to assist you efficiently and help you always to find the best solutions. That’s our way of cementing long term relationships.
A performing research department and a state-of-the-art laboratory, coupled with extensive experience gained from the thousands of orders that we have processed, enable us to guarantee precisely manufactured packaging. That's how we ensure at SK Cartomills that professional design makes a vital difference.
We could write many pages about our plants and our machines, but we know that what really counts for you is that our people put our resources at your service and make on-time deliveries for each of your orders at the best price and the shortest lead time.
Our true vocation is to make you a happy customer. This longterm commitment will show itself in many ways throughout our partnership. We are at your side to let you benefit from our experience, whether it concerns innovation, anticipation, information, design, assistance or manufacturing.
Corrugated packaging
Corrugated board is the most preferred form of packaging in the world. It can be folded and adapted according to your wishes. It also has the ability to wrap-up all your ideas! From food to electric cables, from flowers to garden furniture or toys, from wines and spirits to hifi equipment, corrugated board packaging can be bent to your will!
Corrugated board is also converted into boxes to better protect your goods or into a display and communication tool to promote your products. It can be used to pack an individual item or group of products, making handling, storage and transport of your products easier. Corrugated packaging can be adapted to any needs. It doesn’t just come in standardised formats. In fact, you can completely individualise the corrugated packaging for your products – exactly made-to-measure your requirements. Moreover, once used, it is readily recyclable.
All corrugated board packaging begins its life at a corrugator. This machine produces corrugated board sheets. These sheets are cut to the specified size and then converted into regular slotted cases, die-cut cases or other more specialised packaging.
We could define corrugated board as a paper sandwich in which each layer plays a particular part.
The liners form the inside and outside of the sandwich. They give the packaging resistance against such hazards as chemical attacks, breaks, bursts, etc. Moreover, the outer liner is used to communicate whatever message you like, thanks to its perfect printability.
The flute determines the thickness of the corrugated board and allows the box to resist vertical compression and puncture.
Therefore there are several types of flutes, the most common of which are B, C and E.
To get a more resistant packaging SK Cartomills also produces flute combinations such as EB, BE, BC and EE.
Various papers are used in the corrugated board industry. This is why we utilise paper based on virgin fibres, called kraftliners, and paper based on recycled fibres, called testliners.
The substances of these papers go from 90 gr/m2 to 400 gr/m2.
The quality of boxes depends directly on the quality of the raw material and their combination.
SK Cartomills will always propose the best choice out of all packaging options, according to the specific characteristics of your products and the way they are stored and transported.

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Rue du Nouveau Monde, 80


Tel: 32-(0)67332498 - Fax: 32-(0)67336217
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Thérèse DEVESELEER

Develeer-Sobelpap is specialized in the manufacturing of packagings in paper-cardboard, aluminum and plastic.

Paper and cardboard: packaging present, bags shop, bags food, boxes, ballotins, paper butcher's shop.
Aluminum: Raviers, rollers Blow up
Plastic: Raviers, bags, labels, rollers
Diverse: adhesive labels, devices of counter, ribbons, flowers, candles, articles of decoration of food sector.

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Zoning Industriel de Tournai Ouest I - Rue de la Terre à Briques, 13


Tel: 32-(0)69590949 - Fax: 32-(0)69214474
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Benoît DECOTTIGNIES

For more than 35 years, our mission has been to develop and manufacture industrial lubricants designed for extreme applications:

  • high and low temperatures, thermal chocks

  • aggressive atmospheres (pH-values, industrial water, etc.)

  • heavy loads, mechanical chocks

  • high speeds

Food Industry

Our lubricants target two objectives:

  1. Meeting and anticipating the most stringent rules and standards acknowledged in the food industry (NSF),

  2. Providing the user with real added value at the technical level.

Therefore, the years of experience of SOGELUB® in the High temperature have allowed the development of a chain oil range specially dedicated to the bakery oven lubrication:

  • R 690 HT, NSF H2 certified

  • R 690 FG, NSF H1 certified

In this aim, we have developed a range of synthetic products R 1000 that are totally revolutionary. These products, used in baking and pastry making, provide solutions above all in the following cases:

  • Bad smell due to the high evaporation of traditional lubricants,

  • Unsuitable greasing (in quantity or frequency),

  • Chain noises when starting up the oven again.

In addition, SOGELUB® has developed a special dry lubricant for joints in the presence of flour dust: the R 604 T. This product penetrates into the heart of joints even in the presence of a high level of dust; cleans and lubricates. Furthermore, PTFE has been added to facilitate cold start-up and provide lubrication in the most extreme conditions.

