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Answer Key

December 2, 2007 - Week #13

18. Mt. Mitchell is the tallest peak in the United States east of the Mississippi River. Mt. Washington gets

all the publicity, but Mt. Mitchell is the tallest.

19. WA, ID, MT, NC, SD, MN, WI, MI, OH, PA. Was there any argument about Ohio?

20. Minneapolis(MN) Vikings. I hope they have the “Pillsbury Doughboy” there, too.

* The five deadliest U.S. tornadoes: April 1936, Gainesville, GA. (203 killed); April 1936, Tupelo, MS. (216); May 1896, St. Louis, MO. (255); May 1840, Natchez, MS. (317); March 1925, MO-IL-IN (695) Source NOAA. These disaster dates make you appreciate our warning systems today.
The tornado in Enterprise, AL, killed eight students. Ten people were killed in Greensburg, KS,

as winds reached 205 mph and the storm cut a path 1.7 miles wide and 22 miles long.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine, June 2005, shows inside a tornado on pages 110-113.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine, “Chasing Tornadoes”, April 2004, pages 4-37

** The Olympic Mountains, on the western peninsula of Washington, are not very high, but they rise

almost from the water’s edge and intercept moisture-rich air masses that move in from the Pacific. As the air is forced over the mountains, it cools and releases moisture in the form of rain or snow in a process called adiabatic cooling. The mountains wring precipitation out of the air so effectively that areas on the northeast corner of the peninsula experience a rain shadow and get very little rain. The town of Sequim gets only 17 inches a year. Twelve miles from Forks on the western side of the peninsula is the Hoh Rain Forest, and this rain forest receives 140 inches of rainfall a year. Sequim and Forks are about 70 miles apart.

The Great Plains has short grass, mid-grass and tall grass prairies. Climatologists usually consider the line of 100 degrees W. longitude to be the mid-point between the short grass to the west and the tall grass to the east.
*** American history. There was a Federal Mint in Charlotte from 1837 to 1913, when it was a gold

mining center. The 49ers are named because of the California Gold Rush of 1849. Coincidence that the 49ers will fly over Knoxville, TN, named after General Frank Knox for whom Ft. Knox is named, where most of the nation’s gold is kept.

**** Gold was discovered in Colorado along Cherry Creek, now Denver, in 1858 and the rush was at its peak in 1859. "Pike's Peak or Bust" was the slogan of the "59ers" as they rushed to Colorado. Zebulon Pike sighted the peak that bears his name on November 15, 1806. The largest silver nugget ever found in North America was found near Aspen in 1894. Gold and silver mining gave the Denver Nuggets, the basketball team, their name.
NEXT WEEK: Landlocked cities - Mouth or delta of the Mississippi River

Interior Uplands is the Ozark Plateau, but just the Ozarks to the locals.

The economic boom in northwest Arkansas

Visiting historic Greenfield Village

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin

Well known landmarks in America

The winter solstice will occur at 1:08 a.m. EST on December 22nd. Do you want to start a Hours of

Daylight graph on Monday, Dec. 10? Consult the weather page in your newspaper daily to figure the hours of daylight and graph the descending hours to Friday, Dec. 21st. Please have some activity to make students aware of the rotation and revolution of the Earth and changing seasons.




Answer Key

December 9, 2007 - Week #14

1- Boston, Nashville, Denver, Atlanta

2- Denver, Atlanta Denver is on a river, but the South Platte is not navigable. You students in

Penfield, NY, understand about navigable rivers and know the Trinity in Dallas is not.
3- 11:00. At one time, the newspaper building in Oakland was located on Jack London Square.

4- 5:00 SGS

5. Arkansas If students in Ft. Smith miss this, Mr. Pendleton will be mad.
6. Bentonville, AR, the home of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. Lowell is the home of J.B Hunt, & you see

those trucks everywhere. (J.B. Hunt died in Nov. 2006) Tyson Chicken & HoneySuckle White are in Springdale. University of Arkansas is in Fayetteville. Daisy BB Guns used to be made in Rogers, but now are made nearby in Missouri. The Daisy museum is still in Rogers. Belle Vista Village is nice. Branson is near. Eureka Springs is called “Little Switzerland of the Ozarks.” Students might enjoy this site if they ever owned a Daisy BB gun.

