The Forerunner July Edition Given at New Covenant on Sunday, July 03, 2016

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The Forerunner

July Edition

Given at New Covenant on Sunday, July 03, 2016

They said I’m going to test your God. The flame got very hot. It was seven to ten times hotter than what they normally have, but the same God they served today is the same God we serve today. The word of God said that they came out with not a hair on their head burned. If the same God that they served back then is the same one we serve today then He can handle anything you throw at Him. All you have to do is give it to Him. Lay it down and He can take care of it.

For the new thing that I am doing is among you. Look around for you shall see My grace, My salvation, My dignity He says for I have given it to you, the righteousness. For I have poured out My righteousness on you He says. Take your rightful place. Take your rightful place seated with Me in heavenly places. For I have given that to you. That is your authority. Look down on the enemy for he is under your feet. Stand and take your place.

The Lord says this morning that you are not your mistakes. Your mistakes do not define you. They do not define who you are. What they do is they push you towards the things that I have planned for you.

Often times we get so caught up in our heads where we get into this churn of I make mistakes, I’m not worthy, but His grace and mercy cuts through every bit of that. No matter what your path looks like, He is there ready and willing to cover it with His grace and mercy this morning.

Given at Immersed on Friday, July 08, 2016:

The Lord says as you choose to be with Me, to inhabit, to be in My Presence no longer being held back in darkness, but moving out in power and in might. I have caused you to step forward this weekend. I’ve given you the perfect storm to step out into My anointing. If you will listen to Me and trust Me. Do not doubt. Do not second guess for I am pushing you forward.

I am causing the psalmists to arise. I am causing the dancers to arise to new levels. I am causing the signers to move out in a new level. I am causing those that operated in gifts they haven’t even discovered yet to move out and operate in Me. Don’t think it strange, step out and obey Me says the Lord. I am the Lord your God and I am with you. I want to use you mightily and powerful says the Lord.

I am the Living Water. If you will step into Living Waters, you will be made whole. Whatever it is that you came with. Whatever it is that you need to get rid of sickness, disease, lack, whatever it is, He says the water has been stirred. He says Step in. Step in to the fullness that I have for you.

The Lord says know that you don’t need any more approvals than what I have shown you today. The nations will know that I am the Lord who does the work. I have brought you to this place so that you can know that it is My approval that has made you approved says the Lord.

Given at Immersed on Saturday, July 09, 2016:

The Lord says there are some of you here today that have experienced such deep, deep, deep rejection from your family members, your friends, your churches, and people you have dated and been with romantically and today the Lord says that place is the place that you have projected onto Me. The Lord says today you can trust Me with every situation of your life. There are places that you have forgotten and you have refused to surrender to Me because you have been afraid that I would reject you in that situation. You have been afraid that I would not breathe life into that situation.

Given at New Covenant on Sunday, July 16, 2016:

Prophetic Song:

When the darkness comes and seems to hide Your face

My hope is in You

I trust in you only

My trust is in You, Lord

No matter what the doctors says

My hope is in You

I trust in You only

No matter what my bank statement says

My hope is in You

I trust in You only

No matter what the bad report says

My hope is in You

I trust in You only

Apostle Randy prophecy:

All over this place I see in my spirit javelins that are words that are being thrown at everyone both individually and corporately. Demonic influences influencing people to rise up against you individually. Words that are just being thrown against you, but right now I plead the blood of Jesus over this congregation individually and corporately. I curse the curses. I bless the blessings. Over this entire place I decree by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ that every word spoken against you must come down. I love in the word how it says every weapon formed against you shall not prosper. The next phrase is every tongue that rises against you in judgment, God Himself shall condemn, so right now I curse curses. I plead the blood as a shield over every person that is in this place right now. Over our minds, over our wills, over our emotions. The blood of Jesus safe guards our hearts and our minds in the name of Jesus.

The Lord says know that even now I am moving you in a new faith that you have never had before. Know that even now as I begin to ask you to step out in faith do it knowing I already have the plans laid out. I already have your answer. As you do this, I will answer each and every requirement that you ask of Me and so much more that you desire. Know that as you trust in Me in this season that I am doing a new thing says the Lord.

