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A Little Girl

(T.T.T.O. Ki Hinei Kachomer)

A little girl with big sad eyes

Sits alone and weeps.

It’s a Shabbos licht she yearns

And welcome Shabbos peace.
But alas her mother has strayed

Her Pintele Yid has dimmed away.

A harsh rebuke and mocking words,

Answer the cries of her little girl.

Oh little one it’s up to you,

Zechor you are a Jew.

Return your mother to the path she once knew,

She’ll see then what is true.

V’Hayshiv Lev Avos,

She shall return.

Al Bonim, from her precious one learn.

The Shabbos peace they’ll both usher in,

Hands clasped in love a glow from within.

The Shabbos Angels

The Shabbos angels are peaking through my window,

Ima’s lighting candles, and abba’s going to shul.

Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom,

To every one of you,

Shabbos is Going Away

Shabbos is going away,

The sky’s getting dark, it’s the end of the day.

Oh, Shabbos you really should know,

We’re sorry to see you go.

But you will come back next week we know.

You will come back for we love you so.

So, let us thank Hashem,

Who will bring Shabbos back again.

In A One Room Apartment

In a one room apartment, somewhere in the city,

A story of magic unfolds.

There lived an old widow, without any children,

Abandoned forgotten alone.

She lived with the memories, of barbed wire fences,

The darkness invading her dreams.

Oh if ever a woman had reasons to cry,

Then surely the woman was she.

But never did she shed a tear,

She asked for no answers, had nothing to fear.

G-d’s love is but hidden, in time we’ll know why.

But today there’s no reason, no reason to cry.

It happened one Friday, there just was no money.

The table bare covered in white.

But she found a few pennies, and bought a small candle,

So Shabbos would still have its light.

She lit the lone candle, recited a brocha,

The deepest of joys in her heart.

When a gust of wind blew

Through a crack in the window,

The flame once so bright has gone down.
This time the pain was so great,

She tried to hold back - but it was too late.

“Where has my faith gone?” she said with a sigh,

As a small teardrop formed on the edge of her eye.

It rolled down her cheek, heading straight for the candle,

As if with a mind of its own.

Touching the wick, the drop burst out in flame,

Once more, there was light in her home.

No more could she hold back her tears,

She cried out in sorrow of so many years.

G-d’s love is but hidden, in time we’ll know why -

But the heavens have told her, “It’s all right to cry.”


It was after the meal on Friday night,
The house still filled with Shabbos light.
At the candles stare a boy of three,
He watches the lichtelach lovingly.

Suddenly a cry was heard,

The candles tipped his hand was burned,
It left on him a scar so deep,
A memory he knew he’d always keep.

At five years old he was taken away,

From the derech of Torah he did stray,
Taken to the army as captive,
As a Jew he could not live.

His parents davened for him each night,

That the KGB he’d be able to fight.
Their mesiras nefesh was burning strong,
How long will it last, Hashem, how long?

His father’s emunah would never dim,

He continued teaching his talmidim.
Spreading the warmth of yiddishkeit,
Till the ominous sound of a knock one night.

To Siberia he was forced to go.

But still in the icy wind and snow,
He continued his work that was forbidden,
In a small cold shack that was much hidden.
He gathered men, they sat and learned.
In each a flame of bitochon burned.
One Friday night, there deep in thought,
A soldier barged in the chossid was caught.

In a rage the soldier lifts his arm,

He’s stopped by the chossid’s cry of alarm.
The chossid sees the scar within,
Memories flash before him.

He starts to hope, oh, could it be,

My only son returning to me?
Oy vay, Hashem what have they done? are my son!

Shabbos is a Day of Love

(T.T.T.O. Vehar’einu—Shlomo Carlebach)

Shabbos is a day of love.

Shabbos is a day of joy,

Shabbos is a taste of the heavens above.

When we say “Gut Shabbos,”

We know, the L-rd above us

Is smiling at His children,

And all the world is one.


Sing, sing, sing, “Shabbat Shalom”

Drink l’chaim, Shabbat Shalom

Pray, pray, pray, Shabbat Shalom

Every day, Shabbat Shalom
Soon, we shall sing and pray,

Soon, we shall dance all day,

Soon, we shall find the way back to our home.
Far away from sorrow,

Where there is no tomorrow.

For life is always Shabbos,

When Shabbos fills our soul.


I’m Big Gedaliah Goomber


Ain’t gonna work on Saturday!

Ain’t gonna work on Saturday!

Double, double, triple pay,

Won’t make me work on Saturday.

Ain’t gonna work on Saturday,

It’s Shabbos Kodesh!
I’m big Gedaliah Goomber

I’m not exactly small,

But really, not so very big,

Just seventeen feet tall!

I’m rigged for working,

For that, I’m very fit.

Six days a week, I’m at it

On the seventh day, I quit.

I once helped raise a building

And, on the hundredth floor,

I was carrying a load of bricks -

An easy ton or more.

And here, it’s late on Friday,

I knew I’d have to stop.

So I yelled, watch out below -

And let the whole thing drop!

At driving a locomotive

I thought I’d take a crack,

I had the throttle wide open

Zooming down the track.

And here, it’s almost Shabbos,

The sun’s about to set.

So, I dove into a mudhole

And the train is running yet.

I worked down in a coal mine

And lost myself, alright.

I couldn’t tell the days apart

Because there was no light.

So, I set myself to digging

Just as fast as you may please,

And, I popped up in an hour -

Where the people speak Chinese.

I had a job, a dandy,

On a road construction crew.

A great big mountain had us stuck -

We couldn’t dig it through.

And soon it would be Shabbos,

But, not to say I’m proud,

I took that stubborn mountain -

And kicked it on a cloud.

I turned to deep-sea diving,

And took an awful chance,

On a sunken steamer’s deck -

I got caught by my pants.

And, trapped beneath the ocean,

I couldn’t set myself free,

But, I went home for Shabbos -

And dragged that ship with me!

I once was an explorer -

To Africa, I went.

One Shabbos, hungry lions

Came roaring ‘round my tent.

My assistant held my rifle,

“Go Goomber, shoot those pests.”

But, I called them in instead -

To be my Shabbos guests.

Once, to split the atom -

With effort, I had learned.

Suddenly, there was a blast -

Boy, did I get burned.

Everyone was worried,

So, the doctors I did tell,

That by keeping the Shabbos holy -

I would soon be fit and well.

I worked at Cape Kennedy,

And things were going right,

A great big rocket ship was set -

On the launching site.

And here, it’s getting dark -

Shabbos was coming soon.

So, I pushed the starting button,

And spent Shabbos on the moon.

I once was an astronaut -

And flying through the stars,

I came across a spaceship

Whose pilots were from Mars.

I said, “Hello there, Martians”

And stayed with them, until

I taught them to keep Shabbos -

And they’re keeping Shabbos, still.

I dress my best on Shabbos,

Three meals, I feast me fine.

I make a royal Kiddush

On a barrel full of wine.

And, when I sing my Zemiros

For a thousand miles, they know -

That I’m enjoying Shabbos,

For Hashem has told us so.

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