7. Delta or mouth. Accept either answer.

8. Houston Ship Channel. See Study Hint Sheet. Source: The World Almanac-2007, page 77

9. Greenfield Village, in Dearborn, where students would find 92 restored buildings. Thomas A.

Edison's Menlo Park laboratory is there. Memorials to Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Foster, William H. McGuffey and many other famous Americans are on display. Henry Ford Museum is near by. for more information. Will you OAKLAND PRESS readers tell us more about it? Search the web for Greenfield Village. Tons of sites. Compile a long, interesting list.

10. Whitney invented the cotton gin and made cotton growing profitable. Without the gin to separate the

seed from the fiber, cotton would not have become the “King of Fiber”. Separating the seeds was too labor intensive, but the gin could do the work of 50 men in a day. By coincidence, the cotton gin was invented in Savannah, GA, and the Panthers will be flying near going to Jacksonville.

11. The “Bootheel” of Missouri

12. 36 degrees N. latitude

13. A. Boston _D_ Empire State Building *

B. Buffalo _F_ Golden Gate Bridge

C. Nashville _E_ Independence Hall

D. New York _B_ Niagara Falls

E. Philadelphia _A_ Old North Church

F. San Francisco _C_ Parthenon

G. Seattle _G_ Space Needle
* To celebrate its 150th anniversary, In February the American Institute of Architects selected their top 150 structures in the U.S. Have students look at the list at: Then slide the green bar at the top across the screen.
NEXT WEEK: Wettest and most arid NFL cities

Geographic center of the contiguous 48 states

Old World Heritage in the New World

Cumberland Gap - Interstate highways

Calculating mileage between cities

Sailing from Nashville to Kansas City



Answer Key

December 16, 2007 - Week #15

1- California

2- Texas, Florida, Missouri

3- NY Jets, Atlanta Falcons

4- Minneapolis, St. Louis, New Orleans. All ST. CLOUD TIMES students better get this correct.

5- Buffalo Bills
6. Phoenix(AZ) Cardinals going to New Orleans. Phoenix averages 8.29 inches of rainfall per year.

New Orleans averages 64.16 inches of precipitation per year. Mobile, AL, averages 66.29 inches

per year, but New Orleans is the leading NFL city. SGS
7-To be determined

8. Cincinnati Bengals Many websites show markers at the geographic center of the 48.

9. New England = English. New York = English. New Orleans = French. New York was first

named New Amsterdam, and this = Dutch. Ask the TIMES UNION students in Albany, NY, about the Dutch heritage. Who named the Hudson River? You students in Guilderland know. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine, “Heart of the Hudson River”, March 1996, pages 72 – 95

10- Seattle Seahawks The Cumberland Gap is a natural pass in the Appalachian Mountains. Pioneers

used the gap as a passage to the west. Daniel Boone blazed the Wilderness Road via the gap.

11. 1,315 miles + or - * SGS

12. Chicago Bears on I - 94; Buffalo Bills on I - 90; Atlanta Falcons on I - 75; Baltimore Ravens on I - 95;

Phoenix(AZ) Cardinals on I - 10. If the Cardinals were driving, it’s interesting to note that from

El Paso to Orange it is 880 miles across Texas on I-10.

It is believed that I-95 is the busiest Interstate in the United States. The Santa Monica Freeway (I - 10) is the busiest small stretch of Interstate in the U.S., but over all, honors go to I - 95.
13. The Nashville(TN) Titans could sail to their game by cruising up the Cumberland River to

confluence with the Tennessee River then on to the Ohio River. The Titans would then sail on to Cairo, IL, at the confluence with the Mississippi River then to the Missouri River north of St. Louis.

Note: The Cumberland does flow to the Ohio, too, but ships go from Barkley Lake (Cumberland River) to Kentucky Lake (Tennessee River) through a three-mile canal to the Kentucky Dam.

14. To be determined

* You will always be given a plus or minus figure with the mileage. How many miles allowed "+" or "-"

the figure given will depend upon the ability of your class. Sixth to 12th graders that can measure to the 1/16th of an inch and divide fractions and/or decimals should only given about 10 miles leeway. 4th and 5th graders or other students who have to use the edge of a paper marked with the scale of miles may be given 40-50 miles.


Determine the distance between competing cities as frequently as needed until the concept of measuring and calculating is mastered. Reading and using a map scale is a state geography standard, and also a state math standard.




Answer Key

December 16, 2007 - Week #15

Indiana was admitted to the Union on December 11, 1816. Do all you students in the Hoosier State

recognize this date?