Finally, we also offer a complete range of lubricants tailored to the specific requirements of the agrifood and food industries:

  • Lubricants for bearings : MD FOOD range, NSF H1 certified*

  • Hydraulic fluids : SOG HYDRAU F range, NSF H1 certified*

  • Gear fluids : SOG GEAR F range, NSF H1 certified*

  • Oil for extreme cold conditions : SOG SYNTH F, NSF H1 certified*

  • White medicinal oil : CODEX FLUID

  • Silicone lubricant : RD 30 F

  • Food-grade degreasing agent : SOG DG FOOD

  • Food-grade derusting agent : RD 5 F, NSF H1 certified

* Some viscosities or references within a range could not be certified, but comply to NSF H1 or H2 certification. Some references could ba as well under ongoing certification. Please contact us for more details or current status.

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Rue d'Houdeng, 20


Tel: 32-(0)64311818 - Fax: 32-(0)64311819
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Dominique FRIART

Since 1873, the Friart family has been brewing various beers, among others, the St-Feuillien. But the history of this beer goes back even further.

In the 7th century, an Irish monk by the name of Feuillien came to the Continent to preach the Gospel. Unfortunately, in 655, while travelling through the charcoal forest, across the territory of what is now the town of Le Roeulx, Feuillien was martyred and beheaded. On the site of his martyrdom, Feuillien’s disciples erected a chapel which, in 1125 became the Abbey of Prémontrés, but later became known as the Abbaye St-Feuillien du Roeulx.
The Abbey prospered until the upheavals of the French Revolution. During these troubled times, it was condemned by the revolutionaries. For centuries, monks have brewed beer and this tradition has been preserved until this very day. Fourth generation of brewers for the Friart family but still the same passion and know-how
Brasserie St-Feuillien's beers

  • ST-FEUILLIEN abbey beers: Blonde, Brune Réserve, Triple, Cuvée de Noël

  • SAISON from St-Feuillien


  • GRISETTE Blonde, Blanche, Fruits des Bois, Cerise


  • Natural top-fermenting beers without additives.

  • High-quality aromatic hops.

  • Selected malts.

  • Centuries-old brewing method by infusion = guaranteed authentic product.

  • Traditional fermentation.

  • Storage in horizontal cylindrical vats for 1 month.

  • Secondary fermentation in the bottle for at least fifteen days.

The brewery can be visited throughout the year by appointment only.

Groups of minimum 10 persons and maximum 35 persons
Traditional abbey beer
Once a real connoisseur has tasted St-Feuillien he knows right away that it will always be his favourite.

St-Feuillien is a top-fermenting beer brewed with extremely pure water. The spring is located under the brewery itself. Only the very best malts and hops are used: for St-Feuillien Blonde and Triple, we use pale malt, and for St-Feuillien Brune Réserve and Cuvée de Noël, a combination of specially selected malts is used.

Secrets of alchemy…
The malt resulting from the fermentation of the barley is crushed and mixed with water. This is the infusion-brewing method during which the sugars in the malt are extracted. The syrupy juice which is obtained is called the wort. Once filtered, it is brought to boiling point in a boiler. It is during this boiling process that we add to the wort top-quality hops (brewers’ gold) which give the product its characteristic aroma and bitter flavour. The wort is then cooled to a temperature of above 20°C and sprinkled with yeast (principle of top fermentation). It is at this point that the fermentation process begins: the yeast slowly rises to the surface, and the sugar is converted into alcohol. The wort is then finally transformed into beer.

The beer is stored for 6 weeks in a cooling chamber (0°C) to ensure good decantation of the beer and a refined taste. The St-Feuillien beer is then bottled (drawing) and is naturally aged for three weeks in a warm chamber (25°C) to encourage secondary fermentation and saturation in the bottle.

The beer then acquires its sparkle. It is only then that you can savour to the full the taste of malt and the character of the hops, and truly appreciate the know-how of a master brewer.
Sampling: a time-honoured ritual
St-Feuillien is the Abbey beer par excellence. It is a noble product born of its terroir, a beer to be revered.

The bottles must be stored in standing position and protected from sunlight, heat and sudden temperature changes.

How should you serve St-Feuillien?
A real connoisseur will serve St-Feuillien in a special balloon glass that is perfectly clean and dry. He will start by gently pouring the beer while holding the glass straight without letting the neck of the bottle touch the edge of the glass. A connoisseur will strive to obtain a characteristic creamy and sensual head which releases all the unmistakable aroma of St-Feuillien.
Of course, he will hold the glass by the base to avoid heating the beer ever so slightly and to prevent alteration of the characteristic haziness that forms the body.
At what temperature should St-Feuillien be savoured? St-Feuillien Blonde or Triple should be served either cool (6°C) or temperate (10-12°C) according to taste.

To savour the aromas at their best, we suggest that you enjoy St-Feuillien Brune Réserve and Cuvée de Noël at an average temperature of 8 to 10°C.

