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Hahem said, "build a mishkan for me

So that among the Jews I’ll be"

Gifts for the mishkan, they did bring

There was a plan for everything

They brought gold and silver, too

Wool of purple and of blue

A Menorah made of gold so pure

There were curtains for the door

The aron was covered in and out with gold

The luchos to hold

The shulchan was made of special wood

In the mishkan they stood


All the laws, the mishpatim

That Moshe Rabbeinu brought

To us from Har Sinai

To Am Yisroel he taught


Na’a’seh v’nishma, was our cry

We will do and we will hear

Without asking why

Without asking why
When dealing with our friends

Being fair in work or play

These laws taught by Moshe

Are with us today

Midvar sheker tirchak

Never tell a lie

To keep away from sheker

We must always try


Na’aseh V’nishma, was our cry

We will do and we will hear

Without asking why


V’atoh tetzaveh

The Jews were told by Moshe

To bring shemen for pure light

For the Menorah to burn bright


Aharon was chosen to be

The Kohen Gadol from shevet Levi

He wore many special things

And a choshen with gold rings
The choshen was made for him

It had the names of the twelve sh’vatim

All the clothes had to fit just right

He served Hashem with all his might


Ki Ssisah

The Jews were waiting they counted the days wrong

It seemed as if Moshe was away so long

"Where is Moshe? We all want to know"

B’nei Yisroel cried to Aharon so

Aharon told the Jews, he wanted them to wait

He knew that Moshe was not late,

He asked them all to bring jewelry of gold

They quickly did all that they were told

Aharon threw all the gold and jewelry into the flame

Then an egel it became

Moshe was angry at the Jews when he came down

He threw the luchos onto the ground

Moshe begged Hashem, Bnei Yisroel to forgive

Those that did t’shuva, should live

It’s Time To Learn Torah Today

It’s time to learn Torah once more

Remember when we met before

In the park and on the street

Now in school we will meet

In Voyikrah each sedrah has a song

Join us now, sing along

Make each Mitzvah come alive

To be a Torah Jew we strive

Vayakeh - Pekudei

B’nei Yisroel gathered and they heard

Moshe told them Hashem’s word

In six days all work you must do

Shabbos is special for every Jew

Even work for the mishkan

On Shabbos kodesh must not be done

This job was done by Betzalel

Gifts were brought by B’nei Yisroel

They brought more than was needed

For the mishkan to be completed

It’s purpose was fulfilled

Now it was as Hashem willed

When on the mishkan the cloud appeared

The people knew Hashem was near

When the cloud lifted they could see

They should continue on their journey


In the time of the mishkan

And the Bais Homikdosh,

Too many korbonos were brought

To Hashem by all the Jews


The Bais Hamikdosh is no more

We have no korbonos as before

Now we daven, now we pray

With our siddur every day
Moshe taught that the korbonos

Were for the Jews to become close

To Hashem, so we understand

A korbon was for the benefit of man

A korbon was a sacrifice

Love for Hashem it expressed

The korbon was for t’shuuah

To ask Hashem’s forgiveness

The Bais Hamikdosh is no more

We have no korbonos as before

Now we daven, now we pray

With our siddur, every day


There were many kinds of Korbonos

Each animal - Tomim, complete

The Shlomim, the peace offering

Had parts for the Kohein to eat

If there was a time that a person did

Something that was wrong

A Korbon either Chatos, or Ashom

He brought before very long

The people knew the Olah was

A completely burned Korbon

Offered with free will

To Hashem by anyone

The Korbon Mincho was flour and oil

Given mainly by poor

And to show his thanks to Hashem

A Jew brought a Korbon Todah


In parshas Tzav, Moshe learned

That an aish tomid must always burn

The fire on the mizbaiyach was to be

Kept burning continuously

In each of us there is a spark of fire

To make the flame of Torah, burn higher and higher

Just as aharon the fire did light

Our Torah inspires us to do what is right

With a special oil, aharon was anointed

To be a kohain gadol, he was appointed

Aharon always understood

The importance of Shalom, that peace is good

The Olah and the chatos were brought

In the very same place, so Moshe taught

From this we all learn to be aware

Never to embarrass, for others you must care


When we say that food is kosher

Do you know what we mean?

We may eat only certain animals

That are tahor, which means clean

B’nei Yisroel all gathered to learn

In the parsho of shemini

That we must eat only Kosher food

So to Hashem, holy we can be

All of the animals which we may eat

Must have split hooves on their feet

And they must chew their food over again

We know the animal is Kosher, then

Moshe taught us in great detail

That Kosher fish must have fins and scales

Most of the bugs or creatures that crawl

We may never eat at all!

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