Frank Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915. Any STAR-LEDGER students going to Hoboken to


GONE WITH THE WIND premiered on December 15, 1939. Students everywhere should be aware of

issues of this great movie.

The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16, 1773. Boston patriots boarded a British vessel in

Boston Harbor and tossed nearly 350 chests of tea. Are BOSTON HERALD readers and other students in the Boston area acknowledging this date? Then patriots plundered a ship. Today the

Patriots may plunder Jets.

NEXT WEEK: Names of world cities in Ohio

American history lesson on General Sherman and Atlanta in the Civil War

Elevations of Phoenix and Atlanta

Outer Banks of North Carolina and Wright Bros

Florida oranges for juice. California oranges for table fruit

Florida and California has teams reciprocating

Stuttgart, AR, is “Duck Hunting Capital of the United States”

Mouth and source of rivers

Texarkana, TX, and Texarkana, AR

Huntsville, AL, is “Rocket City, U.S.A.”

Time zones

Calculating mileage

Latitude and longitude

An ornithologist is a bird lover, but not “someone for the birds”

Richmond, VA, is a Federal Reserve city, but not a NFL city.

A many question quiz next week. Providing a lot that’s new and a lot for review. Please be selective with the questions.



Answer Key

December 23, 2007 - Week #16

1- Cincinnati, Buffalo *

2- Atlanta Falcons

3- Pittsburgh Steelers Have students look at the back of a Missouri quarter.

4- Oakland Raiders

5- 1,090 – 1,050 = 40ft. **
6. In Greek mythology, the phoenix burned itself every 500 years only to rise again from the ashes. Atlanta rose after being burned by General Sherman. On December 21, 1864, Sherman

captured Savannah. By marching from Atlanta to the coast at Savannah, Sherman had cut the lower South off from the center.

7- Miami Dolphins

8. Kill Devil Hills

9. The Wright Brothers ran a bicycle shop in Dayton, OH, where they built the first airplane. They took it to Kitty Hawk, NC, to fly it. So, they are both telling the truth. Look at the back of the new quarters for North Carolina and Ohio. Ohio protested the design of North Carolina, but North Carolina, in so many words said, “We were here first, so shove it.” Having Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Dayton makes sense, too. The Uni. of Dayton’s mascot name is the Flyers.
10. Florida and California. Most of the oranges from Florida are squeezed for juice.

Most of the oranges from California are used as table fruit. *** SGS

11. California and Florida

12. Duck Hunting Capital Look at the back of an Arkansas quarter.

13. Rosedale, MS. Give credit if you think students know generally where the river’s mouth is.

14. Washington Redskins going to Minneapolis, most near the source of the Mississippi SGS

Philadelphia Eagles going to New Orleans, most near the mouth of the Mississippi.
15. Texarkana. The main street between Texarkana, TX, and Texarkana, AR, is State Line Avenue.
The name comes from a combination of TEXas, ARKansas and LouisiANA.

Kansas City, KS & MO; Bristol, VA & TN; Union City, IN & OH.

The post office is located on State Line Avenue, and the border runs right through the middle of the post office. It is one post office with two zip codes.
16. The Redstone Arsenal, the rocket and guided-missile center of the U.S. Army is here. Wernher von

Braun and other scientists developed the nation’s first guided missiles here during the 1950s.




Answer Key

December 23, 2007 - Week #16

17- Seattle, San Francisco

18- Philadelphia Eagles

19- 12:00

20- 6:05

21. 1,580 miles + or -

22. 635 miles + or –

23. Washington Redskins

24. NY Jets

25. Ornithologists are bird lovers, so they would want to watch the Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals

or Baltimore Ravens vs. Seattle Seahawks. Do you think any feathers will fly?

26. MD, PA, OH, MI, WI, MN, SD, ND, MT, ID, WA

27. Richmond, VA

Enjoy the beautiful full moon on Sunday night.

The transistor was unveiled on December 23rd 1947, and our lives were changed forever.