For every party or event, there is a St-Feuillien beer to suit your taste: 25cl, 33cl, 75cl, Magnum 1,5L, Jeroboam 3L, Mathusalem 6L, Salmanazar 9L.

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Rue du Plavitout, 166


Tel: 32-(0)56330052 - Fax: 32-(0)56330902
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Jean-François STORME

Roasting of coffees

Company established in 1896
Roasting and conditioning of coffees. Sale of roasted coffee and products for the sector "horeca"
- Coffees "STORME";

- White Coffee "KALDI II";

- Any foodstuffs for the sector “horeca".
After a rigorous selection, the coffee Storme is roasted according to the slower traditional method which makes it particularly easily digestible.
Packaging of the coffee
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Rue de la Lys, 21


Tel: 32-(0)69257311 - Fax: 32-(0)69257393
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Stéphanie DOCLOT

Our industrial group, Technord, company of 300 persons is specialized in Electrical and Process control engineering, we are an industrial system integrator in the electricity and process control fields

The food-processing industry is governed by strict standards which assure the traceability of the food such as the standards HACCP, ISA 88 and ISA 95.
Our knowledge of these standards allows us to propose to our food-processing customers the optimized solutions, who become integrated into their computing of company and guarantee the total traceability of their production.
Control panels for system of refrigeration as well as other components for diverse machines serving in the lines of manufacturing

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Rue Olivier Lhoir, 97


Tel: 32-(0)65643351 - Fax: 32-(0)65643353
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Nadine MOREAU

Our principal vocation as a Sheltered Employer is to assist in the social integration of disabled people by providing them with worthwhile jobs. We give priority to men and women with physical, mental and/or sensory impairment.

In putting this vocation into practice, we try to make the best use of the work skills of each worker by offering suitable employment. This is one of the reasons why we are constantly searching for new activities and markets. The diversity of our work enables us to employ a wide variety of people.
In parallel with our social vocation, we seek of course to generate profit, in order to ensure the company's survival. We are a full player in the economy.
By providing us with work, you can support our efforts: we thank you for this.
The services we offer:

  • Low-cost pallet repair

  • Pallet sorting

  • Storage and management of your stock of pallets

  • Purchase of used pallets

  • Sale of used pallets

  • Made-to-measure manufacture of small and medium runs

  • Recycling of unrecoverable pallets

+ Euro epal b-309 approved repairer

+ Val-i-pac timber recycling approval no. 501.265

All standard format wooden pallets: light, semi-heavy and heavy: 60x80, 80x120, 100x120, 120x120, 113x113, EURO, CP…

We can do the transport
Our services include:

  • Sale, hire and maintenance of working clothing

  • Sale, hire and maintenance of anti-dust carpeting

  • Laundry (white, blue, table cloths, bedding, uniforms, etc.)

  • Calendering and pressing

  • Dry cleaning

  • Repairs and sewing

Our metalworking department has the following facilities:

  • Shears: 3000 x 6 mm, 1250 x 2 mm

  • Mechanical presses: 100, 30, 20 and 16 tonnes

  • Vertical hydraulic presses: 85 and 100 tonnes

  • Horizontal press: 20 tonnes

  • Folding press: 135 tonnes (with 4000 mm table)

  • TIG and MIG welding machines

  • Band and disc saws

  • Polishers

  • Spot welders

  • Punching bench

  • Sander

  • Rotary polishers

  • Paint booth

Our ALU Division is equipped with:

  • Mechanical presses of 100, 30, 20 and 16 tonnes

  • Hydraulic vertical presses of 85 and 100 tonnes

  • 20-tonne horizontal press

  • Kaltenbach NC circular saw (400 x 150 mm sawing capacity)

  • Portable milling machines for heavy (130 kg) and long (14 m) profiles

    • Vocation

    • History

    • Support for our project

    • Contact

    • Coordinates

    • Access map

    • Information inquiry

Directory: publications
publications -> Acm word Template for sig site
publications ->  Preparation of Papers for ieee transactions on medical imaging
publications -> Adjih, C., Georgiadis, L., Jacquet, P., & Szpankowski, W. (2006). Multicast tree structure and the power law
publications -> Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (eth) Zurich Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory
publications -> Quantitative skills
publications -> Multi-core cpu and gpu implementation of Discrete Periodic Radon Transform and Its Inverse
publications -> List of Publications Department of Mechanical Engineering ucek, jntu kakinada
publications -> 1. 2 Authority 1 3 Planning Area 1
publications -> Sa michelson, 2011: Impact of Sea-Spray on the Atmospheric Surface Layer. Bound. Layer Meteor., 140 ( 3 ), 361-381, doi: 10. 1007/s10546-011-9617-1, issn: Jun-14, ids: 807TW, sep 2011 Bao, jw, cw fairall, sa michelson

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