Boldness says God, boldness. I am releasing a new boldness. Those of you whose hands have never gone up in praise your hands will start going up in praise. Those of you who are afraid to dance, your shackles have been removed, that you can dance. This place will be flooded with new dancers, new intercessors, and boldness says God, boldness.

The Lord says the season of crushing is over and the time of a renewed wine and oil is upon you. The Lord says in seasons past where I took the fruit and put it in the wine press, the Lord says that season is over and now is the time for you to release the savor of My Presence, to release those rivers. He says I’m going to make rivers in the wilderness, but I’m going to do it through you in this season says the Lord.

The Lord says I’m bringing about an authenticity that hasn’t been seen in a lot of places around. The Lord says I’m causing new people to come and as I cause new people to come, I’m only bringing them to that table that is ready. The Lord says I’m causing those of you that would dine to dine and those of you that choose not to dine. The Lord says you will be like the prodigal son in this season, but I’m calling those who will dine, so the Lord says church if you hear My voice this morning you come and dine with Me. You will see amazing things in this season as I make this place a lighthouse in the midst of a place that needs to see My glory.

Given at New Covenant on Sunday, July 23, 2016:

The Lord says stand still and watch the Lord’s victory on your behalf. He is with you O people of Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or discouraged, but go out and advance them tomorrow for the Lord is with you.

Habakkuk 2 says I will go back to my post and I will see. I hear the Lord saying don’t move. Don’t move. Don’t abandon your position. Don’t abandon your place of assignment. I will show up. I will bring it to you, but the Lord says don’t move.

Prophetic Song:

Lord I will trust You with all my heart

Where You lead, I will trust You

I will follow, Lord I trust You with all my heart

Where You lead, I will follow You

I will trust You, I trust you with all my heart

Where You lead, I will follow You

Lord I trust You and trust You with all my heart

The Lord says it is not a surprise that you are here today. This was designed before the foundation of the word that you would be in this place today. Some of you would say, I don’t understand, but something is pulling me. Some would say, I know I have waited for this day. Some would say I didn’t know it could be possible, but the Lord your God would say to you today that this day was known from the foundation of the world and from this day forward there’s going to be a difference, a foundational difference. You will understand. You will see. You will know. You will hear. You will sense a pull of the Spirit of God like you have never known before and this day was designed before the foundation of the world to be a change in atmosphere, a foundational measure. Get ready, get ready. It’s going to seem different, but it’s going to be a whole lot better. Get ready, get ready. If you will reach out and step into it, you will walk in it in a way that you didn’t even know could be possible.

The Lord says I am the King of Glory. The King of Glory has marched in this morning. The King of Glory where there it’s been hard when you’ve been praying and haven’t seen a difference, know that when the King of Glory which is here today, things are with ease, so speak those things out that you want Me to do in your life and I will meet you where you are today. Today makes your first day of ease. Your past seasons are in the past and you have just stepped into your season of ease says the Lord.

Given at New Covenant on Sunday, July 30, 2016:

Stop telling God how big your mountain is and start telling the mountain how big your God is!

The Lord says your praise and worship has called the God of Esther into this place. If you remember the God of Esther had a certain time frame where things had to be answered. Everything with Haman had to change in the nick of time, so know that even now as the God of Esther is in this place, know that I am moving things on your behalf in a suddenly manner, so as you are with Me, reach up and receive those things that you need. If its financial provision look up at Me and say Lord I receive financial provision for my situation. If it’s emotional, Lord I receive your emotional provision for my situation. If it’s a job situation, Lord I receive your provision and formula on how to find the job You have for Me. Know that even now I’m pouring out My love upon you. Even those in this place that still don’t know Me as their God, know that even now I’m pouring My love out upon you. I reach down for you before you reached up to Me, each up and grab Me today for I am here for you says the Lord.

Contributors were:

Apostle Randy Morgan

Prophet Michael Turnbull

Psalmist Janackeh Blackwell

Pastor Jim Gay

Prophetic Intercessor Ashley Wootton

Pastor Teacher Darrick Wilson

Pastor Jo

Prophetic Deacon Elijah Segarra

Prophetic Pastor Mark LeGear

Pastor Mike Whitehead

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