* You can make a world tour within Ohio by visiting Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Berlin, Calcutta, Cambridge, Dover, Dresden, Dublin, Elba, Essex, Ghent, Geneva, Glandorf, Greenwich, Macedonia, Malta, Mesopotamia, Paris, Parma, Rome, Sparta, Stratford, Syracuse, Toledo, Toronto, Troy, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Waterloo and Yorkshire. If you don’t like finding all these cities, then just forget about it and go to Utopia. Ms. Swin, are all your students shaping up?
Do this activity with your own state. How many world city names can the students find? Work on it over the holidays and compile the list in class after the Christmas break.
** Of course there is going to be discussion of Denver’s elevation of 5,260 ft. instead of 5,280. You may allow 5,280 ft. or stay with the authority of The World Almanac-2007, pages 708-709, and say 5,260 ft. It was stated at one time if you were on the 15th step of the Denver capitol, you were exactly 5,280 above sea level. Wonder what they are saying now?
The difference comes from the accuracy of Global Positioning Systems being used, so elevation of cities and mountains is being constantly revised. The information a students obtains will depend on how old or how new their reference sources are.
*** Freezing weather in California did $800 million damage to the navel and Valencia orange crop, and

totally destroyed the tangerine harvest. Prices are increasing, and 12,000 workers have nothing to harvest. You FRESNO BEE students probably know all about this.

Florida orange production dipped only 1% from the 130.7 million boxes of oranges expected, but this is going to be one of Florida’s worst years due to sparse rain, hurricanes, fruit disease and cold weather. If you ask your grocer, you will probably hear orange juice has increased 20%
NEXT WEEK: Metropolis, IL, is “Superman City”

Corn Belt of the United States

Rust Belt of the United States

Everglades(“River of Grass”), Lake Okeechobee, Okefenokee Swamp

San Andreas Fault - San Joaquin Valley

Produce and products states are known for

General Washington crossing the Delaware near Philadelphia



Answer Key

December 30, 2007 - Week #17

1- Boston(N.E.) Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions

2- Carolina Panthers over  Columbia, SC 

San Francisco 49ers over  Cheyenne, WY 

Kansas City Chiefs over  Springfield, IL 

3- Lake Pontchartrain Pontchartrain isn’t really a lake, it’s an estuary.

4- “Superman” AKA Clark Kent was a reporter in “Metropolis.” Superman is 59-years-old. Trivia

for you: Metropolis is the only city in the United States so named. There is a Superman Celebration in Metropolis each June. Google Metropolis, Illinois for lots of information.
5. NE, IA, IL, IN, OH are the main Corn Belt states, but allow any combination from these states. SGS Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, western Ohio, Nebraska, southern Minnesota, eastern South Dakota, Kansas; and northern Missouri. (Did you remember the team name for the University of Nebraska is Cornhuskers?) University of Nebraska fans eat huskerburgers. *
Did we have a record corn harvest in 2007? It was announced last July that farmers planted a record amount of corn, 93 million acres, the most since 1944. This surge is fueled by the high demand for corn as food and fuel.

Between now and the end of school, have your class become very knowledgeable about every issue in the controversial ethanol debate. Is it a hoax on America like MTBE? **
The high price of corn is affecting the price of other products. How much more are you paying for

Cereal? Eggs are up 18.6% this year; chicken 7%; bread 6% and beef 5.5%. Source: USDA

6. Seven(7) Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Indianapolis, New York, St. Louis, Is Washington, D.C. close enough to be counted? SGS

Clip newspaper articles related to population and employment movement away from the Rust Belt and toward the Sun Belt. *** In February 2007, Allied Van Lines reported in their annual report that Texas was the #1 state they moved people to, and in this order, followed by North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia. The van line reported the leading states the people are fleeing are California, New Jersey and Michigan. In 2006, Atlas Van Lines reported that Texas was the # 1 state for immigration and # 3 state for emigration. A paradox. Atlas reported the Sun Belt is growing, but people are moving away from the hurricane prone areas of the Sun Belt.

However, be aware of this trend in cities. Young professionals, retired elderly, empty nesters and baby boomers are moving back into the cities. They don’t need the traditional familial setting with a big yard. Traffic congestion and high gasoline prices have people seeking housing closer to jobs and public transportation.
7. Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

8. The Bengals will fly over the Okefenokee Swamp on the S.E. corner of Georgia, then over

Lake Okeechobee and will be peering down on the Everglades descending into the city of their game. SGS
The Everglades is also called the “River of Grass”. Drought in Florida has caused Lake

Okeechobee to be at record low levels, and it is the waters from this lake that supplies the flow

for the Everglades. Okeechobee is the second-largest freshwater lake wholly within the U.S.

Trivia: The Everglades is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles are found existing side by side.




Answer Key

December 30, 2007 - Week #17

9. Seattle Seahawks against the Atlanta Falcons. Georgia is the “Peach State”, but it ranks 3rd in

production behind California, South Carolina. Sometimes it’s 4th behind New Jersey.

10. 1. Georgia _5_ apples SGS

2. Idaho _6_ coal

3. Kansas _4_ corn

4. Nebraska _1_ pecans & peanuts

5. Washington _2_ potatoes

6. Wyoming _3_ wheat

11. Philadelphia

12. San Andreas Fault and San Joaquin Valley. SGS

13. 1. Castroville _10__ almonds & pears

2. Fallbrook __1__ artichokes

3. Fresno _12__ asparagus

4. Gilroy __2__ avocados

5. Indio __5__ dates

6. Lompoc __6__ flowers

7. Napa Valley __8__ fruit & vegetable seeds

8. Oxnard __4__ garlic

9. Richvale __7__ grapes

10. Sacramento _13__ horseradish

11. Salinas _14__ lemon festival in September

12. Stockton _13__ “milk it for all it’s worth”

13. Tulare County _17__ prunes

14. Tulelake __3__ raisins

15. Ventura County __9__ rice

16. Watsonville _11__ spinach

17. Yuba City _16__ strawberries
NOTE: You may not choose to do the above matching activity with your students as they may know and care little about California. If this is the case, you are encouraged to have your students do research and come up with the same type of activity for cities within YOUR STATE. It doesn’t have to be about produce. Let it be about whatever a city in your state is noted for. Just an example of what you might do with the state of Illinois.
1. Belleville _8_ Caterpillar

2. Bloomington _2_ Insurance

3. Carbondale _7_ John Deere Co.

4. Chicago _4_ John Hancock Building

5. Collinsville _1_ Scott Air Force Base

6. Granite City _3_ Southern Illinois University

7. Moline _6_ Steel mills

8. Peoria _5_ World’s largest catsup bottle

This would be an interesting and practical exercise for students to research and develop in states where the teaching of that state’s history is required. For example, TX, SC, and who knows how many more. If you use this suggestion, be sure to share the results with your NIE coordinator.



Answer Key

December 30, 2007 - Week #17

* Is this true? Huskerburgers are hamburgers shaped like the state of Nebraska. It is considered improper etiquette to consume it without first squirting ketchup in a meandering line down the meat’s middle to symbolize the great Platte River.
** Some maintain ethanol production is a waste of food, time, soil and water. Does it take 1,500

gallons of water to make one gallon of ethanol? By how much does it reduce your gas mileage? 20-25%? Latest figures indicate it costs $1.29 to make a dollars worth of ethanol in the United States. This isn’t true in Brazil where it’s efficiently made from sugar cane.

Ethanol is causing sludge to fall off the side of fuel storage tanks which is being pumped into automobiles. How’s your carburetor? We have heard of fiberglass storage tanks leaking because ethanol eats through them. Is ethanol messing up small engines and engines in older cars? Get positive sides of this issue from the National Corn Growers Association. Term paper anyone?
*** Assign a couple of students to be demographers and clip and collect any articles related to trends in population shifts in the U.S. from now to May 31. Your population table shows seven of the top 10 cities in the U.S. are in the Sun Belt. New census estimates for the nation came out in June of 2007. SGS
Look at THE WORLD ALMANAC 2007, page 591, and see the 10 largest counties in the U.S. You can see that seven of them are in the Sun Belt, and the large ones in the Rust Belt have little growth or negative growth.


PIGSKIN GEOGRAPHY® City, State, Team Name

Matching Exercise

1. Atlanta ____Arizona ____Bears

2. Baltimore ____California ____Bengals

3. Boston(N.E.) ____California ____Bills

4. Buffalo ____California ____Broncos

5. Charlotte(CAR) ____Colorado ____Browns

6. Chicago ____District of Columbia ____Buccaneers

7. Cincinnati ____Florida ____Cardinals

8. Cleveland ____Florida ____Chargers

9. Dallas ____Florida ____Chiefs

10. Denver ____Georgia ____Colts

11. Detroit ____Illinois ____Cowboys

12. Green Bay ____Indiana ____Dolphins

13. Houston ____Louisiana ____Eagles

14. Indianapolis ____Maryland ____Falcons

15. Jacksonville ____Massachusetts ____Forty-Niners

16. Kansas City ____Michigan ____Giants

17. Miami ____Minnesota ____Jaguars

18. Minneapolis(MN) ____Missouri ____Jets

19. Nashville(TN) ____Missouri ____Lions

20. New Orleans ____New York ____Packers

21. New York ____New York ____Panthers

22. New York ____New York ____Patriots

23. Oakland ____North Carolina ____Raiders

24. Philadelphia ____Ohio ____Rams

25. Phoenix(AZ) ____Ohio ____Ravens

26. Pittsburgh ____Pennsylvania ____Redskins

27. St. Louis ____Pennsylvania ____Saints

28. San Diego ____Tennessee ____Seahawks

29. San Francisco ____Texas ____Steelers

30. Seattle ____Texas ____Texans

31. Tampa ____Washington ____Titans

32. Washington ____Wisconsin ____Vikings
Note: The numbers of the cities may be interchanged in the STATES that have two or three teams. The numerical order of the CITIES may be interchanged with the matching team NAMES for the two teams from New York City.


Answer Key
This will be a fun quiz to give the students about the 4th or 5th week of the season.
City, State, Team Name
1. Atlanta 25__Arizona 6__Bears

2. Baltimore 23/28/29__California 7__Bengals

3. Boston(N.E.) 29/23/28__California 4__Bills

4. Buffalo 28/29/23__California 10__Broncos

5. Charlotte(CAR) 10__Colorado 8__Browns

6. Chicago 32__District of Columbia 31__Buccaneers

7. Cincinnati 15/17/31__Florida 25__Cardinals

8. Cleveland 17/15/31__Florida 28__Chargers

9. Dallas 31/17/15__Florida 16__Chiefs

10. Denver 1__Georgia 14__Colts

11. Detroit 6__Illinois 9__Cowboys

12. Green Bay 14__Indiana 17__Dolphins

13. Houston 20__Louisiana 24__Eagles

14. Indianapolis 2__Maryland 1__Falcons

15. Jacksonville 3__Massachusetts 29__Forty-Niners

16. Kansas City 11__Michigan 21/22__Giants

17. Miami 18__Minnesota 15__Jaguars

18. Minneapolis(MN) 16/27__Missouri 22/21__Jets

19. Nashville(TN) 27/16__Missouri 11__Lions

20. New Orleans 4/21/22__New York 12__Packers

21. New York 22/4/21__New York 5__Panthers

22. New York 21/22/4__New York 3__Patriots

23. Oakland 5__North Carolina 23__Raiders

24. Philadelphia 7/8__Ohio 27__Rams

25. Phoenix(AZ) 8/7__Ohio 2__Ravens

26. Pittsburgh 24/26__Pennsylvania 32__Redskins

27. St. Louis 26/24__Pennsylvania 20__Saints

28. San Diego 19__Tennessee 30__Seahawks

29. San Francisco 9/13__Texas 26__Steelers

30. Seattle 13/9__Texas 13__Texans

31. Tampa 30__Washington 19__Titans

32. Washington 12__Wisconsin 18__Vikings




Student Reference Information

Listed are verbs you might want to utilize with the sports page in your NIE program. Most headlines on the sports page are written with interesting, exciting verbs, but many are not. Many results are reported as Buffalo 21, Minnesota 20; Detroit 27, Green Bay 13; Raiders 16, Seattle 14; etc.
Rewrite the headline game results with the verb of their choice inserted. For example, Buffalo edges Minnesota 21-20; Lions rip Packers 27-13; Raiders nip Seattle 16-14. Make sure appropriate verbs are used. Do not use a verb like "edge" in a game won by a wide margin, or "clobber" in a close game.
Picking verbs to match the team name is a mental exercise you may enjoy. Examples are: Flames singe Hawks; Stars outshine Blues; Sabres stab Bruins; Pistons churn past Nets; Blue Jays peck Angels; Pirates master Cards, Lightning bolts to first Stanley Cup. See if you can select a verb to go with the name of each NFL team. Lions roar by, Giants stomp, Cowboys lasso, Bears maul, Redskins scalp, etc.
Be creative with some game results as: Magic make Kings look like jesters. Celtics make Wizards look like dunces.
batter edge roll past stifle

blank explode on romps by stun

bolt foil romps past stymie

breeze past kick rout subdue

burn nip saddle suppress

chill nudge sear swamp

churn past outdraw singe thump

claw outlast sink top

clip outshine slam topple

clobber outslug slap torpedo

club paste slash trim

crush peck slaughter trip

dazzle pluck slip past trounce

derail rally past smite tumble

dismantle repel sneak past whip

down riddle squeeze past wipe out

ease by rip stab zap
Find more verbs to augment this list.


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